tagErotic PoetryOld Mother Hubbard!

Old Mother Hubbard!

byUncle Pervey©

There was an old Mother Hubbard,
Who kept a sweet smelling cubbard,
Hidden up beneath her long dress!
And this is how I discovered,
What her thin white bloomers covered,
I tried tricking her, I confess!

A little friend of mine named Chip,
Was talking to me and let slip,
About an overnight with her.
He said the lady got tired,
And took a pill and retired,
And when she slept, she never stirred!

He said it was an accident,
And nothing that he really meant,
But a sudden storm scared him bad!
He went to where she was sleeping,
And slipped under her dress creeping,
And the smell he found made him glad!

He'd pressed his face tight and inhaled,
And her hot bun smell was unveiled,
And he smelled her scent til the dawn.
Then he heard a sound like purring,
And slid out while she was stirring,
It was light and the storm was gone!

I decided then to manage,
Some way I could take advantage,
I'd wrangle an invite for me.
I went to see Mother Hubbard,
I had designs for her cubbard,
And I'd check her out and I'd see!

I entertained her with talking,
Til it was too late for walking,
She said I to stay for the night.
I felt a lustful joy and thrill,
When I saw her taking her pill,
My lust growing was pure delight!

The pill knocked her out like Chip said,
And she barely made it to bed,
I shook her to see how she slept.
She was unconscious in deep sleep,
I raised her dress so I could creep,
And her crotch smelled so good I wept!

I reached up to her panty's waist,
And pulled them down slow without haste,
And looked at her crotch without hair.
It was plump and looked enticing,
And I needed no inviting,
I eased between her legs, up there!

Her legs spread her pussy open,
And it made my heart start lopin',
Her pussy was a wondrous sight!
It was pink like a Rose flower,
Waiting there to be devoured,
I'd eat it and make love all night!

I licked and sucked her pussy slow,
And pretty soon her juices flowed,
And I slurped and swallowed it all!
I made her clit swell by sucking,
And her pussy wet for fucking,
I knew I couldn't wait, or stall!

I slid up and shoved my cock in,
It was so tight and warm within,
I kept my weight off of her though.
The pleasure I felt while humping,
Old Hubbard was really something,
I'd go as far as I could go!

I climaxed and filled her with cum,
Then rolled her to check out her bum,
I was shocked by each rounded cheek!
She had an ass of perfection,
And it needed my inspection,
So I spread it open, and peeked!

Her anus was a Rosie knot,
And looking at it made me hot,
So I leaned down and licked it good.
I licked with my tongue and tongue-fucked,
And pressed my lips down tight and sucked,
By this time my cock was like wood!

My saliva covered her hole,
And I rubbed some more on my pole,
I rubbed her asshole with my cock.
I shoved it in and felt the pop,
And I knew I just couldn't stop,
I slid it in deep and I rocked!

I could feel her asshole sucking,
Each time I moved with my fucking,
It was a tight warm moist delight!
As my cock was spurting hot cum,
My mind felt a tingling hum,
I knew then I could go all night!

I fucked her tight ass til morning,
And then, without any warning,
Mother Hubbard gave me a grin.
She told me she'd planned it this way,
Cause she was horny for a lay,
Then she giggled "Please come again!!"

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