$1.00 Matinee


We were bored this particular weekend and decided to go to the $1.00 matinee on a Sunday afternoon. We sat on the very back row so we could kiss and cuddle.

I said, "Baby, I need to run to the ladies room."

You said, "Don't be long!" and I excused myself.

When I came back I kissed you, a very long deep wet kiss and started running my tongue on the outside of your lips.

I pulled away and stuck two of my fingers in your mouth...you instantly tasted my pussy, smiled that Cheshire grin and moaned.

You said, "You just did that to drive me insane, didn't you my little minx?"

You moaned more and licked all of the juice off of my fingers one at a time, which just made my pussy hotter...throbbing more, begging for you inside me.

We looked around and realized we were the only people in the theater so I slipped over and straddled your lap while I kissed you and ran the tip of my tongue very slowly in certain places all over your face, in your ears, down your neck...I opened your shirt then started to suck on your nipples. I slid my hand down and felt...you were so hard I could feel your heartbeat pulsating; I could tell you were aching with every beat.

I slowly slid down in-between your legs and knelt on the floor. As I unzipped your pants you watched me with that look on your face that I love to see...a small grin and flushed with pleasure.

I pulled your cock out, pursed my lips very small, then ran your cock just inside my lips...but that's all, just for several seconds, then started to lick you all the way down the front of the shaft when you let out a moan and a sigh that forced you to lay your head back on the seat.

As I cocked my head sideways I ran my tongue very slowly and deliberately all the way down from the tip of your cock to your balls, with spit flowing out of my mouth, and then I gently cupped them and licked on them until you started to squirm.

When I took my hands and wrapped them around your cock, it felt like it would spontaneously combust. I began to twist each of my hands in the opposite direction, holding you SO tight as I sucked the head and teased it with my tongue...I swallowed you very slowly and deliberately. Then, as I was all the way down, I very gently reached down, pulled your balls up to my bottom lips and began to lick with you still in the back of my throat...back and forth, up and down.

As I took your shaft in and out of my mouth, slurped, licked and sucked...over and over as if I was eating for the first time in over 20 days...so hungry for you...slurp, lick, suck, up and down, my hands very, very tight. I pushed my head all the way down until I felt the tip of your dick in the back of my throat. You grabbed the back of my head by my hair and pushed a little harder. I pushed more and you bent and went down the back of my throat. You could hold back no longer...you held my head tight as you moved your butt back and forth, around, and side to side in the seat. You pulled your dick out and them rammed your dick all the way down my throat and held it there...all I could do was moan. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I started to jack you off and flick my tongue on the tip of the head as you watched...it drove you mad, and when I trust you in my mouth for the last time...slurped as I did so...up and down, slurp, lick...tight lips, hands...you start to explode in my mouth. I thrust my head all the way down and let you cum in the back of my throat.

I do believe I saw your eyes roll back in your head...then you tilted forward and said, "Mmmmm, shall we stay for a second feature, baby?"

You helped me up, sat me in the seat next to you, then reach over and lifted my skirt and....Ahh! There was another surprise...I had on your favorite black garter belt and black hose. You looked at me then showed me those beautiful teeth and said, "You are SUCH a bad girl!"

I giggled as I helped you undo my garters, then you pulled off my black thong. I draped each of my legs over the arms and reached down to open to you my sweetness...I was SO very wet from pleasing you, I was dripping.

You said, "Ohhhh, baby, mmmmm, I love your wet pussy...you reached in with two fingers then started to lick my clit with your hot flat tongue...just above, then teasing me ever so gently right on the end. When you pulled your fingers forward you found my sweet spot and started to massage.

I grabbed your head and said, "OH! God! Baby.....Mmmmmmmm, yes!" You began to lick hard on my clit, keeping your tongue flat and soft, up and down, all around until I could stand it no longer. Then, from your other hand, you very gently slipped a finger up my ass...I threw my head back and let out a scream. You kept moaning and I kept cumming.

When I finished, you said, "BabyyyY!" We gotta get outta here...they're gonna call the cops on us - you were so loud! We jumped up and just as we hit the door the manager was on the other side...we both died laughing then ran to the car laughing the entire way! You took me home and made long, sweet love to me like never before.

We go to the $1.00 Matinee at least once a month!

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