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Self Portrait


I paint, draw, and write every version of myself
I am the subject that I know best
Do you really see me?
Will you know I was here?

My soul is like a broken piece of pottery
Slowly repaired by kintsugi
Broken is better than new
I am more beautiful for having been broken

My mind is like a prison
This is my life sentence
Trapped within my memories
Haunted by my demons

My heart is like an open book
I wear it upon my sleeve
The words spill like ink form me
Trying to find a way to heal me

My memories are like a painting
The brush strokes tainting the canvas
The colors bleeding together
I am creating my own masterpiece

My past is like a black hole
It tries to pull me in
It tries to drown my in its sorrow
It etches scars upon my heart

My present is like a flower
It is budding into its beauty
The petals are opening me up to joy
It is creating a spring of hope in me

My future is like an open road
It stretches out as far as the eye can see
The possibilities are endless
I have an amazing life to live

My faith is like a lighthouse
Lighting the way in the darkness
Showing me the way when I am lost
Aiding me in the storm of life

My body is like a gallery
It screams my story
Every scar tells of my pain
Every tattoo is a post in my journal

My eyes are like a mirror
They reflect my inner self
The green is the good in me
The thick outline of black is the darkness in my soul

My skin is like a map
Every freckle is a memory to be traced
The ivory tones whisper of my hereditary
Every flaw screams of my humanity

My mouth is like a gun
It fires rounds of words
Words to heal, to help, to comfort
Words to break, to hurt, to destroy

My hair is like a lightshow fountain
The color and style change with my mood
It cascades around my shoulders
Soft and silken against my skin

My lips are like silk
Soft to the touch
They caress in love
They kiss with passion

My feet are like wings
They take me on a journey
They push me forward
Moving me past the graveyard of my past

My nose is like a time machine
Every smell is etched upon my memory
Every scent takes me back in time
It elicits passion, love, and fear

My hands are like a paintbrush
They move to create
They move to feel
They move to make a mark on this one life

My ass is like the breeze
It sways to the music
It moves like the pendulum of a grandfather clock
It craves pain and pleasure

My tits are like melons
Large, firm, but soft
They remind me of my femininity
They remind me of the first days of my role as a mother

My pussy is like a river
It is so wet with need
Perpetually horny
Aching with desire

My fears are my only courage
They keep me real
They are the voice inside of me
They are the doors I must walk through

My love is like a tree
Its roots are strong
Its branches reach out
It offers all that I have to give

My hate is like an open wound
Its pain will never fade
It festers away in me
It infects every aspect of who I am

My nightmares are like shadows
They haunt me day and night
They sneak up upon me to frighten me
But they remind me that there is light

My dreams are like a garden
I go to them for peace
I walk among them seeking guidance
Each one is unique to me, dear to me

My hobbies are like a well
A source of never ending strength
I drown in them to express myself
I drink of them to live

My voice is a broken lyric
The words are never enough
The music behind them speaks what I cannot
The song is never finished

My home is like a hearth fire
It is my safe haven
It is my shelter from the storm
It is a reflection of who I am

My family and friends are my treasure
They mean more to me than gold or jewels
I would do anything for them
I’ll live for them and I’ll die for them

I am not ashamed of who I am
I embrace my flaws
I am independent
I am set in my ways

I feel things deeply
I love with every ounce of myself
I am broken but I am beautiful
I love pain mixed with pleasure

I know exactly what I want in life
And nothing will stand in my way
I am a joyful life
I am protected

I am flawed, perfectly imperfect
I am me
Do you see me now?
Do you know I am here?

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