tagErotic Poetryto my freaky friends

to my freaky friends


if you've commented on my poems
i want to give thanks
i appreciate you helping
my poems climb up in the ranks
i'd like to mention the names
of some very loyal supporters
when it comes to sex and sexuality
like me, they have no borders
william smyth liked
"fantasy fulfiller"
have you read that poem yet
does the title sound familiar
auld_henry and ramonathompson liked
"a bitch with a dick"
have you gotten inside my head yet
and figured out what makes me tick
ramaonthopson also liked
"fucking fairytales", "fuck you freddy kruger, and "molest me"
have i shown you all how nasty i can be
and to the anonymous comment makers
i want to thank you too
your kind words
keep me doing what i do
i want all of you masturbating
and telling me how it feels
i've rubbed my clit so much
that i have to let it heal
if you want to cum
then i'm the woman to see
you know there's nothing taboo
when you're fucking me
and if you put me on your favorites
i'm extremely flattered by that
it shows you have great taste
and you know where the good stuff is at

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