tagErotic Poetryjust a jump-off

just a jump-off


a jump-off is a person
other than your mate
you keep him or her on the side
to fuck not date
a jump-off is a secret
and not somebody you love
i know a lot of you
know what im speaking of
a jump-off is someone
you use just for sex
there are no romantic feelings
but there is mutual respect
a jump-off will do
what your partner won't
if you start feeling loving emotions
it's best that you don't
a jump-off is somebody
with whom you have an affair
it's like when your tire goes flat
and you have to use a spare
a jump-off is not
someone who you wed
they're not marriage material
they're just good in bed
a jump-off is in your life
for just one reason
and that would be
sexual pleasin'
a jump-off accepts
not being number one in your life
they understand that slot
is reserved for your husband or wife

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