tagErotic PoetryMummy Catherine on Christmas Eve

Mummy Catherine on Christmas Eve

bySissy Adele Howells©

I'm having a kinky, wet dream,
Christmas Eve in the evening,
With Catherine Morgan in her house,
Her husband down the pub,
Catherine my yummy Mummy,
Given birth five times,
Thirty five and still sexy,
Not slim, but plenty of meat on her,
Tits like cow's udders,
Almost bursting the buttons, on her blouse,
Big tight ass,pressed against her white trousers,
Mummy Catherine Morgan,my kinky Mummy.

I'm her next door neighbour,
A forty eight year old sissy,
Standing naked in front of Mummy Catherine,
Catherine Morgan rubs baby lotion on me,
Christmas is a majic time,
I want to be her sissy daughter,
Begging to Mummy, on my knees,
Mumsie me Mummy Catherine.

"So you want to be my sissy girl,
You kinky,little pervert,
Mummy Catherine is very annoyed,
Your not in bed, in your pretty nightie,
Mummy Christmas wont bring you girlie presents,
I know you want a dolly and pinky teddy bear,
Mummy Catherine is now in charge,
My pretty, sissy daughter."

A click from Catherine's fingers,
Iv'e grown long blonde hair,
Mummy Catherine ties it in bunches,
With pretty, pink ribbons,
Before I'm dressed ready for bed,
I know I must be punished,
Wering a pair of white, satin panties,
Pulled over Mummy Catherine's lap,
Mummy Catherine spanks me hard,
My cock hard against my panties and her lap,
Harder! Harder! Mummy Catherine, my bum stings,
Mummy Catherine I love you so much,

"Merry Christmas you kinky sissy,
Lets rub baby lotion on your sore bum,
That will teach you to be a good girl,
On Kinky Christmas Eve.
Now then Sissy put these on,
Pink, satin Princess Pyjams,
Thats better my pretty girlie,
Mummy Catherine loves you to bits,
You know what your name is now sweetheart?
Charlotte,Rhianna Morgan,
Thats a very pretty name,
Love you cutie Charlotte
My kinky, sissy girlie.

Mummy Catherine sat me on her lap,
Stroked my girlie hair,
Stuck my finger up Mummy Catherine's nose,
Picking bogies from her nostril,
Mummy Catherine wipes my nose,
With her snotty, lacy white hanky.

Charlotte,Rhianna Morgan,
Your so pretty and sweet,
Let Mummy Catherine breast feed you,
Before we go to sleep,
Suck my nipples Charlotte,
Drink my milky breasts,
My sissy Charlotte Morgan,
My Kinky,pretty girlie.

Mummy Catherine got dressed for bed,
Looked sexy in her black,baby doll,
We both got into her bed,
Cuddled each other and kissed,
I love Mummy Catherine Morgan,
My kinkiest Christmas Eve ever,
Before I fell asleep in Mummy Catherine's arms,
You all know what I whispered in her ear.

"Merry Kissmas Mummy Catherine Morgan,

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