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Lesbian Affair


She's been wanting this for awhile
Her friend is coming over for
A little romp.
Her friend is a sexy Irish girl
Who has a shaved pussy.

She's been after that pussy for
Years and now she finally has
The chance.

Her friend gets there.
She pulls her friend inside and
Takes her into the bedroom.
Where all the supplies they need

She strips her friends clothes off
Slowly. Kissing and licking every
Inch of bare skin. Her friend moans.

She takes off her friends pants and panties.
Rubbing her almost wet and shaved clit
To get her friends motor started. It worked.

Her friend lays down
She gets in between her friends legs.
Flicking her tongue around her friends
Big, round nipples, sucking them.
Moving down to her stomach she licks
Around the belly button. Friend is arching
her back and moaning. She moves down.
Licking on her clit, sucking.

Inserting two fingers inside her wet, warm,
Tight pussy she starts licking
And sucking. She moves her fingers in and out of
Her friend fast and hard. Her friend is moaning
And moving against her fingers.

Pumping her fingers faster, harder.
Then, she pulls them out and shoves
Her tongue deep inside her friend.
Thrusts it in and out, in and out,
In and out .. Fast, hard, faster.
Harder, deeper.
She grabs her friends hips and
Pulls and pushes her against
Her tongue.

Her friend is moaning, groaning
And on the verge of screaming.
Her friend is so wet, her tongue
is sliding in and out easily.

"Oh my god! Don't stop!" , screams friend
She moves her pussy lips apart and shoves
Her tongue in even deeper, thrusting
Harder and faster than ever.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!", screams friend

She sucks and licks her friend clean
Sliding back up her friends body
She grabs her strap-on, puts it on
And slides it inside her friend.

Rolling over, so her friend is on top
She holds her hips and pounds into her
Hard and fast. Friend is moaning like crazy.
Friend is sitting up, so she plays with her breasts
Moving one hand down, she plays with her clit.
She moves her hands back to her friends hips
Thrusting even harder and faster. Moves her hands
To her friends ass, pushing her friend down on her hands
She pumps her like crazy.

Friend is dripping wet, she can feel it sliding down her
Thighs, but refuses to give up until her friend orgasms

She pumps her, in and out, in and out.
Her friend is moaning loud and wildly.
Her friend is moving slower, working for her

"I'm coming! I'm coming again! Oh my god! That feels SO good!, says friend.

Slowing down to a stop, friend rolls off and lays there to catch her breath
After awhile, she gets dressed, leaving with a promise she'd return to her new
Lesbian lover.

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