tagBDSM10 Scenes From Training

10 Scenes From Training


1. A young woman in a bath, breathing hard, exhausted, eyes red, soaking in water. Her hair is wet, her face is wet, from the bath or her own tears is unclear. Her hands unconsciously rub her nipples, very red, and she is smiling through a mood that leaves her unable to speak. A man slowly stands her up and begins to apply soap and lotion to her body. He holds her steady, firmly, she know she has no worry about falling. She is safe. He lowers her back into the water.

2. A voice is heard, a female voice, only barely controlled. She is on her stomach with a book, and sitting behind her, underneath her, is the man. She slowly slowly slowly rubs her pussy up and down his cock - not putting it in her, but just up and down it, parting her lips, and he glistens. She hesitates, and he swats her, hard - she gasps, loses her place, and again the hand, hard. She starts up again, learning control. He will read next.

3. She is tied open, spread-eagled. He holds a riding crop, and starts with the bottom of her feet and then quickly makes one SNAP - she gasps, and moves a bit, but is tied. Then on her instep - SNAP and she jerks again, a bit less. Then between her ankle and achilles tendon, every spot hit exactly - SNAP. Again, she moves, jerks a bit, but keeps under control. The sounds move up her leg and her body. "If you can keep still, I won't need to tie you next time." SNAP Every time, a specific place. SNAP She can feel more of her skin now than she thought possible. SNAP She knows where everything is and she is an open nerve when he's done.

4. When he walks in the door, she's on all fours. Ass up in the air, face down, eyes closed. Her fingers push and pull and dance against her, wet. He can see her hand move less-than-comfortably, and upon hearing him enter she actually gasps, afraid, nervous, unhappy, but not stopping, in fact moving faster now. He watches, walks around her in a circle. She doesn't look but knows he's admiring her and for the first time she feels an ease leave her chest, a small level of comfort. "Good girl, I know this is hard for you. Let us see if you remember your instructions." He kneels and puts his hand on her neck, and slowly slides it down, pressing into her back, and all the way down to the small of her back and her coccyx just behind her asshole. And again, sliding. And again. On the tenth time, she cums. Hard. He smiles and envelopes her body in his arms as she does.

5. WHACK! "Please, Sir." WHACK! "Please, Sir." WHACK! "Please, Sir." WHACK! "Please, Sir." WHACK! "Please..... Please, Si-" WHACKWHACKWHACK! "Oh, Plea-" WHACKWHACKWHACK! "Please, Sir." WHACK! "Please, Sir." WHACK! "Please Sir" WHACK!...

6. He sits, head leaning into a pillow, raised a bit. Her arms are bound behind her and her head is sometimes resting on his abdomen, moving up and down as she breaths. She is on her knees, both of then off to the side, not straddling him but adjacent, her pussy facing him, easily accessible. His fingers have opened her lips but are not inside her. He circles them around her opening and only barely moves them just 1/4th of an inch into her - like the suggestion he's inside her without being there. Her mouth is wrapped around JUST the head of his cock, her head with just the slightest swivel. Not movement to her mouth but you can see her tongue is slightly moving there. Suddenly, her eyes open wide and she lifts her head a bit and slide down 2 or 3 inches, then back up, then down again. He then pushes in farther into her with his middle finger, and she mimics, moving farther, pushing him a bit into her throat. It was once a struggle but not now. Then, the shallow strokes again. What he does, she does. He controls her mouth with his fingers and hands - he knows how much of him will be covered each time. She feels the second finger now and lifts her head again. She knows what's coming.

7. She's on her back, her knees against her chest. Her arms are taped together in black vinyl, under them, holding them there. She is a block, a small item, folded in on herself, fetally safe. His chest leans into her, and he moves into her like a piston. His leaning on her feet, a pressure point, pushes her, makes it hard for her to even breathe and each time more and more as she's helpless he fucks her. She howls, knows he likes sound, makes him pinion into her even harder, animalistic. She can't move, she can only wait, stay, try and breathe, wait, and get fucked, and wait, and wait, and try and wait for permission.

8. She is lost. It's black for her. She sees nothing. He has put headphones of white noise in her ears, she hears nothing. She kneels, sits on her heels. She has her hands closed, interlocked behind her neck. She's lost and then her entire body is nothing but the sensation on her nipples, the burn encompasses everything. She has no sound, she has no sight, she has only the feel that burns her chest, comes and goes with each heartbeat now. It started as 5 minutes of a tongue, and then, shockingly 5 minutes of a pinch, nothing but that. Then 10 minutes of his tongue and lips, healing and licking and kissing. Then 10 more minutes of a harder pinch. Then 15 minutes of his tongue, and with each second that past her breathing became heavier and she knew that the pain would match. And it did. And now this – after 20 minutes of the most soft, peaceful, sensitive fucking of her nipples with his mouth she became aware of screeching howling unreal noise that reverberates through her nipples and the tears well in her eyes in the life of solely sensation. She is lost.

9. He is kneeling, sitting on his heels. She in on her knees, her ass out, and her mouth fully at work on his balls and cock. One on her mouth, then the other, then a number of strokes deeper and deeper. He watches her body and talks to her. "You are such a perfect cocksucker, my lovely pet. I could watch your back, your ass, ahhhhh and and ohh fuck and your ink move here for me for hours. I love your mouth on my cock. You are a very good girl." You know the rule - without moving the cock out of your mouth, you mumble something - but he knows that what you said – Thank you, sir.

10. Losing patience, he grabs her by the hair and drags her across the room. She scrambles to keep up on her feet, on all fours. He throws her at the floor, yanks her head, picks her up off the floor and move her to the table. "I've had enough of this, pretty cunt - you will learn to obey quicker." He yanks her hair back, holding it, her head now looking up at the ceiling, waiting. She knows it's coming, she's been waiting, but there's no lube, there's no preparation there's only ohgod she



feels his breathing next to him. Her hand is on his back as he sleeps on his stomach, as it was there while they slept. She remembers back to her dream and smiles, them, as she has been trained, she moves him mouth onto his skin, waking him with her tongue slowly. As she has been trained.

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