tagErotic Poetrywhat a lame lay

what a lame lay


i thought you were so sexy
and i wanted you so bad
when i finally got you
you were the worse sex i ever had
you slobbered when we kissed
and held me way too tight
then you bragged about your skills
for a good portion of the night
your dirty talk was weak
nothing you said was unique
your so called foreplay
nearly put me to sleep
my ear is drenched with your drool
you're the exact opposite of cool
i don't know what i was thinking
i feel like such a fool
your nails are so long
they nearly cut my insides
this night has been a disaster
i just want to run and hide
i think my nipples are bleeding
because you bit down on them so hard
either this is your first tim with a woman
or you're just a lame retard
nothing you do arouses me
that's why i'm still quite dry
you're huffin' & puffin' like you're doin' sumthin
and all i can do is sigh
the nightmare ends
i say i'll see you later
now i'm gonna have sex with a real man
and that means my vibrator

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