tagErotic PoetryWanton Intimacy

Wanton Intimacy


Lazy smile and wicked eyes
Strong hands kneading my ass
Reaching around, skirt unzipped
my leg coiling high round Yours
Slapped down, my eyes widen
Clamped tight to You
Hard against my body
Hands around my neck
Prising powerless at Your fingers
Slumping down, spots dancing
Gasping deep, cool breaths
At Your feet
Looking up, pleading
Looking down, eyes of flint
Hands steadying
Stumbling to my feet
Slammed against a wall
Crying out
Ankles kicked apart
Arse arching towards You
Deep enough to burst
Mewling, gasping
Breasts grinding roughcast
Juices staining my thighs
Tears staining my cheeks
Total intense submission

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