tagMind Control01 - Sex Train To Seattle

01 - Sex Train To Seattle


**The first in what will hopefully be a long and sexually depraved yet tastefully slutty series. Let me know what you think.**

Early morning on the commuter train to Seattle. Three passengers sit in a nearly empty car. One speaks.

"My name is Simon and I have to admit, I do love my job. But then, who wouldn't love making good money turning people into sex-crazed sluts. Take my recent case, Roger & Cindy. A married couple. Two weeks ago, they had sex for the first time in about three months. Now, they can't stop fucking. In fact, I bet Roger is jacking off in his office at work watching his wife on a web cam. Good stuff."

"Maybe I should back up and explain. I'm a sexual engineer. You've heard of mechanical engineering, right? Social engineering, maybe? Well, I'm just like that but with sex. I work for a secret group that has been around for centuries. If you believe the employee handbook, we've been around since the little grey men landed on our rock and started their long-forgotten science project somewhere around 6,ooo years ago."

"See, the world was a tough place then. Most people died before they were 20. The O'gam wanted to make sure there were plenty of babies to keep things cooking along so they brought us in to make sure there was plenty of fucking. Or so the story goes anyway. I don't really know about all that, I just know that there's quite a few of us out there getting everyone all hot and bothered. Of course, we don't do it for population reasons anymore. Oh sure, there are a few out there in thick with shadowy groups in the government, trying to breed out undesirables, but I think most of us are just in it for the kink. I mean, as I was saying, I love my job. I get to meet lots of fun people. But you know, they're more fun after I get done with them. A lot more."

"We have all kinds of different ways we go about our work. Some use drugs. Aphrodisiacs. Pheromones, that kind of thing. Most use Enhancers & Controllers. E&Cs we call 'em. They're kind of like the ultimate sex toys, you know? If you wake up one morning and your cock is two three inches longer and twice as big around, we did a drive-by enhancing in your neighborhood during the night. Or, if you and your girlfriend are shopping one day and she drags you into the dressing room, fucks you silly and then sucks your cock clean, one of us was there with a controller. Kind of like this one right here."

"Looks just like a cell phone, right? This blue-toothy looking thing in my ear? That connects the controller to my brain. Once I lock onto someone, I can use the controller to make just about anyone think anything I want them to. And in my line of work, thought always leads to action. Pretty cool, huh?"

Two pairs of eyes stare out of nearly silent faces at me as I talk.

Chuckling, Simon continued, "Ahhh, that's right. You can't talk yet, can you? But you can hear me. And, from the looks of things, I know you can definitely think me."

Simon looked over his current project with a grin. The woman was the definition of a MILF. Late 30s, maybe early 40s. The kind of curves only a woman in her sexual prime can have, obviously held in check with exercise and good diet. Long, thick, curly, jet black hair framed a face with striking high cheekbones, full red lips and green eyes before cascading down over a green silk blouse that did little to hide a set of enormous nipples, engorged and pointing out from a pair of medium to good sized breasts. Her lips were slightly parted and Simon could hear the faintest tell-tale sound of lust keening out in time to her panting chest.

"Ahhhh. It looks like the controller is doing a wonderful job on her, don't you think? I'm sure her body has been flooded with all sorts of hormones by now. Just look at those nipples," Simon directed his question to the male half of the couple.

From the looks of it, he was a college student or just out. Blonde and blue eyed with tan skin, he had a muscular yet lean, young body. He was wearing a blue polo shirt and tan cargo shorts that failed to hide his obvious arousal. A low groan somehow found a way out of his throat as his eyes flickered between Simon's face and her unbelievable body.

"Hmmm, well, from the looks of your shorts, you should probably adjust that cock so it's not all bound up. Why don't you take care of that," he finished as he mentally closed the link on the body lock.

The young man blinked rapidly a few times in amazement as his motor controls were regained, hesitated for half a second and then slowly slid his hand down to his crotch where he pulled the waistband of his shorts out and allowed his swollen cock to snap up into place along his stomach.

The woman's eyes widened as she caught a quick view of his thick, swollen head popping up above the waistband before the young man pulled his shirt back down, covering it.

Simon registered the instant surge in her arousal through his link. It was time.

"As I was saying, those nipples are really something, aren't they. They look so hard, I bet they almost hurt. Maybe she would like it if you gave them a quick caress?"

Simon's words, directed at the young man with one last gentle nudge on the mental link was all it took. He raised one hand and slowly brought it up to her chest, thumb and forefinger extending out. As his hand came up, her eyes widened and she inhaled deeply, pushing her chest out with the slightest whisper of a whimper slipping from her lips. As his fingers made contact and rolled the engorged nipple between them, the impact on her body was instantaneous and visceral. Her shoulders hunched over and drove her left nipple and breast into his hand, increasing the pleasurable assault on her body, as muscles in her core contracted involuntarily. Her mouth opened and a long, low, ragged "yesssssssss" slipped out and swirled around the scene. Her thighs clenched together and started quivering as her heels came up. Her mind was oblivious by now as her lust washed over her, the rest of her body contorting around and drawing in towards her now violently trembling pussy.

Simon sat back with a grin and watched as wave after wave of her intense orgasm washed over her. That was the thing about the controller. Once the connection was made, it flipped a switch in the brain flooding the body with an unbelievably high concentration of chemicals: dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, you name it. And, they would just keep building as long as the engineer wanted to keep them on edge. Once the dam finally burst, those chemicals come flooding out in waves of pleasure so intense it was indescribable to someone who had never experienced it.

As her intense pleasure began to slowly subside, the woman sat back up again with a mixture of shock and unbridled lust written over her features. "Feel OK?" Simon asked with a grin.

"Oh my fucking god," she moaned in response. "What the fuck was that?"

"I have no idea. One minute you were just sitting there, this nice young man trying to help you, and the next you damn near had a seizure."

At the mention of the young man, her eyes jerked to her left, his presence somewhat forgotten in the heat of her moment. "I think he could use some help too, to be honest with you," Simon added.

As if reading his mind, the woman reached over into the young man's lap, while staring him in the eye, slipped her finger under his shirt, and slowly rubbed her thumb across the top of his head, sliding it through a great deal of pre-cum already leaking out. Her thumb was instantly coated and provided exquisite lubrication as she found the ultra-sensitive ridge of his swollen cock head. Before she could completely circle the head, the young man erupted in an instant replay of her pleasure. As his balls tightened and lifted, his cock swelled to impossible hardness while the first heavy spurt of cum tore out of him and onto his stomach and her fingers. Now his body hunched over as each convulsion pushed another hot jet of cum out, covering his stomach, the underside of his shirt and her now stroking hand. As he finally emptied himself out with a gasping shudder, the woman pulled her hand out and, never breaking eye contact, sucked her fingers clean. Then, as he groaned and sank back against the seat, she leaned over, lifted his shirt, and licked his stomach clean, just as the train was pulling into King Street Station.

Simon grinned and sat back as his handiwork played out, his presence virtually forgotten as the echoes of their pleasure cascaded through their bodies, starting a whole new buildup of lust. The couple stood up as the doors opened and walked out of the train. As they wandered off on shaky legs, Simon could hear hasty plans being made for how they could catch the very next Southbound train.

"Yes. I do love my job," Simon thought as he stood and adjusted his own swollen cock. But this was only a shadow of his best work. E&Cs were great for a quick, heated diversion but Simon's first love, and true specialty, was creating that type of lust without any toys. See, his specialty was seduction. He was one of the elites, a true mind-fucker. He would use layer after layer of strategy to break down his subjects inhibitions naturally, until they were as taut as the tightest rope. Human tripwires ready to burst out in sexual abandon. Like Roger and Cindy.

With a whistle on his lips and a spring in his step, Simon stepped off the train thinking about how he found them in the first place. How he came across Roger, the sex-starved husband, frustrated and looking for release in a chat room. That's where his last real job began.

**Feedback is greatly appreciated. I may not work for the O'gam, but I love making people as horny as Simon does.**

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