tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 05

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 05


Day 5 -- Inhibitions

Jack smiled with satisfaction at the pile of papers on his desk. It had taken him only a few hours to wade through the stack of work, leaving him plenty of time to plan for the next few days. Just thinking about it quickened his pulse. He'd discovered something about himself last night, and he was determined to explore it as much as possible. If only his conscience would leave him alone.

Guilt was at the heart of it, he knew. And shame. He felt ashamed that he had treated his wife in such a rough and cavalier manner. Ashamed that he'd made her do such embarrassing things. And ashamed that he'd enjoyed it so much.

He locked the door to his office, drew the blinds and turned to his desktop computer. As a VP in the company, he knew that he could expect a fair amount of privacy just by shutting his door. So, as he plugged the digital camera into the correct port, he knew he wouldn't be interrupted. The first image to appear on the screen brought all of his doubts, and his excitement, to the fore. His wife dangled before him from the ropes attached to her wrists and legs, naked from head to toe. Silver clamps painfully pinched her nipples between unyielding calipers, while a sturdy metal chain linked one breast to the other. He could clearly see into her slit, red and wet from his brutal manipulations. Her hair, matted with sweat, stuck plastered to her face, neck and shoulders. In her eyes he could see a wild mixture of fear, pain, surprise and pleasure. She looked as though she'd been brutalized, and knowing that he had been responsible sent a knife into his heart.

Despite that, he felt a thrill begin to stir in his groin at the utter depravity of the scene before him. He paged through the images, looking more and more into his wife's eyes for some signs of enjoyment and pleasure. Though he'd been caught up in the excitement last night, he felt sure that he'd felt an undercurrent of pleasure in her reactions. And the pictures before him seemed to confirm his suspicions.

He paused a moment, staring past the raw images on the screen. Why was it so important that Kelli enjoy what he was doing to her? She was the one who cheated, wasn't she? But that rationalization lasted only as long as it took to think it. He did care what Kelli thought, because he needed to have her trust and respect after their two-week experiment was over. If he were just going to use her and lose her, he could afford to be cold and mean. But even that wasn't part of his personality. He wasn't into the hurt. He was into the control aspect. He wasn't using punishment for pain, but punishment for behavior modification. But was that another rationalization? It was getting hard to tell.

Jack turned his attention back to the screen. After being relieved from this uncomfortable position, Kelli had neither screamed nor cried. Instead, she'd fallen against him with a sigh of relief. And in the morning she hadn't uttered a word of complaint, but simply awakened him with an excellent blow job, attended to his breakfast, bent over for her daily spanking, and helped him off to work. In fact, the only time the previous night had been mentioned was when he asked her how she felt. "Refreshed, Master," had been her reply.

Kelli had come a long way, there was no disputing that. She dressed as sleazily as any whore, expected and welcomed his fondling, performed her sexual duties with enthusiasm and freely accepted her submissive position. But, to date, it had all been accomplished in the privacy of their own home. While Kelli now seemed fairly comfortable displaying her body to Jack, she was still quite prudish when it came to the outside world. Today and tonight, Jack planned on changing that forever.

The telephone's ring shook him out of his reverie. Twelve o'clock, on the dot.

"Hello?" he answered, knowing it was Kelli but still aware that, at work, it might not be.

"What do you wish of me, Master?" Kelli's voice, a little nervous, sounded in his ear.

"You're sitting at the computer, as I asked. Open up the file marked 'Show Me.' Tell me when it's running."

He waited a few moments, hearing the mouse clicking in the background. In seconds the screen flickered to life before him, revealing a live shot of his wife sitting before the computer almost 20 miles away. She wore, as he'd instructed, a white terrycloth robe, with nothing underneath it. It revealed enough of her breasts to make his mouth begin to water, even though he'd wrapped his lips around her tits as recently as that morning. He could see that the bathrobe was cinched at the waist, but the camera that he'd attached to the top of their computer did not show anything below that point.

He waited as she adjusted the camera angle to his liking, and then settled back in her office chair with the phone clamped against her ear. Another brief command and both her hands were free, his orders now being relayed by speaker phone.

"Undo the tie and pull the belt free."

He watched as she struggled to get the belt out of the loops, pulling the robe open in the process. Had her lover Roger experienced the same sort of thrill when he got his first glimpse at the body beneath the robe? The thought that he was duplicating the first step on his wife's adulterous path sent a tingle through his blood. And his wife looked just about as unwitting now as she must've when Roger had pulled the same trick on her. Her only focus was on the tie, and she seemed not to notice at all that her body was now fully exposed.

Just how exposed he would reveal to her at a later point. As he looked at the computer screen, he was pleased to see that someone besides him was watching his wife's first public performance. According to the chart on the window, 47 users had logged onto this channel of VoyaWife, one of the Net's largest adult webcam operators. Having gotten a glimpse of Kelli's delicious tits, the suggestions from the viewers were quickly scrolling across his screen. He'd turned off this feature on the computer at home, so that he could be the one to relay their orders. He was also recording the session for posterity.


"Take off your robe, slave," he ordered into the phone, watching on screen as Kelli removed the short garment and set it aside.


At his order, Kelli caressed her tits before the camera, pulling and twisting at the nipples, then pulling them upward to lick the jutting mounds. She seemed puzzled by the tameness of his orders, as well as why doing this by camera would be any more exciting than having the real thing when he got home. He actually had more than enough graphic suggestions to keep Kelli busy for many hours, but he wanted her first session to have some drama to it. So he was carefully editing the suggestions he passed on.


On screen, Kelli spread her legs far enough to drape them over the arms of the chair, leaving her pussy half-open and exposed. Though the camera didn't pick up the details, Jack knew that his wife's clit would be very erect just below the top fold of skin. Erect enough that a properly placed tongue might soon send out shock waves that would leave her breathless and panting. He knew what he'd be eating later that night! For now, though, he'd just have to be happy with the image before him and his imagination, just like the now 54 subscribers who were sharing this moment.


Kelli paused a moment, her face coloring as she stared at him through the camera's lens. Would this be the first time she refused an order? Apparently not. He grinned with satisfaction as she began playing with herself, one hand cautiously parting her slit while the other manipulated her tits, her off-balance form causing the chair to gyrate wildly. He could almost smell the sweet pungency of her juices, and wanted nothing more than to bend her over the desk and ram his cock deep into her dripping cunt. In the phone he could hear her heated panting, the small mews and moans she made as her fingers seduced and heated her fervid clit. The rest of her audience seemed just as appreciative, as the volume of the suggestions tailed off, presumably because each subscriber had at least one hand busy at another task.

Kelli bucked against the chair as her fondling became more urgent, her juices flowing copiously enough to be visible even through the cheap computer camera. Eyes closed, her head thrashed from side to side, as sweat plastered strands of hair to her face and neck. She appeared totally oblivious of the camera now, completely mesmerized by the sensations running through her body. She'd abandoned her tits to put both hands to work between her legs, and from the guttural panting he heard, Jack could tell that she was only seconds from getting off.

"Show us all your hot, nasty pussy, you whore," he whispered to her, as she feverishly pumped her cunt. The change in tone of his voice, his dirty talk, and her frantic rubbing all coalesced at once, driving her into a deep and shuddering orgasm. Even without hearing her cries over the telephone, you could just look at her face and see that she'd gone over the edge. Many of her observers must've also cum, because a new stream of suggestions regarding her next act flooded across his screen. But Jack could see that she was already exhausted. And he had plenty more activities lined up for her after he got home from work. Her fans would just have to wait for another day.


"Put on a top and skirt. We're going out." Jack still hadn't told Kelli about the trick he'd played on her that afternoon by broadcasting her performance over the web. That would be, he thought, counterproductive what he wanted to accomplish that evening. Kelli paused a moment to look down at her outfit before hurrying upstairs to comply. He could understand her consternation. As soon as he'd arrived home, he had her dress in the same yellow bikini that Roger had talked her into buying on their fateful trip together. The same bikini that she'd so easily slipped out of on the way to Roger's bed.

Watching her sexy ass bound up the stairs, Jack could appreciate how Roger felt that first moment he'd seen Kelli clad in that bikini. More lingerie than swimwear, it swaddled her ass and tits like a second skin, enhancing more than covering her most intimate parts. With her blond hair bobbing and her hips swaying, she could easily pass for one of the California goddesses you'd expect to see on the beaches of Malibu. Only this goddess was about as naïve as they come, and as easy to manipulate as a child.

No more than a minute later she raced down the stairs, dropping to her knees before him. Given that he only allowed her a few skirts and tops to pick from, he wasn't surprised to see her wearing a white halter top and a short denim skirt. He could see the yellow bikini top right through the halter top's thin fabric, and at his command Kelli lifted her skirt to prove that she still wore the thong bottom. He was pleased to see that she'd selected sluttish looking high heels to accompany this outfit. He wanted her to feel like the slut she was.

In the car he drove a seemingly aimless path, though he was simply waiting for darkness to fall. Because in the darkness the underbelly of society would venture out. The kind that would understand and appreciate the woman his wife would soon be. To pass the time as they drove, he had Kelli push her skirt up and finger herself, reaching over at the stoplights to press his fingers against her pussy. He could tell by the way she curled against the door that she was afraid that someone would spot them. But he persisted in his attentions. It whet his appetite, and gave Kelli just a little taste of what she would experience later. Not that she really suspected.

Finally, as darkness closed in, Jack pulled into the parking lot of a seedy motel. Kelli's eyes widened and her face colored, but instead of leading her to the office, he took her arm and pushed her to the street, "Let's take a stroll."

Jack drank in the atmosphere as he watched his wife walk beside him, her high heels and halter top accentuating the shape of her breasts, her skirt barely covering her thong. He could already feel the attention shift to her. They'd barely walked 200 yards before the first car pulled over and a man called out, "Hey, baby! Wanna date?" Jack smiled as his wife blushed three shades of red, darkening even as she realized what the man was implying. Her blush had hardly begun to fade when another car pulled up, with the driver leaning over to comment, "Whooo, baby. You got that thang shakin! How 'bout you come and shake it for me?"

With a glare in her eyes, Kelli turned to Jack accusingly, "They think I'm a...I'm a..."

"...A whore," he finished for her. "They think you're a whore for hire. And it's no wonder, walking around in the red-light district dressed like that." He chuckled as her face colored again, this time from something stronger than embarrassment.

A couple dozen propositions later, Jack steered his wife into the entrance to "Cherry Pickers," one of the area's more popular strip clubs. A sign on the front informed them that it was "Ladies Night," although as far as Jack could remember, it was always "Ladies Night" at any strip club he'd attended. Though he couldn't see his wife blush, Jack felt her arm warm considerably when they walked inside and caught their first sight of all the naked women. Jack was intimately familiar with Kelli's thoughts on nude dancing, having heard all her arguments about why these women were "really" doing this...for drug money, because they were sluts, or because they were sent by the devil to lead honest men astray. That some were probably college girls trying to earn tuition, or single mothers trying to support their children was of no consequence to her. Tolerance and compassion were always in short supply in her religion.

Taking a table close to the stage, Jack ordered drinks for the two of them, not at all surprised by the exorbitant prices. Cherry Pickers was one of the few totally nude clubs in town, and it probably cost a lot to keep all the cops and judges paid off. As the scantily-clad waitress served their drinks, the music started and a parade of beautiful women took the stage. Pulling Kelli's chair close to his, he kept up a steady stream of banter, commenting on this girl's dancing skills, that one's fake boobs, another one's shaved pussy, as well as telling her how much she could learn from these girls. At first his wife tried to ignore what was happening, but that proved nearly impossible with bodies writhing all around them. After a while, the blatant sexuality and stiff drinks had their effect, and Jack began to detect signs of enjoyment. Enough enjoyment, in fact, that when he discreetly placed his hand between her thighs, she simply squeezed his hand with her legs and hardly blushed at all. Encouraged, Jack decided to push her a little more.

"Hey hun! How about a dance?" he called out to a cute, big-breasted blond he'd been eyeing the whole evening. She came right over, no doubt more intrigued by the cash he'd left on the table than by the chance to dance for a hooker and her date. He waved her to the seat next to Kelli; there'd be a bit of a wait until the next song started. Her name was Crystal, they soon learned, and it was only $15 for a table dance, or $25 for a lap dance. With a wicked grin at Kelli, Jack suggested a lap dance that they could both share. As the current song ended, they arranged their chairs so that they sat side-by-side facing the small space between the tables, with Crystal in the middle.

As soon as she started dancing, Jack knew that he'd made a good choice in Crystal. Erotic and enthusiastic, she quickly shed her bra and panties, revealing a well-toned body, an impressive set of melons, and a thinly shaved muff that led to a pair of short though prominent cunt lips. Ignoring his wife for a moment, Jack settled back and enjoyed the sight of this sexy woman playing to him, her hands running up and down her body in the most intimate way. His cock really stiffened, though, when she turned her attentions to his wife, her hands boldly caressing Kelli's arms, shoulders, and finally, her breasts. After catching his eye for permission, she straddled his wife's knee, pushing the skirt up until the bare flesh of her cunt rubbed against Kelli's leg. Jack watched in amazement as Crystal pressed her tits against Kelli's unprotesting face, and thought he would cum in his pants when she planted a soft, intimate kiss on his wife's trembling lips. When they parted, Jack was thrilled to see that his wife's nipples were clearly hard beneath her tight-fitting clothes, and that given the right situation, he could at least imagine her going quite a bit farther.

"You two have a good time tonight," Crystal smiled, as she collected her fee plus a generous tip from Jack. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." After assuring her that they wouldn't, Jack grabbed Kelli's arm and fairly raced back to the car, pushing her into the backseat and falling in atop her. Savagely shoving her top out of the way, he gorged himself on her tits while shoving his fingers inside her cunt. She moaned and writhed below him, her cunt already hot and wet, her back arching as she tried to press all of her against him. Scooting upwards, he thrust his tongue between her lips, sucking her tongue and sweeping the inside of her mouth like a mad snake. Then, just as suddenly as he'd attacked her, he let up.

"We've got one more stop to make," he growled at her, climbing back into the driver's seat. "Then you're going to get what's coming to you." Although she looked a little shocked at not getting fucked right away, Kelli nonetheless followed his instructions and clambered back into the passenger seat. "And by the way," he added, "you can take off your top and skirt. You're not gonna be needing them where we're going."

Twenty minutes later, Jack watched his wife squirm in consternation as he pulled into the half-filled parking lot of their church. As she glanced at the clock he could almost read her mind. It was Youth Night, and in just 30 minutes the parking lot would be swarming with teenagers, all of whom knew her on sight. Fortunately, all would now be in the classrooms, present and accounted for, as the group began their 20 minutes of prayers. Most importantly for Jack, his nemesis Roger was inside, and Jack wanted to leave him a message he'd always remember.

Pulling an envelope from the glove box, he handed it to his trembling wife. "It's time we sent your Mr. Roger a little message about fooling around with someone else's wife. You're gonna take this letter over to his car and slip it under the windshield wiper. Then... you're gonna take off that little yellow top, and take off that skimpy yellow bottom, and leave those under his windshield too. Understand?"

"But Jack..." she only had a chance to blurt out before he jumped on her gaffe.

"But nothing!" he nearly spat at her, his eyes suddenly narrowing. "You've just earned yourself a good punishment for not calling me 'Sir.' But if you don't do this, you're really going to learn what punishment is all about. And you'll be far more embarrassed than you'd ever be by doing this! Now you better get your ass out there before some of the kids see you!"

Sobbing silently, she took the envelope and opened the car door, shutting it quickly when she realized that the interior light illuminated her nearly naked body. After pausing for just a moment, she ran between the line of cars, briefly disappearing from view before stopping at Roger's white Lincoln. Fortunately, Roger had been paranoid enough to park under the streetlight, so Jack could plainly see his wife's actions. She looked back at him, as if wondering how much he could see. Then, as if making a hard decision, she frantically untied the thong and bikini top, constantly looking around to make sure no one was watching. After stuffing the whole tangled package under the wiper, she ducked down and crept between the cars. Seeing that she'd gotten that far OK, he decided to have some fun, and put the car into reverse, pulling all the way to the darkened edge of the lot. This move drew a hunted and vengeful look from his wife.

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