tagNon-Erotic PoetryUntil we meet Again, My love (him)

Until we meet Again, My love (him)


Gazing up into my love's tear stained eyes,
Her soul reaches out to mine, beseaching me,
Not to leave, but I am getting cold...
I can no longer feel the pain....
Yet I am dying; I dont need to be told.
I hear the sirens getting louder,
Even as the world swirls dizzily around me.
I turn my head slightly, and see my father standing
At my wife's shoulder, waiting to take me home.
His eyes are solemn but his body is just a glow.

I turn back to my love,
And see the pain in her eyes..
Knowing the accident has fatally wounded my body..
As I lay in her lap, I reach up with a last ounce of strength,
And place my large hand on her swollen abdomen
Where our twins nestle safely.
A tear runs down my face without shame.
I feel them kicking under my hand...
As if they know I will be leaving this earth.

Pain tears in my heart as my wife cries out..
"My love...please dont leave us!..I cannot go on without you"
I look up at her beautiful face and whisper softly..
"Our children will need you, teach them about me..
I will always be with you and the children to protect you..
Just remember me...."
Shaking her head vigorously to deny my words, not wanting me to leave..
Her dark auburn hair glows like a soft flame, in the morning light.
"I wish to give you my dying breath, my love....please"...
With one hand on my wife's swollen abdomen, touching my children's heartbeats
My wife's tear stained lips touch mine, as I breathe my last...
My soul has passed....

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