tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 07

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 07


Day 7 – Exposure

Jack leaned back, watching his wife Kelli bustle about the kitchen preparing their breakfast. Though cramped and seriously out of style, the cabin's kitchen contained enough modern applicances and cookware to enable her to whip up a nourishing and filling meal. They'd need the energy. By his estimation, today's activities would be the most intense so far, and given what he'd put his wife through, that was saying something. Today also marked the halfway point of their 14-day plan. Just seven days left until redemption. He hoped they'd both have the strength to see it through.

Kelli was reacting well to his conditioning, especially this morning. Gliding through the kitchen, she'd often look over for direction or approval. He wondered if her newfound docility was the result of the pain she received, or the realization that the pleasure was worth the pain. Either way, there was no doubt that she wanted to continue her journey. And no doubt that she'd do anything to please him.

Just a week ago he wouldn't have been able to imagine his wife cooking breakfast for him in the nude. In fact, she'd never even left their bedroom clad in anything less than a bathrobe. Getting her to feel at ease with her body had been one objective. Getting her to explore new areas of sex had been another. Today he was going to try and put the two together, using both sensitive and brutal means. But he had a small problem. The rage that had sustained him, that had pushed him to push her, was rapidly fading. He no longer wanted to punish her for her affair. He no longer felt the need to teach her a lesson. Worse, his hormones and lust weren't making up for the missing rage. His actions, instead, were becoming colder and more calculated. And that worried him. Had he always had this animal inside him? Was the redemption plan just a construct, a fiction his mind had created in order to release the animal? He didn't know. But he was afraid he might discover the truth.

Kelli's soft, sexy ass beckoned to him. Glowing in the morning sun that streamed in through the window, it looked innocent and virginal. A far cry from the angry red skin he'd encountered the day before, when he'd bent her over for her first ass fucking. Then she'd been sitting on a thick dildo for over two hours, while a strap-on vibrator kept her in a buzzing state of sexual frustration. His first stroke into her virginal asshole had been as tight and blissful as the first time he'd bedded her on their honeymoon. He could safely say that anal sex would become a regular part of their sexual repertoire. The memory of her bent over helpless sparked an idea.

"Lay on the table," he ordered as she approached to deliver his breakfast. Quickly setting aside the egg-filled plate, Kelli jumped on the table and lay down, her legs open and pussy pointed in his direction. Reaching for a nearby coil of rope, he spent the next few minutes securing her wrists and ankles to the table legs. As he moved about she watched him intently, her face a mixture of curiosity and dread. He gagged her with a dishtowel, but left her eyes uncovered. He wanted her to see and appreciate his efforts. As he paused to assess his work, the delicate folds of her exposed pussy caught his eye. What better way to check the rope's tightness?

Pulling up a chair, he bent and ran the tip of his tongue over the puckered folds, leaving a moist trail that glittered in the sunlight. He smiled as she tried unsuccessfully to squirm away from his touch, her hips strapped to the table. He kept the touch of his tongue light and easy, never parting the skin, only skimming the peaks. Despite his delicate touch her odor began to waft up, driven by the juices flowing inside. Wrapping his arms around her legs he began licking her slit more assertively, the flat of his tongue pressing the coral-colored ridges against her skin. He could taste her juices now as they welled up through the trembling folds of her slit. He slowly worked his tongue into the bottom of her valley, parting the crevice to reach the hot, moist skin inside. He savored her bitter flavor even as he ran his tongue up her crevice like a knife opening an envelope. Wetting his finger, he placed it on the puckered rosebud of her anus and pressed hard. After a few moments hesitation, her muscles parted to let him enter her sinful hole right up to the third knuckle. She gasped and strained at the intrusion, settling back only when he resumed licking her molten cunt.

He could bring her off, he knew, with just a few touches of tongue to clit. He could make her writhe and gasp in the throes of a powerful orgasm, right atop their breakfast table. Or he could tease and torture her some more. Pulling his mouth from her wet and shuddering hole, he blew a steady stream of air on her, the cool air making her hotter than ever. She begged him to continue, her words lost in the cloth muffling her mouth. Her wide eyes pleaded with him but he just laughed at her plight. She had many more levels to ascend before he'd let her cum.

Leaving her cunt untouched for the moment, he grabbed a fork and approached her from the side. Once assured that she was watching, he placed the fork on her heaving tit and forced the nipple between the tines. She struggled hopelessly for a moment, mesmerized by the sight of her nipple squeezed between the gleaming, cold stainless steel. Working busily, he pressed another fork onto her other nipple, fascinated by how quickly the engorged flesh mushroomed above the captive tines. Grabbing additional cutlery from the table, he pressed two spoons into her cunt, opening her hole like a gynecologist's speculum. After releasing her ankles from their bonds, he pushed the handle of a knife deep into her anus, before placing assorted other implements all over her body. Deciding that such a work of art needed documenting, he got the camera from the bedroom and took shot after shot of her wife dressed in stainless steel. He even came up with a name for his expose: Good enough to eat.

Surprisingly, Kelli appeared to be as turned on by his artistic rendition as he was. With every insertion her breathing had become more ragged, and every time he moved her breast forks she moaned in a desperate, pleading way. The thought of his prudish wife enjoying such humiliating treatment stiffened his cock in a very exciting way. He could take her right here, right now, and she'd probably welcome the penetration. But he could have her inside a building any time; this weekend gave him an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

"Get outside and spread your legs for me," he ordered her harshly, quickly releasing her bonds. Out on the deck he had her bend over the railing, the sunlight sparkling in her pussy juices just as it illuminated the dew on the weeds. Without any hesitation he thrust his throbbing meat deep into her cunt, her pussy lips slippery as silk. Pumping her hard but at a measured pace, he closed his eyes to enjoy every sensation. The hot, wet smoothness of her inner cavity. The friction of her pliant skin rubbing against his stiff cock. The bounce of her ass against his thighs. The smooth curves of her hips in his hands. The pungent smell of their sex mingled with the fresh odors of the forest. And the indistinct sounds coming from her still muzzled mouth.

He opened his eyes quickly, looking past her subtly muscled back to the forest beyond. He felt eyes upon him, yet could distinguish nothing among the heavy brown and green shadows dappling the forest floor. Kelli had evidently noticed something, though, as she now vehemently nodded her head off to the right while urgently moaning into her gag.

There! Jack saw him, a man with a backpack and walking stick no more than thirty yards from their cabin, leaning against a giant oak. The thought that this man was watching him fuck sent a surge of adrenaline through him. So the man wanted to see some nature? He'd show it to him. Pulling his juice-covered cock from Kelli's pussy, Jack pressed her hard against the railing, so that the top rung pushed against her stomach and her tits dangled over the edge. Grabbing a nearby chair, he precariously stood atop it and aimed his cock at Kelli's now fully exposed ass hole. Falling more than leaning, he thrust the whole of it into her, eliciting a painful cry from her that could be understood despite the gag stuffed in her mouth. As her hands desperately sought purchase on the rail posts, he leaned full down on her and reamed her ass brutally, assuring that the man watching would get a spectacular view of his cock penetrating her ass.

Stimulated by the tightness of her ass and the thought of someone watching them, it was only a couple of minutes before Jack felt the tightness of an impending cum shot. Determined to give the man a good show, he pulled out and turned his wife over until she was bent backwards over the deck rail, balanced so precariously that her hair nearly touched the ground. Standing on the chair and leaning over her, he pumped himself vigorously while glancing between the man and his naked, sweating, swaying wife. Time seemed to slow as the first spurt of cum erupted from his cock, arching through the air to land with a splash on his wife's bare tits and torso. The second spurt sailed even further, much of it wasted fertilizing the ground, though some did stream onto her face and chin. The rest he pumped onto her smooth stomach and pussy, doing his best leave cum gleaming on every inch of her skin. With a smile he nodded at the man, who nodded back before striding off, casting only a single backward glance at the spunk-spattered woman gasping on the deck.

The excitement of the morning's events had left both of them sapped of energy, so on Jack's orders they spent much of the day lazing about the cabin. He allowed Kelli to wear a pair of lace panties and a cropped tank top, though he would occasionally reach under the fabric to tweak her nipple or pinch her ass. He wasn't about to let her forget who was in control.

As they relaxed on the deck chairs, he questioned her about how it felt to be observed in such a nasty situation.

"Well, at first I was embarrassed," she replied, self-consciously shifting in her revealing clothing. "I knew he could see every part of me, even my...my...my pussy. Then, after you slammed into me, all that I could think about was how that felt, how it hurt, how you filled me up. And when you leaned me over backwards, I was just worried that I might fall right over and slide down the hill. I was bouncing around so much I couldn't even see that man. When it was over, I felt, I don't know, kind of excited that someone had seen us do that." She looked over shyly at him. "I'd do it again if you wanted me to."

Jack did indeed want to do that again. In fact, he'd been turning it over in his mind all afternoon. Sure, he could take her again in some public place. But he wanted to push her, and himself, just a little bit further. The idea he was crafting was bold and brash, plus quite a bit risky, and he wasn't altogether positive that going through with it wouldn't drive an irreparable wedge between them. Still, at the beginning of this odyssey he'd promised that he'd be exploring all of his fantasies, and this certainly counted as one of them. He looked over at his wife, scantily-clad and compliant. The appearance of the stranger had given him a jolt of badly-needed creativity. He wasn't going to let a few doubts get in the way of expressing that creativity.

His mind set on the next day's activities, he turned back to the present. "I wouldn't mind getting away from this place. You up for a ride?" Of course she was. She'd do anything he asked. While she changed into a short summer dress and a pair of sandals, he grabbed a few goodies from his toy chest. He'd give her a ride in the country that she wouldn't soon forget.

Once in the car, Jack set out for a small spring he'd found in his Hidden Places travel book. He figured it'd take about an hour's drive and a half-hour walk to reach their destination. Plenty of time to have a little traveling fun.

"How about a little driving game?" he asked, smiling at her puzzled look. Reaching over, he pulled the bottom of her dress up, pleased that she'd followed his directions and left her panties at home. With her slit suitably bare, he pulled out one of the toys from his bag and dropped it in her lap. "I think you know what to do with this." Fortunately, they were on a straightaway, and he was able to fully enjoy watching her slip the thick, knobby vibrator deep inside her cunt, leaving only a wire that led to the control pad in his lap.

"Here's how the game is going to work. It's a test of how observant you are. I'm going to ask you questions about things we see on the drive. This control has ten positions, going from a faint buzz to a pounding fuck. For every question you get right, we'll go down a step. For every question you get wrong, we'll go up a step. Along the way, we'll have some bonus questions, like Double Jeopardy. So you can win or lose more than one step at a time. Understand the rules? Good. Here's the first question. What's the address of the cabin?"

"Ummm. 2657?" Kelli guessed.

"Ummm. Wrong. It's 3636. That puts you at level one." He watched closely as she shifted in her seat, a faint humming emanating from between her legs. "Next question. What color was the mailbox?"

He could tell she was guessing again when she answered, "Black."

"Not so good. It's red. You really need to be more observant," he cautioned, thumbing the control up to number two. As the buzzing sound increased noticeably, he wondered what number ten would sound and feel like. A jackhammer, maybe?

Two wrong, a right, and a wrong answer later, the control sat on four, and Kelli reported that instead of buzzing, the vibrator was now pulsing inside her. Unfortunately for her, the road they now traveled had few features to test her powers of observation; just trees and more trees. Although it appeared that Kelli was enjoying the stimulation so far, he knew that after a while it would become more torture than pleasure. That's when she'd be begging for relief.

After missing questions on the color of a tractor and the kind of crop growing in a field, the whole front seat was thumping from the vibrations passing through her body. Time to make things a little more interesting. "OK, here's a special question for you. Get it right, and I'll turn the control down to four. Get it wrong, and I'll leave the control where it is, but add a special punishment to your plate. You get to decide. Do you want to answer this question or not?"

He watched her squirm in her seat as she considered. The vibrator had to be getting uncomfortable, especially since it was so far inside her; her clit wouldn't be getting any direct stimulation. But he'd left the alternative open, and she didn't know how far he would go in a car on the open road.

"I'll answer the question," she said, seeming to steel herself for the consequences.

"OK. The stranger who watched us this morning was carrying something. What was it?" He immediately began humming the teapot theme to Jeopardy, indicating that she had just 30 seconds to come up with an answer.

She took every second of it before offering, "A backpack?"

"Sorry, but you are wrong," he replied in his best Alex Trebeck voice. "The stranger who watched us fuck was carrying a walking stick. And now for your prize." He reached into the bag and pulled out two nipple clamps and two lengths of chain. "Attach these to each of your nipples, nice and tight. Now attach this chain to each clamp. Clip this longer chain to the one between your tits. And now I'll attach this to the steering wheel, like so." He looked with pride on his creation. Now, every time he turned the wheel, no matter how slightly, the chain would pull on one or both of her nips. And if he had to make a big turn, like the one he knew would be coming up, she'd have to lean against the wheel to avoid having her tits pulled off. He strummed the chain, watching her wince. With the double stimulation, she was definitely on the edge of orgasm. And he aimed to keep her there.

By the time they'd reached the trail to the spring, the controller had been amped up to 7, and his clamp system had twisted her nipples so much they were swollen. Yet despite all that stimulation, she still hadn't orgasmed. Or, at least, hadn't done so with the ferocity that Jack had been expecting. After carefully parking the car in the corner of the small lot, he turned to her and said simply, "Beg for it."

Nearly sobbing, her heartbreaking pleading shocked him, the words pouring from her in a torrent that almost matched the flood of juices coming from between her legs. Her promises to do anything he asked made him smile; of course she would. He shook his head in wonder at her passionate use of so-called "dirty words" that she wouldn't have been caught dead using just a few weeks ago. Only when she promised to kiss his feet did he allow himself to be moved by her pleas. Carefully removing the clamps, he ordered her onto his lap and bent to suckle each tortured tit, cranking up the controller as he moved from one breast to the other.

Her moans gathering like storm clouds, she ground her ass into his lap, massaging his dick into a devastating state of hardness. At number nine the vibrator felt as though it were buzzing, rolling and shaking, all at the same time. With Kelli now panting like a long distance runner, eyes wild and hair plastered to her back, he fumbled for the control and finally brought the control to ten. A startlingly loud clacking filled the car as the vibrator literally pistoned deeper into her cunt, simulating exactly the way he would be fucking her if he could get his pants undone.

As the machine rattled around in her cunt, Kelli began keening in a ghostly yet ghastly way, the sound raising the hairs on the back of his neck. Suddenly, she howled like an animal in pain, the sound quickly tapering off into a sobbing, heaving mewl. She collapsed onto him, a sweating, quivering mass of finely tuned, finely tormented flesh. He quickly dialed down the vibrator and gently removed it from her pussy, not wanting her to get hurt now that all of her juices had seemingly dripped from her slit.

Only then did he look out the window to see two pairs of eyes staring right back at him. A guy, college-age, and his presumed girlfriend, were watching him with what could only be described as awe in their eyes. They thought ... what? They obviously didn't know about the vibrator, and so thought that he'd brought Kelli to such an outrageous state of excitement. Well, he wasn't about to dissuade them of that belief. After returning their quick thumbs up with one of his own, he turned his attention back to his wife. She'd just performed another public sex act, whether she realized it or not.

To be publicly continued...

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