tagErotic PoetryThe Potent Power of Panties

The Potent Power of Panties

byLia Monde©

The Potent Power of Panties

Many sexual seductions start with lingerie,
That muddle men's minds and make them prey.

They dream of panties feeling great,
Nestled tight in the favorite place.

Intimate attire both physical and visual,
Causing reactions that are hot visceral.

Tho soft and fetching and small,
Dainty panties can conquer all.

A quick undie glimpse creates commotion,
And triggers irresistible emotions.

Those potent aphrodisiacs in satin and silk,
Will a poor victim's composure tilt.

Feminine lace and delicate designs,
A viewer's heart strings tightly binds.

Lingerie can transfix a gentlemen's sight,
And blind him to all but her earthy delights.

A flash of lace addicts the boys to see,
The treasure trove above your knees.

A rainbow of colors in the panty drawer,
Can match her mood or make her soar.

Sweet girls favor pinks and pastels,
But will use red to send a man's soul to hell.

Pure white beneath the school girl skirt,
Create virginal fantasies that make him jerk.

So many styles to shape her persona,
A wanton tramp or pure madonna?

The sight of a G-string shows she's a fox,
Making her suitors slaves to her box.

Loose and free though tap panties be,
Winning his heart is their guarantee.

Bikinis, hipsters and tiny thongs,
Melt the will of even the strong.

Some will spray with a favorite scent,
Others prefer their aroma to vent.

If pungent from a womanly musk,
The scent alone can stiffen his tusk.

When her excitement makes them slightly damp,
It serves to further emotions ramp.

A few are transparent and provide a view,
Of kinky pubic hair touched with dew.

When they form a camel toe,
Boys are close to climax below.

Every girl has favorites for her hunt,
In search of someone to take her cunt.

Is it fair for women to have such tools
To make poor men susceptible fools?

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by Anonymous

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by pooky1234912/03/17


Hi Lia,
I just finished reading one of your stories (Dorm Fire) and now your poems and I find then a whole bunch of fun. I liked Janice's playfulness and the way she made Kyle's life interesting althoughmore...

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by KerilaBlebo09/30/17

There is one opportunity which I feel this poem (and most others) miss(es): The opportunity to let the reader work out more for themselves. I like dropping hints rather than explicit statements. Just asmore...

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