tagErotic PoetrySubmissive Gift (part 2)

Submissive Gift (part 2)


She woke up this stormy morning,with red streaks upon her flesh;
His new submissive she was,last nights erotic memories were fresh.
This time was clearly different than the first novice lesson.
She was to make this a habit, her Masters obsession.
She was told very sternly; meet him exactly at 7o'clock;
She arrived an hour later,as it's time for masters talk.
Dressed in a schoolgirl outfit she looked down quite ashamed;
She thought of any excuse, and the traffic she had blamed.
Master was quite angry he placed his finger over her lip;
I will teach about tardiness , You will now begin to strip.
She asked him for pity another lie and much to his amuse;
I know where you were sub, your body mine now to use.
He knew of her disobediance,Her nude body now suspended;
Fear had come over her,as his dominance certainly offended.
Grabbing his cat o nine as it had many tails;
Is this what you desire,a submissive who fails.
She nods and and quickly answers Yes OH Yes SIR;
Chatisement is my wish as I beg for it to occur.
He had her count aloud as the leather struck her thighs;
She knew it was deserved, her concience free from lies.
A cry a wimper her mounds now crimson red;
Punishment was not his decision yet something that he dread.
Arrogant attitude is much different her body most beautifuly bound,
The dungeon had remained still, breathing was the only sound.
He still said nothing she began to clench her fists,
Euphoric as the leather cuffs remain around her wrists.
Master began to untie her as he forgave the past mistake;
You have learned my pet,Now your body I will take.
She smiled as he carried her and placed her on the floor;
I will continue to learn my master if will you teach me more..

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