when my bones all turn to ash
all thoughts and dreams gone in a flash
will you remember me?
author's words, though long in print
interpreted not as they were meant
will you know me?
a thousand years have ere gone since
some stubborn vain and foolish prince
etched his name for all to see
remember me
his deeds are told, ha!, naught but fable
that battle fought beyond the stable
talked about at the dinner table
were you there?
action legend then but rumor
taught to students in good humor
hear not the fire, not the steel
smell not the dying, not the meal
what do you know?
that thousand years have come and past
the prince is dead and now at last
i sit at some computer screen
typing words doubtless seen
by one or more who scratch their head
am i dead?
listen to my rhyme and verse
now in good health, later worse
confident that he who sits
behind this screen so dimly lit
means to say what can be said
until at last i too lay dead
equal with kings and princes all
my grave become a royal hall
and theirs a common den
you will never see me again
in closing let me ask again
will you believe what you never see
will you remember me?

hour passes after hour
time approaches to devour
all that you had meant to share
with family, friends and those who care
all is lost now you must hurry
heaven, hell all in a flurry
salvation, damnation for you to win
now were you good or did you sin?
asks the confessor very dry
before God, child, you cannot lie
forgive me father i did sin
kill me now or i will again
the girl was hot the wine was sweet
i surely did not drag my feet
bed her? well you should have heard her!
what's this now, committing murder?
i plead to pleasure not to pain
i'm fancied henry not a cain
although sometimes my mind did linger
on wicked thoughts, but lift a finger?
well lift i did, but not for death!
her name was jill, no it was beth
you look tense, why are you vexed?
ignorant in the ways of sex?
let it suffice for my confession
a man of your unique suppression
has both feet planted in the grave
while you pray, my soul to save
busy as you kneel and bow
fear not hell, you live it now
For myself, I'll go to hell
a lake of fire, there i'll dwell
As I sit here filled with mirth
My life has been heaven on earth
Delicious food and girls unfettered
I don't imagine it can be bettered
Leave me be, think not twice
I have spent my days in paradise
If I repent and am anointed
I will enter heaven disappointed

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