tagErotic PoetrySuzanne's Needs

Suzanne's Needs


Author’s Note: I want to pay tribute to Suzanne who this poem was written for and about. She knows the truth of the words of this poem and what she becomes when aroused. Her name is Cuntzanne.


Her naked body on my bed
With dark silk hair and lips of red.
Her body’s taut as my hands roam
They seek her out and extract a moan.
Her eyes half shut from pleasures space
I caress her flesh, at my lover’s pace.
The full, nice breasts with beauty grand
Her nipples hard from my teasing hand
Her legs are spread as my hands descend
My fingers caress where her thighs end
Her moistness shines upon those lips
I taste her there, her nectar sipped.
My tongue then to her nipples please
These breasts aroused so I can tease.
I lick and suck this tender flesh
A hand drifts down below her chest
She’s wet and warm and moving so
She craves my touch in her cunt below.
Her tits are squeezed with movements curt
I feast upon her like dessert.
My tongue then moves between her legs
I taste her sex, this meal I crave.
As I go about my oral task
I feel her body yield and gasp.
Her nerves alive, her legs spread wide
Wet juices flow with my tongue inside.
With cuffs and rope I stake her out
Her eyes are wide she wants to shout
But now she’s bound to this hot place
Her fait is mine at my own pace
I ask her name with a voice so blunt
She looks at me and whispers, “Cunt.”
I ask again, my voice like sand
Her eyes cast down, she says “Cuntzanne”
I kneel with hips beside her head,
My knees shift close upon the bed.
Her eyes with need are on my cock
She moves her lips, she cannot stop
Her mouth sucks hard to fill her full
I watch her use her tongue and drool.
My mouth drops again on her swollen clit
In her cunt fold, I suck and lick.
She sucks my cock with practiced lips
Her body’s hot with swollen tits.
With moans and sound, she’s sucking loud
Her body floats on her needy cloud.
Knowing what she is there to do
I speak to her, she’s called Cunt Sue
Pulling away from her lips so hot
My fingers enter her needy spot.
I ask her if she likes my hand
‘You own this Cunt,’ her nerves are slammed
I abuse her tits, her nipples taut
My fingers move, her pleasure sought
The sound of sex fills our private place
There’s no escape, my whore I take.
She moans and cries and pumps her hips
Then cums and screams as I pinch her tits.
She begs me please to fuck inside
I mount this Cunt, her legs spread wide
Then taken rough with hands and dick
I fuck her hard and maul her tits.
I call her tramp and slut and more
Fuckmeat and bitch this aroused Mouth Whore
The more I take and fuck her deep
Her juices flow as she climbs the peak.
The moment comes, with nerves so raw
She cums once more as her senses soar.
With each hard stroke she cannot stop
She cums and cums, this Cunt’s red hot
As I take her flesh, it numbs her brain
This release she craves, I stake my claim.
I slap her face and hurt her tits
She cums some as it stings, each hit
I feel her cum and she screams some
I flood her cunt with wet hot cum
She pumps her hips and grinds her butt
I watch her move this sexy slut

She comes down from where she’s been
And I pull myself from her fiery bin.
Beside her now, I kiss her lips
The sweet sex taste on her lips I sip.
I take her head and push it down
She cleans my cock with loud mouth sounds
Afloat with pleasure as she sucks my seed,
I stroke her with my passion’s need.
This sexy Cunt makes my senses run
To see her face as I make her cum.
Her face contorts with pleasure high
With red lip gasps, deep moans and cries
Her body tight in cuffs and ropes
She displays herself, her every slope
Cuntzanne must stay in this leather tight
To be raped and used throughout the night.

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