tagExhibitionist & Voyeur100 + Guys Saw Me Naked

100 + Guys Saw Me Naked


It was my nineteenth birthday a few months ago. My friends decided to take me out drinking that night. My best friend supplied me with a new strapless bra and g-string panties, but the g-string was so tiny and loose in the crotch that every time I moved my pussy would show through the leg holes, and the bra was a half-demi bra, which pushed my tits up so that my nipples and areolas stuck out over the top of the bra and left me feeling like a slut. Needless to say I wore them anyway. One of my other friends suggested that I wear my shortest skirt and a white button up top.

We wanted to go across the border, into Canada, to a nightclub that my friends had heard about, since I was only nineteen and unable to get into the bars in the US. Unfortunately, it was a Tuesday night, and it was the slowest night of the week. However, the bar that we chose had a hypnotist entertainer that night and was about three-quarters full (approximately two hundred and fifty people). We got there about eleven o'clock at night, and paid our four-dollar cover charge, just as the hypnotist came on stage and was asking for volunteers.

What I didn't realize until later was that one of the girls that I came with was at that same bar the week before and had witnessed the hypnotist's act. Apparently he was at the same bar for a month on Tuesday nights. As soon as we got to our table the girl that had seen the act before volunteered me to be in the hypnotist's show. I didn't really want to go, but with all the guys screaming and shouting in the crowd I felt that I should maybe try it. Then the girl that had seen the show before walked up on stage, pointed at me, and whispered something to the hypnotist.

The hypnotist started at the other end of the line-up of people on the stage and talked to each one of them until he got to the guy standing next to me. I heard the hypnotist ask the guy how dirty he wanted his part of the show to be, to which the guy replied that he didn't care. Then the hypnotist bypassed me and went to the girl standing next to me asking her the same question, while I stood there speculating about what he meant by dirty. I kept wondering when he was going to come back and ask me how dirty I wanted my part of his show to be. After a few moments I forgot about it.

The hypnotist was hypnotizing the group of people on stage, and I remember getting sleepy and that's all. The next thing I knew was I was standing next to the hypnotist, with the guy who didn't care standing on the other side of the hypnotist. He asked the guy if he was wearing underwear, then he asked me if I was wearing a pair of panties and a bra, to which I replied yes. Well it was the truth, sort of, I mean I didn't even have to spread my legs to flash my pussy, if I spread my legs at all and crouched to the floor I would flash my entire pussy to the whole crowd, and if it weren't for my blouse, my bra didn't really cover anything.

The hypnotist told the two of us that we were exotic dancers, and we were to put on a show for the crowd. The guy was to have half of the stage, and I was to have the other half. All the guys in the crowd gathered around my side of the stage along with my friends. The hypnotist then left the stage to get himself a drink.

I have never seen an exotic act, but I have heard about them. In Canada the dancers take everything off, unlike in some states where the girls can't flash their nipples. They have to wear a set of covers over their nipples and areolas. In a lot of states the dancers even have to keep their g-string on.

I could hear the music as I started to gyrate my ass. I began with my skirt, and as I lowered it to the floor the guys in the crowd went wild. I was smart though. I kept my legs pressed together, at least for the time being, and only flashed a little bit of pussy when I spun around. Then one by one I unbuttoned my blouse. I turned my back to the crowd and pulled off my top. I could see the eyes bug out from the other guys in the contestants row. Then I spun around so that the entire crowd could see my nipples. I crouched to the floor, spread my knees apart, and the crowd really went wild as my pussy came into their views. My friends were busy taking pictures of me with their phone cameras. My pussy, ass-hole, and tits were on display for more than one hundred guys and at least fifteen or twenty phone cameras and digital cameras when I leaned back.

I was in the midst of lowering my g-string when the hypnotist came back on stage and stopped me. I got it down to my mid thighs. The crowd booed the hypnotist. My best friend came up on stage and whispered something to the hypnotist. At first he said no, but then with a little more persuasion from my friend, he looked at me and then back at her. Then he said, "Ok. I guess it would be all right." He came to me and told me to continue.

I had pulled my g-string back up, but when the music started again I pulled it right off. Then I undid the clasp at the back of my bra. I pulled it off as well. I danced on the stage completely stark naked for about two minutes while the crowd went utterly insane. Bending over with my ass to the crowd, I could see my friends with their cameras taking pictures like they'd never seen a phone camera before.

The hypnotist told me to stop and put my bra and panties back on. He put me back to sleep for a while. The next thing I knew the hypnotist woke me, and he said that I was to become fully awake when the crowd made a lot of noise, but I was to go into a deep trance when the hypnotist snapped his fingers three times. He told me to start dancing again. I only had my bra and g-string on, so I really didn't have much to take off this time. Unbeknownst to me he had told the crowd to keep completely quiet this time. I started to gyrate my ass around the stage and then took down my g-string. I danced with my bare shaven pussy in full view of the one hundred or so guys that were in the nightclub for about three minutes. Then I reached around my back and undid my bra. As it was a strapless bra, it hit the floor in front of me. I was utterly naked in front of all those guys for a second time in the same night, while my friends and others took pictures of me from every angle possible. The hypnotist let me dance for two more minutes before he told the crowd to make some noise for me. They all started to yell and scream.

I immediately came out of my trance, and when I realized where I was and that I was naked, I turned beet red and tried to cover my breasts with my right arm and my pussy with my left hand. To say that I was embarrassed would be an understatement; however, it was kind of a turn-on at the same time. I couldn't believe myself. I was really feeling horny. I actually enjoyed flashing all those guys. I turned around, spread my fingers apart, and lowered my right elbow, so that my nipples and inner pussy lips showed. Then I spun back around so that the crowd could see my pussy lips and both of my hard nipples. I was still red in the face, but I was getting pleasure from exposing myself to a room full of guys.

Forgetting the cameras in the room, I closed my eyes and nonchalantly began to stroke my clitoris with my fingers. I could feel my pussy dripping down my leg, and I thought, 'this isn't going to take long. Not long at all.' Just as I was going to cum the hypnotist snapped his fingers three times, and I fell into a heap on the floor.

When the hypnotist woke me again he was explaining to the crowd that he had never pulled this next gag off with a woman; usually just guys. "Let's see what happens," he said. He told me that I had to pee really badly. However, he told me that when I got into the bathroom, and only when I was in the bathroom, I would discover that I had no cunt, that I had the world's largest cock between my legs. I walked off of the stage, after putting my bra and g-string back on, between all the guys to the washroom. As I passed by all those guys I felt at least thirty hands on my naked breasts and buttocks. I walked into one of the stalls in the washroom and sat on the toilet. It felt very strange, cold and wet, and when I looked down at myself I could see a huge cock dangling in the water where my pussy used to be. "Oh my god," I screamed!!! "Where is it; where's my pussy?" I could hear everyone laughing outside the washroom. I reached down and touched the cock between my legs. It certainly felt strange, but it felt like a real penis and looked real enough, not that I had much experience with cocks before. I had only seen one cock before that and that was on my little brother, and I never touched his penis.

It scared the hell out of me. I went running from the washroom, with my g-string around my right ankle, right into the arms of a stranger. He was an older guy, about forty years old, but he was very good looking. "Whoa cutie," he said. I was in his arms with my legs wrapped around his waist. His hands were under my ass, and with my g-string around my ankle, there was nothing between his hands and my pussy. I could sense the lump in his pants growing and knew that it had to be his cock.

I could feel his fingers as they caressed my clitoris, and his thumb as it rested on the entrance to my ass-hole. I immediately had an orgasm; I had to bite my lower lip so I wouldn't start screaming aloud. I never realized that my ass-hole was such an erogenous zone. My face went red for the second time that night, as I said, "Thank you," to the stranger.

"You are very welcome, but for what?" was all he said, he was grinning like he knew exactly for what.

"For the org..." I was about to say 'for the orgasm' but caught myself before I said it, thank god. My face was red enough as it was. "Never mind."

I made my way back to the stage and just as I walked back on stage the hypnotist snapped his fingers three times again. Down I went. The rest of the hypnotists act with me and without me is insignificant to my story except his last bit with me. He woke me for the last time and said that I was to experience sex with anyone that I wanted. He said that I was to have massive verbal multiple orgasms while doing the sexual act. He told me that the person that I was having sex with was licking my cunt. Those were his exact words, and I really never liked the word cunt before that night, but afterwards I found that I really liked it especially when I am aroused.

My eyes roamed around the room and settled on the forty year old guy, and I licked my lips to let him know that it was him that I was imagining up on stage licking my cunt. Then he was there, with his face in my crotch, his fingers playing with my ass-hole, his tongue alternately licking my cunt deep and settling on my clitoris. I was going to have an orgasm. I could tell that it was going to be an enormous one. "My cunt, My Cunt, MY CUNT is going to cum," I screamed. "OH MY GOD," I was yelling as loud as I could. "MY CUNT IS CUMMINNG!!!" I had about six or seven massive orgasms right in a row, each one twice as intense as the one before it.

I needed to rest for a minute or two after my monumental orgasms, but the hypnotist had other ideas. "He is entering your cunt with his enormous cock now," said the hypnotist. "You can feel it stretching your cunt to its limits." I was on my knees with my ass facing the rest of the contestants, my eyes apparently on the forty-year-old guy; however, that is not how I remember it. The forty-year-old guy was behind me shoving a huge cock into my pussy. It slipped right in past my hymen amazingly without any pain. He pulled out temporarily and shoved back in hard until he was buried up to his testicles. I felt every inch of his cock as it entered my cunt. Honestly I know how ridiculous this sounds, but it felt like his cock was coming out of my mouth. I could feel his fingers on my nipples from one hand and the fingers on the other as they searched for my ass-hole. Soon I felt his finger as it found my ass-hole and made its way inside.

Immediately I began to scream, "OHH MYY GODD!!! I'MMM CUMMINNGG!!! MYY CUNNNT IS CUUMMINNGG!!!

The hypnotist told me that I was not to pass out from the pleasure; just keep having orgasm after orgasm. "This love making is to go on for one half hour at least in your mind," said the hypnotist to me. I must have had at least two thousand orgasms in my imaginary half hour. I was the last person to be awoken by the hypnotist, and when he woke me I was still on my knees in the middle of the stage, still screaming, with my tits hanging out, and my legs spread wide so that anyone walking behind me could see my dripping shaved pussy. He said, "When I snap my fingers once you will become fully awake, you will remember everything that happened to you here tonight, and you will feel the best that you have ever felt. Every time that you have sex you will experience as many orgasms as you experienced here tonight." Snap I heard. All of a sudden I was awake, I mean really awake. I could feel my face turn red again in embarrassment, as I put my skirt and white blouse back on and left the stage.

There was only about three-quarters of an hour left to drink in the bar before it closed for the night, so I had to make up for lost time. My friends were already half drunk by this time, so I went to the bar and ordered six double rum and coke for myself. Behind me was the older guy that had caught me when I was coming out of the washroom, the same guy that had given me a huge orgasm just by touching my clitoris and ass-hole, the same guy that I'd imagined on stage making love to me. He reached around me and paid for my drinks. "Thank you again," I said, my face turning slightly red again.

"You are very welcome," he replied. "Would you like to come and sit with me?" Since I had one of the keys to our hotel room for the night I went with him. We sat in the back corner of the room in a quiet area away from the music, which was now blaring very loudly. We talked for the next hour, and I found that we had a lot in common. He asked me to go out with him on the following Sunday. Of course I said yes. He kissed me outside of our hotel room, and oh my God it was perfect. I will write again to tell you all about loosing my virginity to him.

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