tagErotic PoetryRose Petals

Rose Petals


She covers the bed with rose petals
She changes into silky nightie with nothing
Turns on soft, romantic music
Turning the light down low
She waits on the couch for him to get home

He comes home and she walks to him
Looking at him with the look of seduction
She smiles at him and he smiles back

He grabs her, pulls her into his arms
And he kisses her slowly and passionately
She wraps her arms around his neck
Moving closer into his arms

Her body pressed against his.
She breaks off their kiss, grabbing his hand
She leads him into their bedroom.

She stops, turns around, and takes off his
Jacket and shirt. She smiles and leans down
to kiss and lick his neck and chest.

She flicks her tongue across his right nipple,
Sucking on it then she moves to his left,
doing the same thing. She hears his groan.

She moves down his body.
Kissing his stomach, licking around his belly button.
Moving further down, she stops at his beltline.
She looks up at him, smiling.
She moves her attention back to where she is

She moves his pants, flicking her tongue on his hip
then she blows on it..
She undoes his pants and pulls them and his
boxers down.

She grabs his dick, licking him from base to head
Moving back down then up and down.
He tenses up.
She licks to the head, sucking him inside of her
wet, hot mouth.
She begins sucking hard and fast
Harder, harder, harder
Faster, faster, faster
Then, she deep throats him.

She moans, causing vibrations
Which he so much enjoys.
She uses one hand to stroke him
In the opposite direction of her sucking
And the other hand to play with his balls.

She's getting wetter
She loves it when he moans and groans
She stops
Standing back up, she grabs his hand
Walking to the bed, she climbs up and scoots
In the middle of the bed.

She waits for him to get undressed.
He joins her quickly.
He moves in between her legs
Rubbing and stroking her clit
and pussy.

He moves down her body
Sliding one finger inside her
Wet, hot pussy then two.
She moans and moves against
His fingers.
He leans down to flick his tongue on her clit
She moans in pleasure. She grabs his head
Pushing him down into her.

He pulls his fingers out and thrusts his tongue
Deep inside of her. She moans.
She automatically tightens her muscles, but
Quickly loosens them.

He continues to fuck her with his tongue
She continues to moan and move against.
Grabbing her breasts through her nightie with
One hand as she pushes him into her more.

She wiggles under him
She tells him to come up and fuck her
He does so.
He slides his hard dick inside her
They moan as they become one.

He kisses her as they fuck on the
Rose petals.
She runs her hands up and down his back,
Scratching slightly
Moving with him.
Fast, hard, deep
Slow, hard, deep
Fast, faster
Hard, harder
Deep, deeper.

She's nice and wet and he's hard and thick
She loves how he moves in and out of her
She loves how he kisses her as they make the
Bed rock.

"Just go with it. Don't hold it", she says

He moves faster, harder, harder, faster.
She digs her nails into his skin
Lifting to meet his thrusts. Moving
With his pace before she moves to her
He moans and groans as he thrusts deep inside her
Filling her as she reaches her own climax.

He rolls off of her, laying beside her
They snuggle and fall asleep ontop of
the squished rose petals.

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