tagErotic PoetryPuppets of the Devils Amusement

Puppets of the Devils Amusement


My sister and I.
We go to see a magician.
We pass through a curtain and enter her domain.
In a black and red dress with a ghostly skirt.
She stood waiting as if expecting us.
Her eyes.
Pure white pupilless spheres that struck fear in the hearts of those she mesmerized.
She was no magician.
She told us this as green electricity came out of her finger tips and formed a sphere of the same color between her hands.
She was a sorceress.
My Cock hardened.
I turn to my sister.
Bra and stomach exposed she was pushing he fingers in and out of her pussy.
The passion lifted her up off the chair.
And down.
And Down.
I lost complete control of the muscles in my body
I spread my sisters legs and stuck out my tongue.
The sorceress smiled maliciously.
We have been reduced.
To puppets of the devils amusement.
Her amusement.
I eat.
Lap lap lapping the juices in my sisters pussy.
I my  mind I hear a command.
A command and an urge.
Both told me to turn my head in the sorceresses direction.
I obey.
My mistress lay on her side.
Black bra black panties.
Smooth skin flat stomach long legs.
Perfectly shaped.
Supple breasts.
She says
Only if I please my sister well enough will I be able to worship her.
Oh god how I want to worship her!
Lick lick lick and lather.
My sister squirms from the pleasure of my tongue.
Not good enough.
Said the sorceress while pushing her panties aside and  sliding a finger into her pussy.
Don't you want to play with me.
Increasing speed.
Lap lap lapping her clit.
With my tongue I caress every inch of my sisters pink juicy flesh.
The sorceress voiced her approval with a gentle moan.
Entertain me.
Entertain me my puppet.
I entertained my mistress until she was well pleased.
She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom
My sister was still painting.
Masturbating as we left the room.
She pushed me onto the bed.
Her eyes.
No longer with out pupils, took on a beautiful green color
Her black bra, then her panties hit the floor with out the sound of impact.
Her pussy bloomed.
Like a flower.
My queen.
She slowly seats herself upon her newly appointed thrown.
Taking me deeper.
And deeper.
Into her body.
Can't move.
Restrained by magic.
She moves.
In a snake like motion.
Her moans call out to the deity she defies.
With her actions.
With her pussy.
With her flawlessly white porcelain skin.
 I reach for her bosom and squeeze.
The wet walls of her pussy contract, tightening around my cock as she grinds against me.
Oh my God it feels so good!
Green light emits from her eyes and mouth as the entire building shakes.
Her dominant screams of passion echo through the building frightening and arousing all who hear them.
My dick still burrowing in and out of her pussy.
So wet.
I can feel it coming.
She digs her nails into my chest and commands me to cum.
I obey.
I fill her up as our conspired screams of passion reach their peek.
Our voices die down from screams to heavy breathing.
Then I heard my sister.
She was crying.
I quickly dressed my self.
And return to the room where I last saw her.
But she was gone.
This could not be.
I could still hear the sound of her weeping inside this room.
Then I saw her, sitting right where I left her.
A doll.
One that shared an unmistakable likeness with my sister.
With real human tears streaming down her face.
Horror filled my heart as I noticed the room was getting larger.
And I was getting smaller.
I heard my mistress say.
Welcome home my puppet.    

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