tagErotic Poetrypitch black

pitch black


i hear footsteps, coming closer
the door opens, then clicks shut
i feel you climb into the bed
you kiss me, i feel your soft lips
taste your sweet tongue
you kiss my shoulder as
i pull my nails down your back
you whisper you love me
as i go to reply, you bite my neck
my response fades to a low moan
i feel your hand on my thigh
as it moves up
my breath catches in anticipation
i put my hand on your chest
rolling your nipple between my fingers
randomly applying pressure to
feel your body become tense
you're teasing me now
your fingers moving up my thighs
barely brushing my pussy
then moving back down
i'm squirming now
my hips moving down
trying to find your fingers
i reach down
dig my nails into your thigh
dragging them upwards before letting go
i take your dick into my hand
massaging your shaft which is already hard
you run a finger up my slit
a soft moan escapes me into your mouth
you press your finger against my clit
moving it around, louder moans escaping
i move your hand away
against my body's will
i push you onto your back
turn myself around, climb on top of you
take your dick into my mouth
i use one hand to hold myself up
as the other grasps your shaft
moving, at first, slowly up and down
as you lift your head
your tongue collides with my clit
i feel you flicking your tongue back and forth
it makes me want
you to cum that much harder
i start moving my hand faster
as it moves down
i take all of you into my mouth
you reach up
slide a finger into my now dripping wet pussy
it's more than i can handle
you hear my scream
muffled by you being in my mouth
i feel your body tense again as
you pull my hips back
burying your face in me
shoving your tongue inside me
i take you all the way in one last time
i feel you moan into me
your grip on my thighs like iron
i feel you cum into the back of my throat
i feel the heat of it, taste the sweetness
we are locked in mutual orgasm
forever, though it's only seconds
i continue to play with you in my mouth
though i've already moved off of you
my body unable to take more
you lift my head
gently pulling me up to kiss me
we kiss, passionately
tenderly, savagely
all in succession
then seemingly all at once
we kiss until i feel you
pressed up against me, rising again
my hand finds it's way back to your shaft
your hand moves down
and finds me already wet, waiting
i massage your dick until
i don't think you can get any harder
then climb on top of you
never breaking the, now savage again, kiss
i slide you into me, moaning softly
i let my hips rise and fall as
i feel you slide a hand between us
moving it down to play with my clit
i start moving faster,
wanting to feel you deper
fucking you
i'm now alternating
between moaning and screaming
our kiss breaks as you lift me off of you
you position me on my knees
yourself behind me
as i lean forward i beg you
"please, baby, please fuck me"
and i repeat it until
it fades to a moan as you enter me
i'm still begging
this time for you to push harder
i feel you slamming into me
raking your nails down my back
my hips involuntarily pushing back into you
you reach forward, around my body
grab a nipple and squeeze
harder, until i'm screaming instead of moaning
until i can't breathe
then i feel why
i feel the final thrust
i feel you cum inside me
my pussy clenched around you
pulling out every drop
you withdraw
we collapse next to each other
too exhausted even to kiss
falling asleep in the
delerium that follows.

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