tagErotic PoetryNo Jack and Jill

No Jack and Jill


Larry and Mary went up the hill
Not for some water just for a thrill

Mary wore stilettos
While Larry fucked her in the meadows.

His hips slid in and out
And she was pleased no doubt.

Larry had a boner that was bigger than most
Most other men couldn't even come close.

Marry held on as they rode the tide
They played hide the sausage, oh what a ride!

The sky clouded over
As they rolled in the clover.

They fucked and they bucked and went on for hours
Nothing disturbed them not even the showers.

When at last the sun came out
Larry filled Mary with cum overflowing no doubt.

Then over the hill a new face did appear
It was Mary's cuck coming to clean his dear.

He begged her forgiveness for being so late
Mary spread her legs and opened the gate.

Crawled between them he did do
To lick up Larry's cum that was thick as glue.

When he had finished he turned to Larry
To cleanup his cock and balls that were hairy.

With a suck and a lick
He cleaned up that dick.

A smile on her face Mary said out loud
You suck good dick you make me proud.

Arm in arm the three walked to the valley
Vowing next time to fuck in Maui!

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