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120 Seconds


It all started with a digital camera we purchased last year; I had just read the manual after almost a year of just taking pictures. To my surprise I discovered that I could take a small clip video movie, about 120 seconds instead of Still pictures if I choose to do so. It didn't take long before I started thinking about my wife, the camera and what I'd love to see her do. Our weekends are precious, since our daughter moved away to college it's like dating all over again. The digital camera has added much to our sex lives. My wife has posed several times for me; she knows it really turns me on to see her in a tight fitting dress sitting on the edge of the bed with her skirt slightly elevated or some other sexy pose. The pictures we've taken are relative mild, they are the types you'd see on older style calendars, flirty but not so revealing you couldn't hang them in a public place.

But little did I know this weekend was going to be different. My wife is a very beautiful blond; she has a beautiful face and gorgeous legs and a nice rack. She has a figure with curves in all the right places and she dresses with a sexy flair and shows a little cleavage when we go places. Our daughter once told her in confidence the boys at her school refer to her as a Milf. She was told that meant she's known as "a Mom they'd like to fuck". I like the fact she turns guys on, both young and old. She is beautiful, a shapely blond with a teasing sensuous sultry look about her. She turns heads every where we go and I like the way she dresses.

. She knows I like to be teased, I love for her to show off her shapely legs with a teaser short skirt or short shorts. Sometimes she wears a summer dress for our road trips and it drives me crazy looking at her smooth curvy legs while she sits in the passenger seat next to me, legs slightly open inviting me to touch her inner thighs. She knows how to tease me and she really gets me so hot at times. I want to pull of the road and spread her gorgeous legs and fuck her standing up against the side of our vehicle along side the road. Or do her doggy style with the door open as she bends over and rest her head on the passenger seat. More than once she has used the vibrator on herself while I'm driving. I rub her pussy while she spreads her legs for me. When I feel her clit getting hard she uses the vibrator to finish herself off. It doesn't take long for her to start moaning with pleasure and climax uncontrollably. She knows I must wait until we reach our destination before I can take my pleasures. That's the ultimate tease.

We were talking one summer evening about toys and lovemaking; the conversation started after we were getting to know each other's likes and dislikes. She told me how her X husband was inconsiderate in his love making and left her unsatisfied and how after experimenting with a foot massager she discovered she could climax rather quickly and easy. We talked a bit more and I asker her to show me how she used it. We were on the patio that evening, she was wearing short summer dress, it was a warn Arizona night. I was sitting on a patio chair facing her, each with a drink in our hands. She brought out her vibrator she called the lawnmower because it rattled and made so much noise. It looked like an older version of the Hitachi magic wand.

I was already hot with anticipation so I stroked my cock for her as she slid her panties off and pulled her dress up, she spread her gorgeous legs and placed the vibrator on her pussy. She slid a little lower into the edge of the chair and spread her legs. The natural curve of her shape arched on the edge of the chair made her pussy mound so inviting. She placed the vibrator right on her pussy all the time retaining eye contact. It was a very erotic moment, she was enjoying the vibrator with her beautiful legs spread apart and soon she started rubbing her breast with one hand and holding the vibrator to her pussy moving it ever so slightly. She was right, I didn't take very long, I watched her tense up and arch her back as she moaned the familiar deep long sigh as the first wave of a strong climax took over her body. She was wet and hot and I wanted to fuck her really bad, we immediately went into the house and made love on the living room rug, I was hard as a rock and I slid my shaft into her mound while she was moaning with pleasure. I came almost immediately as she climaxed again for the second time.

This Sat after a long road trip, we were relaxing for the evening and after a while she said, "where's the camera?" I smiled knowing what she had in mind; she wanted to please me and was wearing my favorite white French lace panties I bought her from Victoria secrets along with a push up bra underneath her revealing short silk robe. I returned with camera as she undid the robe and sat on the edge of the chair. Her perfectly curved legs stretched out in front of her as she lay back slightly in the edge of the chair, Her mound formed a natural rise between her legs inviting me to enter her. It was the most erotic image I've every seen. My beautiful wife arched over the edge of the chair, her legs lightly touching the floor and legs slightly spread. It was all I could do to maintain my composure. I wanted to slide her panties off and thrust my tongue into her warm outer pussy lips. I wanted my tongue inside her and to suck her clit until I could feel it harden. Then I would flick my tongue rapidly from side to side with an occasional tongue thrust deeper inside making her wet with desire.

The cleavage of her breast and her beautiful face took my breath away once again as I fumbled with the camera to get this erotic shot. Usually she keeps her legs close together for the camera but on previous occasions every once in a while she'd give me little glimpse of her trimmed bush through her panties. This pose on the chair was the hottest one yet, and I knew we'd probably erase the pictures soon after because she wouldn't like the way she looked for one reason or other, but never mind, I was living a fantasy. I had a beautiful wife posing for me, turning me on, and erasing the pictures was a small concession to make. Once in a while she would agree to let me keep one or two, but nothing that ever shows too much. "Did you bring the vibrator? She asked, "No I replied" I knew she has her limits as to how much she was going to show for the camera, so bringing the vibrator and the camera was far from my thoughts. "Well I did", she said and she opened up her robe a little more and held the vibrator shaft in front of her pussy. It was the type of vibrator that vibrates the Clit if you insert it deep enough, The shaft rotates also and the clit is stimulated when the shaft is inserted all the way.

Slowly she inserted the vibrator about and inch or so a few times and said, "would you like this picture?" I was hard as a rock; my wife was giving me a fantasy pic I could treasure forever. I watched in a trance as she used the vibrator gently at first knowing I was getting really turned on, the heat rising in my loins with every insertion. She was getting pretty turned on herself as she thrust the vibrator deeper and deeper and paused to hold the clit stimulator right on her spot. Soon I noticed her biting her lower lip and touching her breast as she held tight to the vibrator as it teased her pussy. Biting her lower lip is usually what happens just before she starts to climax. I waited until I knew she was over the edge and couldn't stop, when she started her moan uncontrollably I had already turned on the movie feature on and caught her climaxing in full erotic bliss. I had her entire orgasmic climax on digital film.

About 120 seconds I could play over an over aging to my hearts content whenever I wanted to on my computer I put the camera down as she turned to face me and spread her legs. I entered here with heated passion, she moaned again and I thrust my cock deeper and deeper. I couldn't hold of much longer, I slowed down to extend the pleasure of the moment as I thrust my cock into her mound while kissing her neck as I wrapped her in my tightly in my arms. I came just as she arched her back one more time and pushed up to meet me, draining me entirely as her pussy squeezed the last bit of love juice from my hard cock. We fell into a deep sleep and after I woke up I checked the camera, there was nothing there! Nothing at all I must have pushed the wrong buttons and missed the entire moment. She smiled and said "Well lover, we'll haft to do again next weekend.

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