You move like the gentle tide at the hour of midnight.
The Moon catches You with its soft and beautiful light.
It makes Your hair glisten so very bright;
And your eyes to sparkle through the darkest of night.
You are a piece of God’s divine affection;
And His work is of only perfection.
You turn slowly and the Moon falls to your back.
I can feel my heart bracing for a sudden attack.
It pounds louder than thunder, races quicker than sound;
And I am driven to my knees on this soft and hallow ground.
My eyes fall upon You, they love you from head to toe.
Oh, how I long to hold you just so.
How I long to run my fingers through the silk of your hair.
To feel your skin and to touch it with the deepest of care.
Looking into your eyes, the windows of your deepest soul;
For me, they are the road home.
To see the children that have not yet been born.
Longing for the day when I place my hand upon your womb;
And feel the new life that is within that holy room.
My blood boils at the thought of your harm;
And I would destroy the one who dare feel such charm.
My love for you is deathless and will always remain the same.
For when my last breath escapes me, it shall whisper your name.

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