tagNon-Erotic PoetryHave You Ever Seen?

Have You Ever Seen?

byUncle Pervey©

Have you ever seen how a dog acts,
When its cratching it's ass?
How it looks so funny when it scoots,
It's butt across the grass!

That pooch will have the silliest grin,
As its scratching it's bun!
It's hind legs sticking straight in the air,
Pointing straight at the sun!

Have you ever seen a cat with pose,
When its done something dumb?
How it'll hold it's head up and act,
With absolute aplumb!

The cat just won't lose it's dignity,
No matter what the cause.
It'll show just what calmness it has,
By licking at it's paws!

Have you ever seen a rooster crow,
As daybreak comes around.
He takes his job quite seriously,
He's up before the hound!

That rooster is the "King" of the yard,
He scratches all day long.
But every morning at the same time,
Old rooster sings his song!

Have you ever seen a robin when,
He's tugging at a worm?
How he leans back with a steady pull,
How his beak holds it firm.

And how at last when the worm slides out,
The robin gulps it down.
He'll strut around like a blooming prince,
Just on his way to town!

Have you ever seen a frog go plop,
Off of a Lily pad?
It'll give a jump and make a splash,
And it's dive ain't too bad!

Old froggy sits on it's Lily pad,
It waits there still and sly.
It'll flick it's tongue out with dead aim,
And catch that buzzing fly!

Have you ever seen some kids at play,
When noone's watching them?
They'll make new rules as they go along,
The songs they sing aren't hymns!

When they're skipping rope they'll keep time,
With words just like some chant.
The words can make you laugh but sometimes,
They'll have a different slant!!

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