tagErotic PoetryVamp Lover (Part III)

Vamp Lover (Part III)

byEmber Faye©

Tonight is the night
I go to my lover
Where she waits for me
In her warm bed

She is excited and pleased to see me
She cannot contain herself
"Is tonight the night?" She asks shyly
"Yes, my sweet. Tonight is the night." I answer

She comes to me and I place my arms around her
She is nervous and quivering all over
I only smile at her nervousness
And with that smile, she see's my fangs

She becomes excited at once
She asks me to hurry and make her as me
I only tell her to be patient
"That time will come soon enough, love." I tell her

We go to her bed and lay down together
Her hands run all over me
And I do the same with my hands to her
I turn her face towards mine and give her a kiss

We kiss and lick each other
While we undress one another
We lay on the bed
Bodies pressed tightly together

I roll her over onto her back
"Are you sure this is what you want?
There is no going back after this."
She stares at me with wide, blue eyes

"I know. I want to be with you
More than anything else.
Every night I have dreamed of this
I am ready, I have been ready. Make me yours."

She brings me such joy
She knows the consequence of what is to happen
She must stay by my side for eternity
She must learn the ways of the Vampire

I move down slowly to her breasts
I lightly lick and suck at them
She lets out a moan and asks for more
"Hush, my sweet. There will be plenty more."

My hand slowly glides down her body
Back up and down again
Until it rest on her dampened area
In response, she raises her hips and lets out a moan

I move my mouth up to her lips
She kisses me deeply and I kiss her back
We wrap ourselves around each other
Legs and arms entwined

I move my lips down to her neck
I bare my lips back (I can smell her blood)
My fangs extend past my lips (I can hear her heart)
I bite in, the sensation is overwhelming

She lets out a loud moan
But she is feeling pleasure with the pain
While I'm feeding (feeling her life force flow into me)
My hand is busy down below, pleasing her

I drink for what seems an eternity
To the point where her heart
Is almost at a complete stop
Finally I pull away (I must stop)

I sink my teeth into my wrist
Raising her head, I place her mouth on it
It takes her awhile, but she eventually feeds
She becomes wild in her feeding, unable to stop

I let her feed until my own life force
Almost comes to a complete stop
Finally I say, "ENOUGH!"
I pull away from her, there is a hunger in her eyes

"We must get you more food." I go to her
"Come with me sweet, you must learn to feed."
I grabe our robes and put them on us
I pick her up, and she looks deep into my eyes

"I love you." She says "Thank-you for this."
"I love you, my sweet. Now we will never be apart."
She rests her head upon my shoulder
And I carry her out into the night

And that is how we began our immortal life together
Lovers Forever

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