tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKatie's House Party Exposure

Katie's House Party Exposure


It was a terribly hard thing to say goodbye to her boyfriend, especially since this was their first extended separation. Katie had been dating Nick for 5 months now, but as she quickly learned, a relationship in college can bring you incredibly close in a short amount of time. Katie was 19 now and returning home for Christmas break of her sophomore year. After one final kiss, she boarded the plane and off she went. Upon arriving home, Katie was greeted excitedly by her younger sister, Emily.

"Kat, welcome home!" Emily was a year and a half younger than her sister, and at 18 was a senior in high school. The sisters looked very alike, though Katie was always a little jealous of her younger sibling's C-cup breasts. Both were soccer players though, each with athletic legs, gorgeous sandy hair, and a perfectly curved ass that always drew some male attention. These similarities and their closeness in age had created an immensely competitive relationship between the sisters throughout high school. Katie gave Emily a hug as she put her bags down.

"Guess what? Mom's gone for the next three days!" This wasn't a surprise to Katie. Their mother typically took trips with this boyfriend or that one, and happily prioritized her destructive relationships over her own children. "Will and I are throwing a party tomorrow night, you should totally come," the younger sister said. Will was Emily's twin brother, and while Katie wasn't crazy about her little siblings and their friends drinking in their house, she knew she was no better at that age.

"Well, I do live here after all," she replied.

The following night about a dozen people had arrived at the house. Will had three of his high school buddies over, and Emily had a group of seniors, both boys and girls, in attendance. Katie figured she'd at least invite her best friend Haley and Haley's boyfriend Sean over, but decided not to invite the rest of her friends. Partially because she knew it'd be a mostly high school party, but also she knew inviting her group of friends meant Pat might show up. While Pat was an old friend, it was no secret that he had always had a thing for Katie. The two had often flirted, and while Pat made a move here and there Katie never gave in, not wanting to spoil their friendship despite the obvious physical attraction. While she still wanted to remain friends, she knew Nick wouldn't approve much of the two of them drinking together as soon as she got home.

The night began in typical fashion: lots of beer pong, flip cup, and Kings to get the drinks flowing. After a couple of hours everyone seemed to have a good buzz going and, as usual, Emily challenged her big sister to a game of beer pong.

"Let's see if college gave you enough skills to beat your little sis!" While Katie felt she was maturing at college, she still couldn't turn down a challenge from her sister; after all their combativeness over the years it simply got her blood boiling too much.

"You're on." The two set up the game, ten cups on each side, and began tossing. Katie hit the first two cups quickly.

"Don't get cocky," Emily called out before hitting the middle cup. Katie chugged the beer and hit another shot, but she could feel herself getting a bit drunk.

Right on cue, Haley and her boyfriend Sean showed up with tequila shots. Sean handed one to Katie and toasted her - "to Katie returning from college!" She knew she couldn't turn that down, so she took the shot with her old friends. Before she could finish, Emily bounced the ping-pong ball and landed in Katie's cup.

"That's two cups for the bounce, drink up Kat!" Katie complained that she cheated, but Emily knew the rules.

"No excuse for no defense, get drinking! And it's still my shot too," Emily said smugly. Katie sighed, annoyed, and began drinking. She got through one and a half before pausing to finish. Emily took advantage of the hesitation, and fired the ball right into the cup her sister was drinking out of. "Game over!" she yelled out.

"Wait, that's bullshit," Katie replied.

"Rules are rules, if you hit the same cup twice in this house that's the end." Katie began complaining but even her friends were against her.

"Sorry Kat," Haley said, "that's how you've always played here."

"Looks like you've got a lot of beer to drink," said Sean.

"Thanks a lot guys," Katie said and she began picking up one cup after another.

As Katie continued drinking, her sister couldn't help but taunt. "Big college girl comes home and just can't handle the heat, beaten by her little sis! Guess they're not teaching you anything over there." The more Katie drank, the more Emily got under her nerves. "Drink up sis, at least now we know who's best."

"You know you cheated, you can't beat me in a fair matchup."

"Oh is that so? Because we just played by the rules and I won, so I guess that's that."

"Fine, let's rematch then."

"No, I think I'm good, I wouldn't want to make you keep drinking so much when you lose again."

As everyone listened to the sisters taunt each other, Katie began to get really fed up. "So you're scared to play me again? Typical you, same little brat you always were." Katie wasn't trying to be mean, but the alcohol was getting her fired up. Of course, Emily did not like being insulted in front of all her friends. She wanted revenge.

"Fine, I'll play you again, but we need to raise the stakes."

"What, you want my money?"

"No, I want your pride big sis. If you want to play me again, it's strip beer pong." The room went quiet. Everyone's attention turned to the girls at the table. Katie was taken aback. She knew their fights often escalated too far, but this was a new level. She was a very conservative girl, and her free spirited sister was trying to take advantage of it.

"No way." Katie was not about to risk getting naked in front of a dozen people from her home town. She'd only ever been truly naked in front of Nick, and that was after four months of dating. She didn't even like being naked with her girlfriends. Hell, she didn't like being naked alone!

"Figures, guess you know you're gonna lose. Thanks for admitting your little sister is better than you." Emily started to walk away, proud at how she trapped her always-so-perfect big sister into defeat. The guys looked disappointed, especially Will's friends. Will, on the other hand, was quite relieved to see the situation diffuse. Katie stood there in fury, and all the beer and tequila continued moving through her, getting her even more heated. She knew she couldn't be naked in front of all these people, but she was also completely confident she'd win in a fair matchup. She took a deep breath, grabbed another tequila shot from Nick and took it down. Haley grabbed her arm to stop her but Katie pulled away.

"Fine. You really want to get naked in front of all your high school buddies, I'll let you. But no bouncing, no cheap shots, no BS."

Emily turned around. Her initial surprise turned transitioned into a smirk. "You got a deal."

The boys all cheered, the girls too but a little less enthusiastically. Will tried to get his friends' collective attention - "come on guys, let's get out of here," he said.

"Are you kidding?" they replied. "Your sisters are so hot dude."

Another one added, "I can't believe we're about to see one of them naked!" Will sighed uncomfortably as the girls set up for the matchup.

Haley approached Katie, "you know you really don't need to do this. She's just being a child and wants to embarrass you."

"I know that, but I'm going to teach her a lesson," Katie replied.

"What about Nick?" Haley asked.

"Haley, I'm going to win, so it doesn't matter."

Sean nominated himself as the official for the match and no one argued. He explained that there's 10 cups, so each girl gets 10 articles of clothing. Katie had two grey boots, two long socks, her jeans, belt, green halter top, sweater, bra and panties. Emily was wearing just two shoes, two socks, a skirt, a sexy black blouse, bra and panties. She put on a sweater and then grabbed a blue headband to balance out. The audience hovered close around the table, surrounding the girls and elbowing for best position of the show.

"Let the games begin!" Sean called out. He handed one ball to each girl to shoot to see who goes first. Katie won, and was handled both balls. Each girl gets to shoot twice at a time, if both balls go in they get to keep shooting.

Katie's first shot rimmed out, but her second went right into a cup in front. Emily began to seductively take off the headband, and then shot it into the crowd and got a cheer. She had always been the more open, free one in the family. She was also in her own environment, mostly surrounded by her friends, and Katie realized this gave her a more relaxed advantage, but she wasn't going to let that stop her. Emily's first shot landed right in the middle, and her second shot hit a cup in the back row. Katie tossed the balls back, drank the beer, and began unlacing her boots.

"Getting nervous?" Emily asked.

"Not remotely," Katie replied as she finished taking off the second boot.

Emily continued shooting, hitting the front cup and barely missing with her second shot. Katie took off a sock and put it nearby as people cheered. She was indeed getting a little nervous, but the last three cups of beer certainly helped ease her concerns. She knew she needed to focus, and she took a deep breath as she prepared to shoot. Both shots landed right in the cups and Katie cheered. She got a high five from Haley, and most of the guys just high-fived each other as they cheered for both girls to lose as many clothes as possible.

Emily took off her sweater first to some cheers. She knelt down to take off a shoe but got a disappointed reaction from the guys. She smiled, and instead put her hands up her skirt. She grabbed her panties and slid them down, past her knees and then down to her ankles. The boys all went crazy. Emily lifted one foot at a time, taking off the lacey black panties. She put them on her finger and shot them into the crowd. One of Will's friends, Tom, caught them in the air and cheered. Will stayed sitting in the back, trying not to watch the event in front of him and hoping his friends would suddenly have a change of heart about leaving.

Katie took the ping pong balls back to keep shooting as Emily smiled and celebrated with her audience. She seemed to have no fear, and that upset Katie even more. Emily was more comfortable with her body in general, so the idea of being naked at the party was probably far less terrifying for her. That, or she was just trying to scare Katie with her confidence. In the end, Katie realized, losing the panties early didn't make much of a difference, and actually allowed her to show less skin for a longer amount of time. Clever move, she thought.

Katie fired two more shots and both of them went in again. This time Emily did take both of her shoes off, ignoring the emphatic cheers for her to do otherwise. Despite her best attempts to hide it, Katie could tell that Emily was starting to get a little worried. She shot again and hit, but the next ball just barely missed. Emily exhaled in relief, but then jumped back into character. She reached under her blouse and unhooked her bra. She seductively slipped it off her arms and tossed it back to the crowd. It was black and sexy, and without it her hard nipples on her full breasts became very visible through the blouse. The bra went into the crowd and was caught by Sean, but Haley gave him a glare and he tossed it back to the side.

Now it was Emily's turn to shoot again. Her first shot missed to the disappointment of the crowd, but the second one hit. Katie shyly took off one of her socks and set it down next to her. She figured she'd keep all the clothes as close as possible, meaning even if she revealed a little skin she could cover up quickly. Katie got the balls back and this time hit one of two. Emily had fun stripping off her sock before getting ready to shoot again. Her first shot went in, and Katie got back to drinking, looking even more worried than before.

"Another sock then Miss Prude?" Emily taunted. Katie thought about taking something else off, but realized that was just the alcohol influencing her judgment. Instead she ignored the taunt and removed the second sock.

Emily's second shot bounced off one cup but landed in another. Katie was frustrated, but there was nothing she could do. She modestly undid her belt, slipped it off, and dropped it to the floor before consuming the beer. Now she was really starting to feel the alcohol, and she could feel herself starting to lose control. She had to start winning quick or this would not end well.

Emily's next shot missed, but the following landed right in. The spectators let out a loud cheer as Katie would finally have to remove something revealing. She, of course, chose her sweater. She pulled it over her head, but in doing so (with some drunken clumsiness) her halter-top lifted up as well, showing her bare stomach and glimpses of her bra. The crowd cheered even more. As Katie hurried to fix her shirt, she looked around and realized the crowd had grown, now to about 20 or so people. Clearly word had spread around the neighborhood about the festivities. She thought about locking the front door to prevent more influx, but before she knew it she was taking her turn.

The shot was a good one, and she followed it with another into an adjacent cup. Emily quickly disregarded her socks, and her anxiousness was becoming more and more apparent. She was down to just her skirt and blouse now and the crowd knew it, eagerly watching for what they'd all been waiting for, staring lustfully at her hard nipples poking through the thin fabric. Katie at this point was down to her jeans and her halter-top, but she felt very confident knowing she still had her bra and panties on underneath. Still, she was quite aware that she was sporting a black thong and a revealing bra, so she wanted to put this away as quickly as possible to avoid any unwanted humiliation.

The crowd began to chant: "Get - her - naked! Get - her - naked!" Katie had Emily "re-rack" the two cups into a straight line. She took her first shot - it hit the front rim of the first cup, but bounced off and landed right into the beer with a splash. "Take - it - off! Take - it - off!" everyone chanted. Emily looked distraught. She chugged the beer and then hesitated. She looked to her sister pleadingly.

"Hey, it was your idea Em. Take it off!" Emily grabbed her blouse and lifted it up, first over her flat stomach, hard from all the crunches at soccer practice. The crowd was eager. Most of her friends had always dreamed of seeing her naked, getting nothing more than bikinis in the summertime. The younger audience, Will's friends, couldn't believe what they were seeing. Emily was one of the hottest girls in the school, and here she was, revealing her breasts in front of them and a select few others. They remained quiet, hoping no one would think to kick them out. Will stayed in the back, drinking alone and waiting for this to be over.

The blouse reached the bottom of her breasts. Emily took a second, and then pulled it off. Her beautiful C-cup breasts popped into view, and everyone cheered ecstatically. Emily put her hands over her breasts, covering her hard nipples.

"Alright, take your shot," she said. Katie wound up, ready to end this fiasco. She took the shot. It hit the back rim, then the front rim, and then bounced out onto the table. Emily couldn't have been more relieved, though she was still in trouble, standing there in just her short white skirt with nothing beneath it. The crowd wasn't too disappointed - after all, they've already got one topless, they were eagerly hoping to see at least both girls in that state. The balls came back to Emily, but she kept her hands covering herself.

"You're gonna have to move those hands to take your shot," Katie called out from across the table. Emily adjusted so one arm covered her breasts, but in the process both nipples came into view. She tried to steady herself to shoot, then stopped and had Katie re-rack her cups into a diamond. Her first shot missed wildly as she struggled shooting with one arm across her chest. She realized what she had to do, so she dropped her arm down and focused on the cups. As she did so, the crowd again went crazy. Cameras began flashing and cell phones were all around them. Emily didn't protest, she knew she needed to focus. She took the shot, and this one went in. She put her hands up to celebrate, but quickly remembered her state of dress and went back to covering herself.

Katie was disappointed, but she knew she was still in control. She drank the beer, and then grabbed her halter top. She didn't waste any time teasing, quickly lifting it up and placing it on the floor next to her. Her black bra showed a little cleavage of her small but perky B sized breasts. In the state of drunkenness she was in, she really didn't mind the pictures and attention all too much. In fact, she slightly enjoyed the fact that so many people were enjoying what they were seeing. She shook that feeling off quick though, knowing they'd be enjoying it too much if she didn't end this soon. She knew one more made shot from Emily meant either her thong on display or her bare breasts, and she was not ready for either.

Katie focused and took her next shot, a miss to the left. She followed with a shot that hit the front of the last cup, just barely missing. Emily had another chance, and Katie again became nervous. Emily let her breasts go as she took the ping pong balls. She fired both back to back to keep herself exposed as little as possible. The first one missed, but the second went in. Emily celebrated with the crowd. Katie couldn't believe it. It was her breasts or her ass and she knew it.

"Em, we can stop this now if you want," Katie said, trying to sound generous but coming off as clearly anxious.

"Are you kidding? I'm about to beat you," Emily replied.

"Em, I have a boyfriend..."

"Well you should've thought about that before agreeing to try and get me naked." She was right, and Katie knew it. She looked to Haley for help, but her best friend could only offer a pitying shrug.

Katie unbuttoned the jeans and lowered the zipper. Immediately the flashes from cameras began to go off. She looked around sheepishly, then pushed the jeans down. They went down to her knees, revealing her athletic soccer player thighs. Immediately people flocked behind her, getting the best view of her now revealed butt.

"She's wearing a thong!" one boy called out.

"Check out that ass!" another yelled.

"Damn, college girls are so hot" one of the younger spectators said. Katie was trying to remove the jeans without bending over, but they were stuck at her ankles. She knelt toward the ground and slid the jeans over her feet, giving her audience a great view in the process. She took them off and placed them next to her. Everyone continued cheering as Katie tried to cover herself, knowing there wasn't much she could do. Then someone noticed what she hadn't.

"Check it out, she's all wet!"

"Hah, she's loving it!" Katie couldn't believe it, she was mortified. But she realized they were right, she was wet, very wet. Wetter than she had ever been with Nick. She didn't know what it was, but as humiliated as she was in the situation she was still aroused at everyone watching her in a way she'd never been seen before. She thought about Nick, and knew he wouldn't be ok with any of this. How could she stop it though? Before she had time to think. Haley brought her over another shot.

"I think you could use this." She took it down, and Haley was right, she needed it. It helped ease her a bit. After all, it was just her underwear. Other than it being a thong, it wasn't much worse than a bathing suit. She heard Sean say something to Haley about letting Pat know what's going on. Pat...the last person her boyfriend would ever want to see her like this. Of course Sean would tell him, they were best friends and Sean knows how much Pat lusts after Katie. She turned to stop him, but before she could someone handed her the ping pong balls. It was her turn to finish it.

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