tagNon-Erotic PoetryLove Is a Drug

Love Is a Drug


Love on the horizon
not tangible by any means.
A nightly chokehold
fills the hours with pseudo-affection
Left empty where I began.

Get high.
Love is a drug
it calls to you in the dead of night
through the shadows
through the cold damp alleyways
love whispers
sweet nothings of promise
forcing the weak to follow where love leads.

One more fix.
Love is a drug
I shoot it into my veins as I whisper to him
I snort it as I hear him call my name
I swallow it as we become one.
Self-loathing at the back of my mind
Love now to hate later.

In the early hours of the morning, though,
all becomes clear
and I am more alone than ever.
The high has worn off
The daily routine has begun
They scamper to and fro about their real lives.
I just want the night to begin again
I want the pseudo-affection and the lies.
I wanna get high
That is my real life.

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