tagErotic PoetryWith My Words

With My Words


With my Words I enticed you to listen and laugh at the humor and the sexual conversations.
With my Words I tempted you to chat with me again
With my Words I seduced you into intimacies never shared with others before
With my Words I carassed your soul like the light, feathery touches down your spine
With my Words I kissed your voice so full of sunshine and smiles.
With my Words I fondled your inner woman with fingers not restricted to time and place
With my Words I undressed your shyness and drew you out into the sunshine to walk naked in the flowers of my mind
With my Words I touched you without fingers to tweak the erection of your soul
With my Words I suckled your nipples until they were taught and hungered for attention
With my Words I spread your legs to behold the very essence of your magic
With my Words I entered you and touched you with a million ghoastly tingling
With my Words I brought you with me through the shattering climax
With my Words I left part of my essence poured into your soul and being
With my Words I filled you with my love and joy
With my Words I undressed you to savor in the joy of your willingness to be mine
With my Words I dribbled my essence on your breasts and head you squeal

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