tagErotic PoetryThree's A Delight

Three's A Delight


She's meeting a girl from the net in person today
She gets to be with her lover and this girl.
She's excited, anxious, but shy.
She's never met the girl, but she trusts
Her lover.

She has a few hours, so she takes a shower
Shaves, and gets dressed.
She makes sure she looks good
For this girl, but not just her..
Her lover, too!

This will be the first threesome
She has ever participated in.
So, she must look good.

She's getting wet thinking about
Her lover, the lover that made her
Lose control the last time she saw him.

This girl, whom is very beautiful.
Black hair like a raven.
Is just as anxious as she is.

She waits, anxiously, outside
Knowing they will arrive soon.
They come and get out so
We can introduce ourselves.

She slides in the backseat of his car
And he drives to the hotel.

Up in the hotel room
We hang out and talk
Before we get down to action
He's anxious and ready to get
On with it.

She takes off her clothes
And she removes the other girls
Clothing, too.
She kisses her
She touches her body, slowly
She moves toward the bed
With the girl in tow.
He watches
She tells the girl to lay down
The girl listens
She crawls up the girls body
Kissing her from her neck
To her chest, sucking and licking the
Girls firm breasts, sucking on her left
Nipple then her right.

She moves down the girls body
To her stomach, playing with the girls
Stomach, she moves down. Rubbing
Her clit, she inserts a finger inside of her
Wet, tight pussy.

She begins to move her finger in
And out slowly at first then faster.
The girl moans and starts riding her
Finger. She lays down on the bed
She starts licking the girls clit
Fast, faster. The girl moans some more.
She inserts another finger inside the girl.
The girl is wet and ready.
She stops and tells him to fuck her.

He joins in, replacing her as he gets
On top of the girl, his hard thick dick
Waiting to be buried in a pussy.
He shoves it inside the girl.

While he's fucking the girl, she is playing with herself
On the other side of the bed. The girl moaning
Is turning her on something fierce.
She continues stroking her clit, rubbing fast
And hard as she watches him fuck the girl.

She moves closer to them as they are fucking
Hard and fast.
She plays with the girls breasts, running her hand
Down to the girls clit, she rubs so fast as his dick
Moves in and out, in and out, in and out of the deliciously
Pink soft, wet pussy.

She strokes him as she plays with the girls clit.
The girl is moving, moaning, groaning in sweet
Pleasure, she's about to orgasm, she moves faster
harder. She can tell the girl is by the way she is

The girl orgasms all over his dick.
He moves off of the girl and onto
His back where she climbs ontop,
Rubbing against him then sliding his
Soaked dick inside of her.
She starts moving hard and fast
With her hands on the bed for support
Then she sits up, pulling the girl up.
Telling her to sit on his face.
The girl does so.

She rides harder, faster.
Scooting onto his hips she draws him
She plays with the girls breasts as she watches
Him eat the girl.
She moans, the girl moans,
He's silent. Mouth is full.

She kisses the girl as she rides him
But keeps getting distracted as he moves
In and out of her.
He has her hips as the girl uses the headboard
For support.

With the girls moaning, his hands on her
And him inside of her.
She can't hold out much longer and she
Comes all over him.

He continues moving until he, at last,
Fills her, too!

The girl unstraddles his face
She climbs off of him and lays
Down beside him.
The girl is on his other side.

They take a break until they
Are ready to go again!

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