tagErotic Poetrydelightfully deviant

delightfully deviant


i know she's my sister
but i love to kiss her
when she's not here
boy do i miss her
her body's so hot
her twat gets so wet
about eating her pussy
i have no regrets
if they ever found out
mom and dad would die
he would cuss
she would probably cry
they think we're studying
when we're upstairs
but we're eating each other out
caughing up pubic hairs
sis straps on a dildo
then bends me over the bed
she penetrates me slowly
just giving me the head
she reaches around
and grabs my boobs
my cunt's so wet
there's no need for lube
we've both been with men
but we prefer each other
expect for the times
that we're fucking our brother

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