I have a fantasy where I am home alone
And I am taking a shower
I am so intent on my shower I don't hear anyone enter the house
I don’t even feel anyone step into the shower behind me
Until I feel a soft kiss on my shoulder
My heart skips a beat until he whispers shhhhhh in my ear
I feel the heat of his body behind me
Smell his sweat, his masculinity
Feel his fingertips run down the sides of my arms and back up again
He kisses me gently on the back of the neck
And I tilt my head back to accept his hungry kisses
His hands sliding around my middle, pulling me close
His hands move up my belly, cupping my breast.
Taking my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, making them hard and erect,
he feels my soft moan and kisses me harder
I can feel is hardness pressing against the cheek of my ass, and I press back harder against him
Trying to feel the size of him against me
The fingers of one hand traces its way back down my belly, running little circles around my navel
And softly touched the fur covering my hidden treasures
The sensation and expectation sends a shiver through my body
His middle finger makes its way between my thighs, searching for my most delicate places
Without thinking my legs open a little, making the way easy for him
And his fingers find my wettest places
I put my ads against the shower wall, fighting to keep my balance in the rise of my passion, and he pushes against me a little harder
He lifts one of my legs up onto the shower step,
opening me up to the touch of his knowing fingers
Gently, he explores me, touching me, exciting me, and taking my breath away
His fingers enter me, feeling my wetness, delighting in my pleasure
Then retreat to find the point where my pleasure can go to new heights
He rubs gently at first
Then a little harder
He can feel my tension building
He turns our bodies around, and sits on the step,
the hot water seeming almost cool compared to the heat created by our bodies
He pulls me down onto his lap
Positioning my aching pussy over his hard erection
And gently easing me down onto it
I can feel him entering me
Filling me
And my breath excepts me once more
He pulls me hard against him in a hard thrust and I cry out with the pleasure
With his hands on my hips, he lifts me up and down
Driving himself further and further into mw
I can feel his pleasure building and I pull away from him
Taking him in my hand
And running the tip of my tongue over his swollen head
I tease the length of him with little kisses
Tasting the sweet juices of myself still covering him
He runs his fingers through my hair, taking hold of my head
Feeling him all the way against the back of my throat
Measuring the length of him with my tongue as I begin to suck
I pull my head away, and he forces me back
Pushing himself back into my wanting mouth
And I begin to suck hard and fast
He pulls my head away from him, and I try to take him back, but he turns me around instead, pushing me to my hands and knees
He gets to his knees behind me
His hands no my ass
Spreading me to his waiting pleasure
He forces himself into my pussy in one hard thrust, sending a shudder of pleasure through my body
He can feel me cumming,
feel my pussy gripping him and he drives me hared and faster to his own completion
I feel him erupting inside me
Filling me with the heat of his juices
Feel the throbbing of him as he takes his pleasure
He sits back under the shower, waiting for his breath to come under control,
I go into his welcoming arms
He kisses me gently and I feel the beating of his heart
He whispers to me "Lilly you are wonderful"
And I whisper in reply
"Darling. You take my breath away"
We relax together, holding each other close as the water washes over our spent bodies.
And I know I am holding the man who completes me.

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