tagMind ControlA Day at the Beach Ch. 01

A Day at the Beach Ch. 01


It was just a typical, boring day during the hot summer months. The air was hot, the humidity was high, and there was nothing to do except sit in front of the fan, waiting for another humid, almost cool night.

At least, that was what Dan was hoping would happen. Things never seemed to work out his way. He was too weak to be a jock; not scrawny by any means, but just too small to play football like the others in his class. He was too dumb to be a nerd. He couldn't sing, he couldn't dance, and he hated plays. There was nothing remarkable about Dan; he had brown hair, brown eyes, a slight tan, not too tall, not too short; he was, in a word, average.

That typical boring day, Dan's mom had left a note, telling him to take his sister Judy, and her friends...whatever their names were...to the beach for the afternoon. That's just what he wanted to do. He was already laughed at as it was, but taking his just graduated sister to the beach? That had to be the bottom that he could sink no further below. She was old enough to drive, she had a license, but their mom didn't' trust her enough with the car to take it out of town.

Grudgingly, Dan accepted his fate. At least he got the car for the day, and his mom didn't say anything about staying with them. Maybe the day would pick up. Things could be worse, too; Judy's friends weren't too bad looking. Dan couldn't think of a reason to remember names, but they were the big chested brunette and the tanned skinny blonde. That worked for him. When they were 14, they were knockouts, and at 16 they were sizzling. But those two, now at 18, sitting in the back seat, would sure get his mind working on other things than the beach.

They called at 2pm, waiting to be picked up at the big chested brunette's place. Judy and Dan piled into their mom's Buick and they were off. It was a short drive to the house, and they both piled in; and damn, did they ever look tasty. The swimsuits they had on were practically bursting under the pressure of keeping their tits in place, while the bottoms were practically sucked into their butt cheeks, leaving virtually nothing to the imagination. Dan quickly noted that not even a stray pube was to be seen on either of them. They talked quickly to Judy as they got situated in the car and Dan slowly pulled away.

The fifteen minute trip to the beach was almost heaven. Dan had learned to drown out the incessant laughter and the boring conversation. He didn't care about which boy looked best in which pants, or who they'd like to fuck. They never said anything juicy anyway, so why listen? He kept checking out the rear view mirror, watching the suit on the brunette strain as her nipples tried to poke holes through the tiny triangles of fabric holding them back from sight. Alternately he would watch the blonde, and though she was maybe a C cup, she had a good sized chest for her body, and obviously had tiny nipples. They were trying to burrow through her suit as well, and seemed to be getting some help from her movements as she tied her long blond hair into a pony tail.

They got to the beach, the time Dan seemed to blur into nothing but tanned flesh and firm, jiggling breasts. He had to concentrate extremely hard not to keep his cock from swelling too much and keep the car on the road. Dan found himself a good spot, watched the girls run down to the beach, their suits working deeper and deeper into their asses until it looked like they were only wearing little strings around their waists. He watched them settle in a spot, lye down on their towels and put their sun screen on. He noted with happiness that they were not the only three beach bunnies here. There were acres of tanned, young, firm flesh before him. He decided he should get into the water before his cock ripped a hole in his shorts.

Dan swam for a while, his dick not getting any softer; now he was surrounded by wet, hard nippled, tanned women, and he decided to head back in to take care of his problem in the changing room. There were private stalls in there, and this wouldn't be the first time he'd used them for this.

While walking back to the beach, he felt something under his feet in the sand. It was too smooth to be a rock, it felt slippery, more like a bottle. Dan reached into the water to get whatever it was, and discovered that it was neither empty, nor was it any bottle he'd ever seen before.

The bottle itself was made of thick, pale blue glass, with a glass screw top and a cork to seal the contents. The liquid inside, was thick, almost like oil, and must have been yellow because it was turning the glass green as the light shone through. Etched very lightly in the side that was buried in the sand were the words "Drink Me" in plain English.

'Well, what the hell?' thought Dan. And with that thought, he unscrewed the cap and swallowed the liquid. It was bitter, but that taste soon melted away into a buttery, honey after taste. The second the liquid hit his stomach, his head felt like someone split it with a fire ax.

"Hey! What's up, Dan?" came a voice from the beach. He looked up, the headache fading as quickly as it had started. It was the brunette, and she was looking at the bottle.

'Follow me to the bathroom, I'll show you what's up,' he thought. He damn near said it, too, but thought better of it. "Nothing, just found someone's beer," he said and threw the bottle back out into the clear blue water. Dan kept walking, visibly checking her out as he walked up the beach. He walked past her and to the changing room, finding himself the first available stall. His shorts were down in a flash and his hand was on his cock. He hadn't gotten five strokes off yet before the curtain on the stall was pulled open.

"Hey, what the," Dan started. He said it out of reflex, but what he saw caught him by surprise. The big chested brunette was standing in front of him, staring at his naked body. "Hell?" finished Dan, his voice cracking. She giggled, her eyes focused hungrily on his still growing dick.

"I just had to follow you in here, and now I don't think I want to leave," she said innocently.

"If you're staying, then get the fuck in and shut the curtain!" whispered Dan harshly. She giggled again and shut the blind behind her.

'What the fuck is going on here?' Dan thought. 'I am the luckiest man on Earth.' Dan was still stroking his cock, and her nipples were stiffening, her eyes glued to his hand slowly sliding up his 9 inches of meat.

'Goddamnit, she'd look fucking amazing if she'd take her swimsuit off,' he thought. The brunette smiled coyly and reached up behind her neck to untie her bikini, and it the flimsy top flopped down, her tits bouncing from the release. Dan noted with delight how pink her nipples were, how big they were growing. She reached behind and untied the string across her back, and the top fell gently to the floor. The brunette played with her tits a little for him, squeezing them softly and brushing her nipples with her fingers, making her gasp slightly. His eyes were glued to those twin globes, and he barely saw her fingers teasing down her sides to the ties on her bikini. Her fingers slowly wound around the strings and she giggled as she pulled up on them, the two triangles of fabric slid down her silken skin, the front still wedged tight between her lips. He barely saw the beginnings of her slit over the top of her bikini bottom, and noted with much delight that the thin sliver of white flesh concealed beneath was shaved completely bare. About an inch above her slit, there were tiny words tattooed into her creamy skin.

'That's it,' Dan thought, not believing his luck. 'Play with those tits and that little pink pussy of yours.'

The brunette giggled and spread her thighs a little. She teased her hands up her sides, making her moan again. Her fingers traced wavy patterns up her tanned tight body up to her nipples, circling her breasts along the way. Her head titled back and she moaned again, the tip of her tongue came out from between her lips as she teased her nipples further. Dan watched the show, wondering what was going on. He didn't have to wonder long; the more she played with her nipples, the more her pussy lips opened and her mound swelled. The more her pink lips spread, the more the skimpy suit slid down until it hit the floor between her feet. She giggled between moans and her fingers trailed back down to her crotch. Her delicate fingers moved into her flower and then pulled her pussy lips back, exposing her wet pink core to Dan.

Dan's mouth was open, his eyes about ready to jump out of her head, and about ready to shoot his load. His eyes hit the tattoo again and he couldn't quite make out what it said.

"What's the tattoo say?" Dan asked, his hand still stroking his swollen meat.

"Eat me," giggled the brunette, her breasts shaking with her laughter. Her index fingers slowly worked themselves to her clit and began massaging her button in slow circles.

'Not a bad idea. But we'll have to take care of that later,' thought Dan. thought to himself as he licked his lips and smiled devilishly. 'Oh fuck, it'd be sexy if she'd fuck herself and lick the juice off her fingers,' Dan thought. To his utter shock and waking awareness, she started doing just that. Her left hand had three fingers wrapped together plunging into her sopping pink cavern, the other hand was flying over her clit, all of her fingers fanned apart as she abused her sensitive little button. After a few strokes of her twat, the brunette pulled her finger away from her steaming sex with a wet slurch and she started licking her honey from her fingers, the action seeming to drive her even crazier.

Dan's hand was on his shaft and his fist was a blur. The small booth was filled with the sound of her soaking cunt and his meat almost bouncing in his stroking hand.

'What ever I think, she does,' Dan thought to himself. 'That can't be right, this all has to be coincidence.' Dan's body began to shake in spite of his thoughts. No amount of analyzing the situation would change the fact that this gorgeous piece of ass was standing mere inches from him, finger fucking herself off as he jacked himself. 'What the hell. Time to test it,' Dan thought. 'Cum.'

The Brunette shook with her orgasm. She pulled her fingers away from her spasming snatch and pushed against the walls for support. Dan saw small shots of girl cum soaking her thighs as her pussy twitched and she moaned loudly.

'Let's see how far this thing works,' Dan thought. 'Whenever you hear the word pussy, you will come. You'll come so hard your cunt will gush.' Dan still didn't know if he was imagining this and had a hell of s sense of timing, but as soon as he thought it, the brunette moaned hard and her legs started shaking.

"So do you like getting your pussy eaten?" Dan asked, extending his other hand out to start massaging her tits. She pushed harder against the walls of the changing stall, and she looked like she had the wind knocked out of her, her mouth open and her eyes practically rolling back in her head. She shivered all over and her pussy released a torrent of juice. It came not in one, but in three strong bursts, looking like someone was quickly turning a faucet on and off. Her swim suit on the floor was soaked, Dan's feet were covered in cum and even his ankles got sprayed. His arm was soaked, and Dan could practically feel her fluid dripping off his elbow. There was even cum oozing down her legs, her thighs, calves, ankles, and feet drenched in her juice.

'You will do exactly what I say,' Dan thought quickly. The brunette was still trembling after her powerful orgasm and looked like she would fall down.

"Sit on my lap and ride my cock." The brunette's eyes glazed over even more and she kneeled over the top of Dan's lap and slid his aching cock into her tight wet pussy. Dan's hands went up to her tits, massaging them and pinching her nipples as she settled against his thighs. They both moaned loudly; her out of the pleasure of having a 9 inch dick inside her, him with the bliss of being inside this tight 18 year old pussy. She slowly began riding him, and Dan didn't know if he could hold it any longer.

"You like having your pussy stuffed, don't you?" Dan whispered into her ear. Her finger nails dug into his shoulders and she froze, her pussy contracting around Dan's thick dick and she flooded his lap with cum. Dan lost it after her first flood was released and his swollen balls unloaded into her convulsing cunt like a firehouse. Dan collapsed against the wall, his heart running like a race horse's and his cock still being milked by her pussy's orgasmic fluttering. They were both soaked now, and their juices were still oozing from the brunette's pussy. Every time she'd twitch they could hear their cum slosh and squish. She fell forward onto him, her tits pushing against his face. Dan snaked his tongue out and began teasing her left nipple and she started moaning.

"Oh my god," she whispered. "I've never....it's never....no one's ever," she moaned softly. She moved her head and her lips started softly caressing his neck. "If I'd known you'd be this good..." she said, her eyes smoldering. Her hips started rocking on Dan's cock and she smiled devilishly.

Dan had still not gone soft, his bone still buried hilt-deep in her shaved twat. He made his cock twitch her velvet vice and he could feel her getting wetter.

"Ooh, I like that," she said, her movements rocking in time with his. She began rising and falling on his dick slowly, deliciously impaling herself, rising slightly higher each time. Her breath quickened, as did Dan's. Their hearts raced a marathon against each other. The brunette started moaning as she rose and almost purring as she sunk Dan's meat inside her core, her hips swiveling at the bottom of each stroke. Very slowly she picked up pace, her body rocking against his, her tits rubbing against his chest. Her sex had just started juicing up, her movements causing sloshing noises, and there was a knocking on the wooden wall beside the curtain. The brunette gasped and Dan smiled devilishly.

'Keep fucking me, but turn to face the curtain. When I talk, take my dick out of your pussy and stick it slowly up your ass. Use your hands to hold your pussy open and invite them in. You will want whoever that is to do whatever it is that they're going to do. Do it now,' thought Dan. She turned around, bringing her tanned thigh up over Dan's head, barely managing to keep his head in the entrance to her hole and started pumping once she got situated.

"What the hell's going on in there?" came a woman's voice from outside.

'Must be one of the life guards,' Dan thought. He took a foot and pushed the curtain aside, just enough to see a muscle toned leg and a blue swimsuit, with a well manicured hand resting on a very curvy hip. A red-haired head popped around the corner and two blue eyes lit up, focusing on Dan's big dick being swallowed up by the brunette's hairless pussy. "Can we help you?" Dan asked casually.

On cue, the brunette stood up a little higher and Dan's cock popped out of her hole with a wet slurch and she rubbed the big head against her slit before sliding it back to her asshole.

'Come in and take that fucking swimsuit off,' Dan thought. The life guard walked in, moving around the curtain and pulled the straps of her suit off her shoulders, her eyes locked onto Dan's meat as it disappeared into the brunette's ass. 'Do anything that the brunette tells you to, but in the meantime, play with each other's pussies.' Dan thought.

"Something we can help you with?" Dan asked casually as the red head's suit was pushed down her waist, exposing her thick, tightly trimmed fiery triangle. The brunette reached down to her crotch and slowly spread her pussy lips with her finger tips.

To be continued...

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