A girl sat lonely and afraid
As she waited for the man.
Her hands trembled as she waited,
She clutched her heart as it ran.

Her body shook as he saw her,
Sitting in that small chair.
She was dressed in black, and sparkling,
And had lilies in her hair.

He moved to sit down beside her,
And she smiled weakly at him,
She then wondered if he knew that
She had come on a whim.

They laughed and spoke of times
When things were once simple.
He loved to make her laugh and smile,
She showed that sweet dimple.

His tough heart then opened to her
So she gently crawled inside
And there were flowers and corpses,
But love, there also reside.

She let him take her, soft and hard.
She realized she felt like
A man six feet deep in the ground.
Then she knew he would break.

She knew he had opened wide to her
But she could not respond
In kind. She left him there, alone,
Feeling thoughts not so fond.

She was lust, the temptress, the cold,
An unforgiving frost.
She would never know love or good,
Only greed and hearts lost.

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