1853 Creole Surgeon Romance

A doctor loves a mulatto maid in antebellum Louisiana.
250 words
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Loosely based on the 1977 paperback romance novel 'Creole Surgeon' by author Michell Caine, this story features characters from the novel but with a different plot. Set in 1853 Louisiana, it is a drama involving a poor, itinerant doctor, Paul Abbot, who falls in love with a mulatto maid (Micaela) in the plantation house of a Creole Southern belle (Sylphide). Sylphide's personal assistant and secretary, Fern, is using this position as a cover for her abolitionist and Underground Railroad activities. She helps thousands of slaves escape to the North. Fern begins a sexual relationship with Paul but Paul refuses to help her cause. Fern leaves the plantation and helps many of Sylphide's slaves escape to freedom. Sylphide, who falls for Paul, becomes jealous and enraged when she discovers Paul and Micaela in a passionate kissing embrace. She sends Micaela to a brothel in New Orleans. She accuses Paul of malpractice during an epidemic of yellow fever. For this, Paul is sent to prison. Micaela is taken from a bordello, purchased by a cruel mulatto man who owns his own plantation, Leon Jacquard. When he takes her to his big house, he is about to rape her but Micaela escapes. She finds the prison where Paul is being kept and frees him. Together they flee into the bayou. There, in a cabin during a storm, they make love. They resolve to live together for the rest of their lives and to work as surgeon and nurse during the upcoming Civil War.

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AnonymousAnonymous16 days ago

Very interesting little audio novella. I liked you style very much. And you never NOT cum for any of your audios! More historical stuff please I'm a history lover. Thank you.

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