14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 07


As she did, Tom got on his back on the floor and said, "Here ya' go honey. Have a seat," as he held his rod in hand, indicating he wanted to screw her. With a bit of repositioning, she was soon mounted on top of him and had resumed orally servicing Paul, who was straddling Tom's upper torso.

This left Dave out in the cold, but only briefly as Cheryl ceased sucking Paul's cock long enough to turn to him, pat her ass, and say, "Dive in." In a matter of about thirty seconds or so, she had three dicks prodding her various openings.

By the time this had all unfolded, Mark was ready to blow his load, and did so with one last slam into Tiffany. His thrust lifted her backside up and shoved her forward, forcing my cock deep into her throat. She gagged and shook her head free of my prick as the black man held her hips while he pumped his cum into her. When he was through, he simply uncoupled from the teen, letting her knees fall to the floor again, and then stumbled back to the chair where he had originally been lounging.

Tiffany looked up at me and meekly said, "Sorry about that," in reference to her gag reflex.

I tenderly said, "No need to apologize," leaning forward to kiss her sweet lips.

Tiffany pulled herself up and crawled into my lap, sliding her pussy down on my hard-on. My hands immediately went to her tits, knowing that she was a lot more likely to get off if I worked on them a bit. I could feel Mark's sperm inside her, and squishing out of her as she rode up and down my pole. Once again I had 'sloppy seconds' but I didn't really mind. In all actuality, I was more concerned about getting her off. I guess it probably had something to do with the fact that I had already blown one load and knew that I was going to blow another. Whatever the case, I centered my attention on her nipples and started teasing them. I could see the reaction in her face almost instantly, and I knew that I was headed in the right direction.

I took a quick glance at the other group and saw that Paul's pecker was back at full attention as it slid in and out of Cheryl's mouth. Dave and Tom were sawing away at her lower regions while her big boobs bounced and jiggled. They were all moaning and groaning in their own little world, so I returned to mine. Tiffany was grinding her pussy on my rigid staff while I pulled and twisted her nipples. She wasn't working at a furious pace; more what I would consider a determined one. Her eyes were closed, head tossed back and she looked like a naked angel to me, with her blonde mop cascading around her shoulders.

I released her nipples from my grip, leaned my head forward and started gently biting her breasts, teasingly avoiding the nipples. She whimpered under my ministrations and her breathing accentuated her eroticism. My teeth tugged at her flesh with increasing force and I was soon causing her to gasp audibly each time they clamped down.

"That's right lover boy; you know what I like," she hissed as I finally gave in and started to chew her nipples as well. I still wasn't gnawing her as ferociously as I had that day on the mountain trail, but I was accomplishing my plan to make her cum. Judging from the various other trysts that we had been involved in, I could tell that she was getting ever so close to her pinnacle.

I suddenly felt a strange sensation between my legs and looked down to, surprisingly, see Kelly on the floor with her head nuzzled into our combined crotch area. She was licking my cum and pussy-juice covered balls and attempting to get at Tiffany's filled pussy. Tiffany became aware of the woman's presence and lifted off of me to give her access. Kelly devoured my slippery shaft in one smooth motion, sucking in almost all of my length. She nursed my cock for mere moments before releasing me, only to push her tongue into Tiffany's hot gash. The youngster must've been unsatisfied by the penetration Kelly was getting because she stood straight up in the couch, turned 180 degrees and squatted back into position above my manhood. This gave Kelly a much better angle and she dove back into the blonde's hairless snatch.

After a few more moments, Tiffany slowly lowered her body, sliding back onto my waiting rod. Kelly continued to suck my balls and lick up and down my shaft in time with Tiffany's humping of me. Every so often, Tiffany would pause, with me buried in her box, to allow Kelly to tease her clit with an outstretched tongue. I reached my hands around the teen to find her tits once more, which I started to maul and harass. As she bounced on my lap faster and faster, I increased the wickedness of my treatment to Tiffany's breasts. Within a couple of minutes she hammered down on me and began to convulse in orgasmic delirium.

As her hips wriggled above me, her cunt muscles squeezing my dick, I suddenly felt the urge hit me that I too was about to cum. But before I could reach release, Tiffany pulled off of my straining boner. She eased backward and lowered herself into a sitting position on my lower abdomen. Her hands found mine, still on her chest, and together we continued to knead her heaving breasts. I wasn't being nearly as rough, and I think that is precisely what the girl was looking for. She was still basking in the afterglow of her climax and, from my experience, it makes no difference how hot the sex has been, most women want that 'cuddle time' afterward. Her head leaned back onto my shoulder and, although the position was a little awkward, we locked into a passionate kiss.

Kelly wasted no time engulfing my dick, to my relief, when it sprang free of the younger woman's vagina. She worked her skilled tongue over the swollen head and sucked me deep into her throat. I grew nearer and nearer to orgasm with each movement of her head in my groin, and within just moments, I tensed and began to spew my load into her willing mouth. After the initial jets spurted from me, I could feel her pull back, letting my prick escape her lips. I was still cumming, though, and could feel the jism edging out of my cock and sliding down the shaft. She didn't let it go to waste and engulfed me once more, sucking all of the cream from my manhood.

Tiffany and I broke the kiss and watched as her mother completed servicing the men that were fucking her, Kelly continuing to lick at us both. I didn't know if Cheryl had gotten off or not, but it was evident that Dave had. He was no longer behind her and her undulating ass was splotched with shining globs of what could have only been semen. Tom was still beneath her and she rode up and down on him with Paul's dick slipping to and fro through her lips.

But the show didn't last too long, as both Tom and Paul lost control at virtually the same time. Each of them pulled out of their respective holes and blasted their juice onto Cheryl's body. Tom's cum flew out of his cock to mingle with Dave's on her butt, and Paul's diminished load (it was his third of the afternoon, after all) landed right on her beautiful face. Moments later, Cheryl moved off of Tom and plopped her cum splattered butt down on the towel that Kelly had vacated.

Cheryl's hand went to her pussy, indicating she had not had the pleasure of her own climax, although she'd been well probed by the men. She commenced vigorously rubbing her own clit in an attempt to bring herself off. Kelly turned her head to see what was happening and then deserted us in favor of more active involvement. She crawled to the supine Cheryl and dropped between her thighs to munch the freshly-fucked, but still needy, twat. The rest of us, worn out from our escapades, just lounged around and watched as the experienced Kelly worked her magic on Cheryl, one more time.

It was only a few minutes before Cheryl's back arched up and off the floor as she wailed, "Oh God...Oh God...Yes-Yes-Yes," through her orgasm.

When it was over, Kelly rolled over and just laid there, using Cheryl's pussy as a pillow, with a very contented look on her face. In fact, everyone had that same look of satisfaction, with the exception of Tiffany. I asked her what was wrong and she quietly told me, "I was shortchanged."

"What do you mean?" I queried.

"I only got off once," she pouted.

"Well maybe I can make it up to you....tomorrow or the next day," I said. "Maybe we can go on a 'special' picnic," I suggested.

"That sounds promising," she replied and laid her head back on my shoulder.

"For now," I whispered, "Let's sneak upstairs and take a shower."

The idea seemed to satisfy her for the moment, and we slipped away while everyone else slumbered in post-fuck recovery.

We showered together, cleaning the aftermath of the evening from each others bodies. I know Tiffany would have liked for me to have gone a lot further than the mere petting and playing we engaged in, but I was just too worn out. Still, we both enjoyed the hot water and each other's company. After toweling off, we went to my room where I donned a pair of loose athletic shorts, giving Tiffany one of my T-shirts to wear. The shirt was a bit too big for her but she pulled it on and we went back downstairs to see what was happening.

To our surprise, the place was deserted but everything was just as it had been when we made our escape. So we tidied up a bit and then made ourselves a late supper. After eating, we moved out to the deck with a couple of beers. We spent the rest of the evening laying together in one of the large chaise lounges and never did see any of the others. We looked at the stars, talked, kissed, and teased each other for a couple of hours and then retired, both of us sleeping in my bed that night.

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