tagNovels and Novellas14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 05

14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 05


Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 'parts' that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read in succession.


PART V (day 8)

Upon our return to the cabin, I grabbed a quick shower to wash the sex and trail grime off of my body. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I exited the bathroom and walked the ten or so feet to my room. Once inside I gave the door a little kick, closing it, and then finished drying with the towel from around my waist. After I was through toweling off, I dropped onto my bed, face down and still nude. My intention was to just lay there and relax for a few minutes, then get dressed and head downstairs for a pre-dinner brew. I remember going over the happenings of the day in my mind and then thinking about how tired I was from those events. The hike combined with the sex had taken more of a toll on me than I had at first thought.

The next thing I knew was the feel of firm, graceful hands moving over my naked body. Once I was awake enough to realize what was going on, my eyes snapped open to find Cheryl kneeling beside the bed. "Nice butt," she snickered.

"What's going on?" I sleepily questioned.

She explained that it was almost supper time and she had come to fetch me. "I knocked on your door and when I got no response, I peeked in to see if you were sleeping," she said. "When I saw you laying there naked, I just couldn't resist having a little fun," she confessed, still running her hand over my ass cheeks and lower back.

"Well, you're the best alarm clock I've had for a while..." I said, "Do you run on batteries or do you need to be wound up?" I joked.

"Oh you definitely have to wind me up!" she said laughingly.

I closed my eyes again and smiled, thinking about the fun of 'winding her up'. At just that moment, I heard a swoosh of air and felt her hand smack down, fairly hard, on my butt. It smarted a bit and I jerked around, rolling my ass away from her. I snapped, "Hey! What in the hell was that for?"

"I told you to be gentle with my little girl," she said, very matter-of-factly. "I saw the bite marks," she added.

"That wasn't my idea," I stammered in my own defense. "She asked me... No, she nearly begged me to do it," I continued, a twinge of panic running through the pit of my stomach.

"Yeah, I know," she chuckled, bringing me a quiet sigh of relief. "When she gets really excited, especially with someone she really likes, she does that," Cheryl explained.

"She's hard to deny," I offered, with the woman nodding in agreement.

She reached out to find my soft cock, which was now facing her, and said, "Speaking of 'hard'..."

Her fingers encircled my tool and she began to softly pull on me. Instantly, the blood begin to fill my shaft and I started to swell in her hand. "How about you meet me tonight at around ten o'clock down on the dock?" she questioned.

"How about you get naked and we skip supper?" I replied hopefully, my dick getting harder by the second.

She leaned forward and took the head of my cock into her mouth, licking and sucking gently for a moment. Then she abruptly pulled away and stood up, saying, "No, I'm hungry... For real food." She grabbed a pair of cargo shorts from my open suitcase and tossed them to me. "Get up... Oh sorry, guess you already are," she laughed. "Let me rephrase that...Get dressed and let's go eat supper," she smirked, adding, "Just meet me tonight."

The rest of the evening seemed to drag by, of course. I couldn't focus on anything that was going on around me, with my mind wandering to thoughts of what might await me later. Finally, I looked at my watch and it read 9:45; 'Almost time' I thought. But I was right in the middle of a game of pool with Dave and couldn't just walk out without raising suspicions. So, I had to finish the game.

With neither of us being exactly skilled, it took us another twenty minutes to finish the game. It was now 10:05 and I made a quick excuse that I had to take a piss so that I could get the hell out of there. To keep up appearances, I went straight to the half bath that was just off the kitchen and emptied my bladder. Then I snuck out and down the steps to the lake path.

As I worked my way along the path I wondered if I was too late. My hope was that Cheryl's "ten o'clock" was a general term and not a concrete deadline. It was a bit darker out that night than it had been the night that Kelly had first approached me, but the moon was still fairly bright. I had no trouble seeing my immediate surroundings, yet it was difficult to make things out that were more than ten or fifteen feet from me.

As I neared the dock, I could see a bulky figure toward the end and I was pleased to see that Cheryl was still there. Walking further down the dock it looked as though she were laying on her side, facing the water. But when I got close enough to really see the figure, what I saw were two bodies, not just one, nude and locked in a passionate 69.

It was obvious that the women were Cheryl and Kelly because both heads were plumed with dark hair. I quickly stripped and, tossing my shirt on the wooden surface, sat down next to the women.

Cheryl, who was on the bottom, lowered her face from Kelly's snatch and welcomed me by saying, "Since you weren't here on time, we decided to start without you."

"I can see that," I replied, my cock beginning to stir.

Without another word Cheryl resumed her prior activity, lapping away at Kelly's cunt. I turned onto my side and reclined, propping myself on one elbow. As I watched the two girls hungrily eat each other, I started to slowly, almost unconsciously, stroke my penis. Within a couple of minutes, I was hard as a rock and starting to grow a bit restless. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching chicks go down on each other as much as anyone, but I wanted in on the action.

Getting to my knees, I moved around until I was behind Kelly, straddling Cheryl's head. She must have sensed my presence because she lowered her head and looked up at me. I fed the head of my dick into her willing mouth and she sucked on me for a few moments. Releasing me from her mouth, she reached up with her hand and guided me toward Kelly's steamy box. I wiggled forward and slowly entered the folds of her vagina, pushing into her steadily until I was about 2/3 of the way buried in her. I put my hands on her hips for stability and began slowly gliding in and out of her at a steady pace.

Meanwhile, Cheryl had resumed her licking and sucking action, working on not only Kelly, but the underside of my cock and balls as well. The sensation was wonderful and I could have stayed that way a whole lot longer than I was allowed. I rocked in and out of Kelly for about five minutes and then she pulled away from me, slipping off my shaft and standing up.

My pecker bobbed up and down above Cheryl's face a few times before she again took me into her mouth. She sucked and slurped the coating of pussy juice from me and then she too pulled away and got to her feet. Taking Kelly's hand, the pair took a couple of running steps and jumped into the lake, splashing and laughing, leaving me on my knees with my hard-on poking into nothing but air. I scrambled to my feet and followed the females into the warm, dark water where we played and groped one another for the next half hour or so.

At one point I was finger fucking both girls simultaneously while they played with each others breasts and Kelly said, "I've got an idea...."

She went on to playfully challenge Cheryl to a contest where they would take turns going below the surface, to blow me under water. Whichever of them could fellate me the longest would be the winner. I had never been sucked on under water before, and this new feeling was incredible. They alternated back and forth several times and I couldn't tell who was down there longer. My mind was too focused on the pleasure of the situation to worry about counting the time. Ultimately, I declared them both winners and they seemed satisfied, for the moment anyway.

Soon we were back on the dock and I was ready to stick my dick back into one of the women. I had already been inside of Kelly that evening, so I decided to go for Cheryl first. She was laying on her back catching her breath from the contest and I took advantage of her prone position. I stepped between her feet and knelt down, swiftly inserting my rod into her wet and waiting pussy. Kelly moved to a squatting position just beyond Cheryl's head and then leaned forward on her knees. She started pinching and pulling at Cheryl's nipples, stretching upward on her heavy breasts. I was getting into a fairly strong rhythm, plunging completely into her hole and then withdrawing until just the very tip remained inside. Her body was moving to and fro under my pounding and pretty soon Kelly availed herself of this movement by drawing her furry cunt onto Cheryl's face.

As she crouched above Cheryl's working tongue, Kelly resumed fondling and teasing the older woman's breasts. This only went on for two or three minutes until Kelly extracted her bush from Cheryl's face. She then spun around and straddled the naked body below us, on all fours. Looking back over her shoulder, she beckoned, "Fuck me too." as she pushed her ass toward me.

I pulled free from the depths of Cheryl's slit and placed my cock-head at the glistening entrance of Kelly's. I pushed forward and at the same time she pushed back, driving my erection deep into her. I once more began long, hard strokes in and out, although I couldn't go quite as deep as I had in Cheryl. The awkwardness of having both women before me prevented my having full movement and restricted the amount of penetration I was able to provide.

I alternated back and forth between the two women for the next several minutes, Kelly fingering whoever I wasn't fucking at the time. Cheryl was working over Kelly's tits with her hands and before long we were nothing more than a sweaty pile of grunting, groaning, lusty flesh. Finally, as I was pumping away at Kelly, her hand went to her own clit and she began frigging herself rapidly. I could tell that she was nearly home and pounded her that much harder.

Sure enough, within moments, her hips began to buck and she buried her head on Cheryl's chest with a loud "Unnghh...Uhnnghh....MMMmmm." Immediately upon the cessation of her bucking, I withdrew from her still spasming box and drove my meat back into Cheryl, knowing that I was closing in on my own orgasm.

As I continued assaulting Cheryl, Kelly rolled off and stretched out beside her, with her head hovering over the jiggling tits of the older woman. She began sucking and biting at the nipples and slipped a hand into my partner's crotch to join my slamming dick. I could feel her fingers working on Cheryl's clit and then they separated and slipped lower, a finger on each side of my cock. She pressed down on Cheryl's vagina, increasing the pressure around my pistoning tool. This drew me ever nearer to release and it must've had the same effect on Cheryl. Just as I was moaning out my announcement that I was cumming, Cheryl squeezed down on my dick and arched her back, letting out a deep, throaty groan of her own.

My jism started to surge into Cheryl's clenching pussy, but my weakened legs and a rocky stance caused me to lose my balance before I was finished unloading. As my position faltered, my manhood began slipping from her, and the last of my spunk was deposited just within the confines of her labia. I couldn't regain my stability and ended up needing to move away from the woman for fear of falling right on top of her. I finally came to rest on my haunches a few feet from my original position.

As I looked at Cheryl I could see that the concluding moments of her climax had squeezed some of my cum out and it was dribbling down her slit. I watched in amazement as Kelly quickly moved between Cheryl's legs and started lapping up my man-juice. She ate Cheryl for several minutes, encouraging her to push more of my spunk out. It was, maybe, the most erotic sight I have ever witnessed.

Afterward we all three jumped in the lake again, to cool off and clean up before we went back to the cabin. We splashed and teased each other for a few minutes and then climbed back onto the dock, but to our chagrin none of us had thought of bringing a towel. So, without being able to dry ourselves, and not wanting to wrestle clothes over our wet skin we decided 'the hell with it' and began to walk toward the cabin totally nude.

"Everyone here, except Mark, has seen me naked anyway," Kelly rationalized.

"So he's the only one left?" I questioned, remembering her pledge to do everyone before we departed.

"Yep," she responded with a smile.

It was the same for me, and Cheryl confided that Tom was the only person that she had not been with in the buff. As we continued up the path, Kelly quietly questioned Cheryl on her experience with Mark. I couldn't really hear their conversation, except for bits and pieces. I did make out Cheryl saying, "He's hung but not very graceful..." leading me to believe what he'd told me about not being with a whole lot of women.

Upon reaching the cabin, we strode up the steps and went inside, stark naked, not really expecting to see anyone at this late hour. As we entered, the lights were all still on, which was a bit unusual. We normally left a light on in the hallway in case someone needed to make a midnight fridge run, but that was all. We were trying to be quiet, not to avoid being seen, rather just being polite. As we started to pass the large doorway to the activity room, we all froze in our tracks, astounded at what we saw.

On the sofa was Tiffany, her back to us and unaware that we were there, impaling herself on Mark's huge black cock. We silently watched while she rode up and down on his massive shaft. Cheryl was right; He was definitely hung. So hung, in fact, that his monster meat was lewdly stretching her young pussy. His hands were holding firmly to her tiny waist and it was obvious that he wasn't aware of our presence either. Both of them were making various "oohing" and "aahhhing" sounds that were barely audible to us.

I went into the kitchen, got three beers out of the refrigerator and quietly twisted the caps off. I returned to the hallway and handed each of the women one of the brews and we stood there for a brief period, drinking beer and watching the show. Pretty soon, Tiffany's hands went to her chest and I knew she was teasing her own, probably still tender breasts. It was only a few moments later that she began lurching in orgasmic bliss. This was rapidly followed by Mark's voice saying, "Here I come baby," and then with a grunt he began to spew his load into the teen's depths. She continued to bounce on his pulsating member and his cum became clearly evident to us as it escaped her hot little box and contrasted on his ebony dick.

When they finally came to a rest, Cheryl lauded, "Nice show darling." Tiffany's head snapped around to see the three of us, still naked of course, standing there in the doorway. I glanced at Mark and the look on his face was priceless. It was a mixture of panic and confusion. I found out later from him that his first thought was that Cheryl was pissed and had brought reinforcements. Then he realized that we were naked and he couldn't quite figure that out. But I have to give the guy a break; There's no way his brain could have been functioning correctly with all of the blood that it must take to fill up that huge stick he carries around.

We moved into the room and the girls plopped down, on either side of Mark, on the couch. They began running their hands over his muscular chest and Cheryl asked, "How was my little girl?"

Mark shyly replied, "HOT!" and we all laughed out loud. All of us except for Tiffany, that is. She let out that schoolgirl giggle, still mounted atop Mark's softening, but nonetheless formidable, tool. Kelly put her head on Mark's shoulder and handed him her half full bottle of beer. He quickly downed it and reached over to set the bottle on a nearby table.

Tiffany asked, "How long have you guys been watching?"

I retorted, "Long enough to know that you've been a baaadd girl," which brought ready agreement from Cheryl and Kelly.

As she extracted herself from Mark's pole, the blonde snipped, "Well, it looks to me like you three have been baaadd too." Again, we all laughed at the situation, and her remark. It had been an interesting day.

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