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Loves First Kiss


Loves first kiss is a splendid thing
It’s cause for lonely hearts to sing
It makes a heart beat hard and strong
And makes you feel like you belong

Loves first touch is ice and fire
A gentle touch to first inspire
A sweet caress to that makes you sigh
A growing need you can’t deny

Loves first embrace is bittersweet
Two bodies building steady heat
You long to make it hard and fast
And yet you want to make it last

Loves first glimpse of naked truth
The burning heat and need of youth
You stare into such lustful eyes
The one who longs to hear your cries

Loves first bed so soft and sweet
Between the sheets two bodies meet
His manhood throbs so hard with need
His lions are filled with heated seed

Loves first sweet and gentle taste
He shall not leave a drop to waist
He moves between her thighs so white
Her womanhood so warm and tight

Loves first thrust is like no other
A second push to help recover
She wraps him in her legs so tight
He shows her love with all his might

Loves first release a cry of pleasure
Such ecstasy a thing to treasure
The sweat and heat of loves first kiss
Is not a thing too ever miss

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