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Literotica Limerick

byLia Monde©

Literotica Limerick

There once was a girl name of Eve,
Whose nature was sweet and naïve.
     Til she stumbled on a site name of Lit,
     And found stories that excited her clit,
Which so grabbed her, she just couldn’t leave.

So the community of Lit she’d explore,
Reading things her friends would deplore.
     But her twat it did spasm,
     And cause her orgasms,
And she found she was eager for more.

With Literotica she soon was obsessed,
Stories of pounding the flesh gave life zest.
     So her fingers did dance,
     From “First Fucks” to “Romance”
And left the poor girl gasping for rest.

Eve found the AVs a treat,
Though too frequently, it’s a guy flashing meat.
     Many others are clever and neat,
     And honestly a few are quite sweet,
But the best give off sexual heat.

Amateur Pictures were a shocking revelation,
Even the girls gave her pussy stimulation.
     After viewing these threads,
     She ran straight to her bed
And enjoyed some great masturbation.

All kinds of people to the site did they come,
She found trolls, the brilliant, the dumb.
     As in the real world of life,
     With it’s mixture of pleasure and strife,
There are seekers and givers, the saints and the scum.

All participants assume phony names,
When they enter these sensual games.
     Most lean toward the crude,
     In fact, they are lewd,
Befitting a place with no shame.

She soon learned new language quite callow,
For her previous education was shallow.
     Lit expanded her mind,
     With odd words of all kinds,
But her favorite was the term “camel toe”.

As Literotica fired her passion,
It altered her selection of fashion.
     Soon her collection of panties was broad,
     With many salacious and odd,
Which she flashed, having lost inhibition.

Story groupings taboo made her sigh,
Arousing desires she couldn’t deny.
     Whether lesbian, cross-dressing or anal,
     Her mind raced with thoughts far from banal,
Bringing a thrill and a warmth to her thighs.

The authors are an eclectic collection,
Through free words they seek a connection.
     Some describe gauzy lace and high tea,
     Others tout the thrill of warm pee,
Yet for taking a chance, all deserve acclamation.

Because the plots made her constantly horny,
She wanted sex every night and each morny.
     But her changing sex tastes,
     Came on with such haste,
Her boyfriends’ sex lives became thorny.

Since her old sex life was a bore,
Eve sought freedom to act like a whore.
     Seeking sex tips on how to be naughty,
     So people would think her a hottie,
And all partners her sex talent adore.

At first, the advice on the threads,
Filled her mind with some terrible dread.
     But then her sex muscles would clamp,
     Making her silk panties quite damp,
And exalting her time spent in bed.

All the boys on Live Chat want to mate,
When she entered, they begged for a date.
     Their lewd words come out in a rush,
     Making the girl’s little pussy quite blush,
But she stayed and she teased until late.

During private messaging, she’d often disrobe,
And excited nipples and tits grew like globes.
     When the fantasies went over the top,
     Her juices would just seem to pop,
Till her vagina her hands had to probe.

Many stories in Lit are nonpareil,
While others seem brought forth from Hell,
     So writing she decided to try,
     With authorial hopes and aspirations quite high,
That her stories male organs would swell.

Certain her first porno submission is great,
She posts it and waits for her fate,
     Although it’s not something she wanted to hear,
     The verdict came in loud and clear,
Her sex was too tame and sedate.

So she added more spice to her writing,
And told of sucking and licking and fucking and dicking.
     While she still did character and plot,
     She focused more on incest, and stroking and twat,
And soon, the readers for more stories were begging.

The posters on GB live to rant and debate,
They can’t decide what they love or they hate.
     They hurl buckets of bile,
     With a smirk and a smile,
And leave Newbies to a tortuous fate.

At the Hangout, the Authors do mass,
For discussions over wine by the glass.
     But the hormones still flow,
     And the libidos do glow,
It’s just that the sex has more class.

At the Playground, Eve found folks she could trust,
Who took joy in the parry and thrust.
     With members both happy and proud,
     A friendly and welcoming crowd,
It’s a place she could practice safe lust.

The more knowledge and insights she gained,
Her sex moved away from the plain.
     When on a penis her vagina did sit,
     She dreamt of lesbians working her clit,
While thinking of pain, leather and chains.

Now guru Eve is blushing no more,
In fact, her pussy from overuse tends to be sore.
     Her licking and humping is eager,
     Girls and boys love her neatly trimmed beaver,
And her sex life is great and not poor.

Eve now loves all things sexually diverse,
Even seeing merit in acts called “perverse”.
     The liberation made her body more healthy,
     Her soul could truly be called wealthy,
And all this from Literotica’s free verse.

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by Anonymous

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by Tinkert0y11/16/18

well said Lia, it has that effect

The world needs more women with needs.

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