tagErotic PoetryYour Most Precious Flower

Your Most Precious Flower


~Author's Note~ This is my first submission, and as such; all feedback would be most welcome. Both positive and negative.


In this hour, I see your intimate flower.

Skin like petals, covered in your secret dew.

A red rose, open to gentle incursions.

Without thorns, to protect from savage intrusions.

A smooth bud, so sensitive to touch.

When I approach, you shiver in expectation

When blown upon, you moan in frustration.

And when tasted, you cry out in ecstasy.

I spread your petals, and see your passionate core.

I smell your fragrance, and you open yourself to me.

I touch your flower, and you move to accept my finger.

As soft as a rose, you close your eyes as I enter you.

Your petals tense, and I stop in fear of hurting you.

I look towards your heavens, and there I see your twin moons

Two globes of lust, I move to taste your sensitive nubs.

There orbits moving, as your breathing deepens.

Your right moon first, I taste it and you sigh in pleasure.

Your left moon next, my hand reaches the orbit of its mountain.

Your stars, they show through there lids for only a moment in recognition.

Again your petals tighten, but this time it’s not in pain.

Two moons and a rose, your petals pull me deeper.

Your mountains harden, and I feel you getting even wetter.

I find a dam, and I look up at you with surprise.

Your stars re-appear, and you nod to confirm it.

“Your gentle flower, it has never been touched?”

“Your petals, they have never been ravaged by a rough hand?”

“Your rose bud, it has never been tasted?”

You breathe deeply, and then nod yes to all my questions.

Your eyes close, as I touch your rose bud.

Your breath quickens, as I suck on your mountain.

Your body trembles, as my fingers resume there work.

This lonely traveler, he will pay well for this gift.

You pull me closer, your petals pulling my hand.

Your moan louder, hugging me to your chest.

You whisper breathlessly, “please don’t stop… don’t stop…”

I go faster, your entire body clenches around me.

You cry out, and I feel you orgasm around my fingers.

Your grip slackens, but I continue to go faster.

You squeeze me again, and I feel the tremors coursing through you.

You try to yell out, but your orgasm steals your voice.

I release you, and you sag in my arms.

I cradle you, as you quickly fall asleep in ecstasy.

Not long after, I sleep while holding you close.

When I awake, I see you smile mischievously.

I feel your hand, and I harden to your welcome touch.

“It’s your turn”, I nearly cum at those three words.

Your grip tightens, and my flute sends ripples of pleasure through me.

As you work, my fingers once again seek out your flower

Our duet fills the air, as you expertly play my flute.

Your petals swell, and I feel myself approaching the cliff.

I stop your hand, and you look at me confused.

I spread your petals, and I position myself over you.

Though you’re nervous, you nod and spread your legs beneath me.

Your precious gift, it can only be given to on person.

Your precious gift, and you’re about to give it to me.

Your intimate flower, its spread open and waiting for my flute.

I push gently, and your secret dew aids my entry.

Your close your eyes, and I feel your petals tighten around me.

I pull back, and with a gentle moan your petals relax slightly.

I push again, and I gain more depth then I did before.

We move like this, and then I come across your dam.

I stop my movement, and in your eyes I see the recognition.

You nod your head, and I feel your petals relax once again.

I pause for a second, I want you to enjoy this as best you can.

Then I push, I feel it break as you cry out.

I bury myself, and your petals clench tightly around me.

I sit motionless, and wait for you to relax before I move.

A single tear falls, but then you look up at me and smile.

I feel you loosen, so I pull out slowly and you moan in delight.

I move in you, never fully withdrawing and our hips move in unison.

I struggle to go slow, but you see my tremble and thrust harder against me.

I respond in kind, and you wrap your arms around me.

You cry my name, and your nails dig into my back.

Your precious petals, they pulse around me.

I can’t hold out, and I pound my seeds into your flower.

We then collapse, and I hold you in my arms again.

You fall asleep, and in your slumber you’re smiling.

I kiss your eyes, and I pull my limp flute from between your petals.

I fell in love, and I'm glad I received your most intimate gift.

Because in this hour, I saw your most precious flower.

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