tagErotic PoetryWhat do you want?

What do you want?


What do you want?
I want you to take me… to use me… to claim me.
I want you to know the effect that you are having on me.
I want to see you… to hear you… to give myself to you.
I want to know the effect that I am having on you.
I want what you want.

What do you like?
I like to feel you
To touch you
To kiss my way down your neck and over your shoulders
To rub my thumbs over your nipples
To roll them between my fingers
To press my tongue on them and feel them respond to me
To wrap my lips around you and flick my tongue around you
To feel your harden in my mouth
To tighten my lips on you and move them over you
To feel you pulse
To run my tongue down your shaft
To rub my pussy over your stomach
To feel your cock pressing on my lips
And to take you inside me.
I like what you like.

What do you want?
I want to say please.
And I want to say thank you.
I want to look in your eyes.
And I want you to blindfold me.
I want to wrap my arms around you and caress you.
And I want you to handcuff me.
I want you to suck on my nipples.
And I want you to clip clothespins on them.
I want you to show tenderness.
And I want to feel your aggressiveness.
I want what you want.

What position do you like?
Lay me on my back with my legs up, so I can feel you deeply inside me.
Tie my legs to the headboard so I can’t escape your thrusts.
Hold my hands down and press your chest against my legs as you take me.
Ride me doggy style, using my hair as reins.
Fuck me standing up, pressed against the wall.
Roll me on my stomach, and so your thrusts will shove me into the bed.

Let me ride you, while you simply lay there and enjoy the sensations…
Of me moving up and down on you
Of me running my hands over your chest
Of me leaning forward to take your nipples into my mouth
Of me tightening my cunt around your cock
Of me reaching for the headboard for better leverage
Of me slamming myself down onto your cock
Of me reaching behind me to softly grasp your balls
Of me using my fingers to stroke the bottom of your shaft as I feel it entering me.
I like it however you like it.

Where do you want me to cum?
In my hair, so the stiffness as it dries will remind me of you
On my lips, so I can rub it over my face
On my nipples, so I can watch it drip off of the clothespins
On my stomach, so I can spread it over me
On my pussy, so I feel it drip off of me
In my pussy, so I can feel you claim me
On my ass, so the heat of it can shock me
On my back, so I can’t reach it to wipe it off.
I want it wherever you want it.

What do you want?
I want you to touch me… to smack me;
to hold me… to restrain me;
to make love to me… to fuck me;
to please me… to use me;
to enjoy me… to take me;
to make me moan… to make me squeal.
I want it hard…I want it tender
I want it long…I want it fast
I want it to feel good…I want it to hurt good

I want to kiss you
To touch you
To tease you
To hear you say “fuck”
To encompass you
To hear your moans
To see your grimaces
To be moved by your thrusts
To feel your shudders.

I want what you want.
What do YOU want?

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