tagErotic PoetryRecalling Playtime

Recalling Playtime


Recalling Playtime

Alone tonight, I picture you,
and think of all we say and do:
I see you, here now, in my room,
A lovely flower in perfect bloom,
With a perfect smile and gorgeous eyes,
And suckable breasts, and long slim thighs....
You are naked on the bed--
This video plays within my head,
Picturing you here, watching me
As I approach you, proud and free...
My cock, engorged, is smooth with strength,
I slowly stroke its turgid length,
A masculine and proud display
Of how you make me want to play.
You smile at my expressive face,
As it begs you to take and trace
Your tongue along my pulsing dick
As it desires you, warm and slick.
Over you I come and stand,
And stroke my cock, and take command,
Holding the smooth soft head in place,
and Tracing it across your face.
You smell the musk that lust enjoins
so powerfully rising from my loins,
And see my urgent, hungry greed
From wanting you with desperate need.
My balls are bouncing forth and back
So soft and liquid in their sac,
My fist is stroking, sliding, pumping,
Balls are swaying, full and bumping,
And you smile at such a sight,
A man so desperate in this plight
That I must stroke it just for you,
Entreating you with all I do,
Reacting to you because I must,
and feel so overwhelmed with lust--
And then, you take your hand and touch
The pussy that I love so much--
I watch in utter fascination
As you shudder from sensation.
First you part your outer lips,
Caressing with your fingertips!
Then I almost have a fit!
Jacking off as you touch your clit,
And we together, love, will play
And cum in several different ways,
As I daydream, alone, today.....

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