byExtreme Bohunk©

Katherine was pissed. The 2 lane stretch of road seemed to go on forever. Daylight had long since faded. A spectacular desert sunset of pastels had given way to a darkness as deep as a Chicago winter is cold. For awhile she had amused herself with the sight of tall cacti, silhouetted in the twilight. To her, it looked like some kind of oddball army had surrendered. That was hours ago.

'Some assignment' she thought sarcastically. 'Just another crappy, make work detail.' She pursed her lips and shook her head. A strand of long red hair fell out of place, and tickled her neck.

She brushed it back into place, and rolled up the window. The combination of hair on her soft skin and the cool night air had brought her nipples to attention. She could feel them press into the thin silk of her bra.

Her thoughts went back to her first day with the Bureau. They had made such a big deal of having a woman agent. Parading her in front of the press, bragging about how progressive they were, on and on. As soon as the initial flurry of interest had passed, she was relegated to desk jobs. When she had raised the issue of field work, she got the jobs nobody else wanted. Officially, it was called the Bureau of Unexplained Phenomena. Unofficially it was called 'the Crackpot Squad'

Usually it involved miles & miles of driving to the absolute middle of nowhere, hang a right, follow the dirt road for another 20 miles, and find some farmhouse. So far most of the cases had been the result of too much moonshine brewed through a radiator.

This time, it was 'lights in the sky'. The boys at the Bureau knew just who to assign it to. Katherine Houlihan, special agent in charge of goofballs.

She knew about her reputation back at the office. 'Ice Bitch' was one of the nicer things they called her behind her back. There were other rumors, that she didn't like men, but mostly that she was just a frigid cunt. If they only knew what she wore underneath her plain, drab greys & blues. Some of the finest lingerie France had to offer. She loved the feel of it on her skin.

A road sign drifted by. Roswell 45 miles. She breathed a small sigh of relief. At last, there was an end in sight to this road trip.

As if on cue, the car began to sputter and stall. She pushed in the clutch, and revved the motor, it seemed to recover. In the distance, she could swear she had seen an odd flicker of light.

The road seemed to stretch even farther. She tried the radio, hoping to find something. Nothing but static, even in the expanse of the desert.

Her mind turned to the assignment. Find out what these people had, or thought they had seen. Spend a couple of nights observing for herself, and bring her report back to the office. 'Whoop-de-do!' she thought.

The car sputtered, coughed, and caught again. This time she was sure she had seen a bright light in her peripheral vision, but by the time she looked, it was gone.

Another sign went by. Roswell 15 miles. She sped up, wanting to finish the trip, find the Motel, and slip into a nice hot bath. She had brought candles with her, she loved to soak in the tub. It was her only solace on the road. She would fill the bathroom with candles, and sink into the warm water. After she had a glass of wine, she would close her eyes, and let her hands go where they wanted. They always wound up at the same place, two fingers slipping in & out of herself. She would open the drain, and let the water empty. When it got low enough, she would turn on the faucet, and move herself so the flow of the faucet fell on her most private parts.

She had become very, very good at this. She was adept at finding things that made her feel even better. It was kind of a game for her, see what she could find that would feel good inside her. Her hand had strayed, grazing the tender skin on her inner thigh. She felt a moist warmth growing in her silk panties. The headlights picked out a pack of coyotes, running full speed across the road. Something had scared them. She slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting them. At the same moment, the car stalled again, and an explosion of light and impact turned the blackness into daylight. Something had crashed, and was continuing to crash about a mile away. There were smaller explosions as it tumbled to a stop. The light faded, but there was a small glow coming from the crash.

She tried to restart the car, it was completely dead. No lights, no nothing. She checked her watch, it too, had stopped.

Her dark blue eyes adjusted to the darkness. She could see the glow better, it was rising and falling, but growing dimmer each time. After a few minutes, it stopped altogether.

She opened the glove compartment, and took out her Bureau issued .45. She made sure it was loaded, and stepped out of the car. She noticed how quiet it was. The silence was as deep as the night. Even the stars were gone, as if something obscured them.

Her footsteps sounded loudly, crunching in the sand. She could hear other sounds, the rattle of scorpions, unseen others moving about. The desert was alive at night. She moved in the direction of the crash.

As she did, she noticed a high pitched, almost inaudible sound. She somehow felt compelled to, to, follow it. As she drew closer to the crash, it seemed to be guiding her.

Her foot struck something in the darkness. It was soft. It didn't move. She bent, and cautiously outstreched her hand, trying to feel what her foot had found. She screamed as a grip closed on her wrist, and held. The .45 hit the sand as her other hand lashed out at whatever was holding her. She heard an odd, soft gasp, and it released.

She was blinded as an intensely bright light came from above. Through closed lids, she could see red, like when she closed her eyes and looked at the sun. After a moment, she was able to crack them open. She jerked back as she saw the dying body she had stumbled over. It was misshapen, and badly burned.

She tried to look up, the light was too intense. Squinting, she could see the rest of the area. Some sort of aircraft had come apart, wreckage was strewn everywhere. It didn't look like any aircraft she had seen before. The metal had an odd glint to it, reflective, but absorbing the light at the same time. She looked for any survivors.

Nothing she could see was moving. She noticed there was no smoke coming from the debris. There was a larger section still relatively intact, she moved to it. As she looked in, she very quickly realized this was way beyond anything she had ever seen. It looked like a control panel, but the writing was not English. Or Russian, or anything she recognized.

As she backed out, there was a touch on her shoulder. She spun and struck out in the direction of the touch. Her arm froze in mid air, stopped and held by an unseen force.

Katherine's mind tried to decipher what her vision was telling her. A creature stood before her, about the same height as her, but with a thin muscular build. It's skin shimmered, seeming grey, and then almost silver. It looked smooth, yet tough.

It's limbs, almost like tentacles, moved oddly, opposite of what would be considered 'normal'. It was definitely not human.

She felt a presence in her mind, searching, probing. Snippets of different languages flashed, and were gone. It was like a radio trying to tune in a station. A soft 'voice', in English told her 'We need your help'

In addition to the 'voice' she was able to feel a myriad of things. That she was in no danger. That this creature was desperate, yet controlled, that there was much more to tell her. It was from a galaxy as yet undiscovered by humans, and had traveled here with technology far beyond her comprehension, without insulting her intelligence. It was an understanding between beings, perfect communication of 'words' and feelings.

The unseen grip on her arm relaxed, as did she. She asked 'Who are you?' There was feeling of honest amusement from it.

It answered 'We have no names. We are known by our energies, our life forces, so to speak. You would call them our souls. I think, for simplicity, you can call me 'IT'. I am not alone, there are what you would call 'others' with me.'

It was then Katherine became aware of the others, as yet unseen, but somehow present. She now understood their situation.

Their ships were powered by an energy souce similar to a rechargeable battery. During their journey, a solar flare had disrupted and depleted their ship's power supplies. They had intended to land and repair their crafts, but a second flare had weakened the source even more. They had been moving from place to place to avoid detection.

One of the ships had veered off course, toward a populated area. They knew they had been seen, and it was only a matter of time until they were found. They were trying to leave when there was a major failure aboard one of the crafts. Katherine had seen the end result of that for herself.

She asked 'How is it you need my help?'

The answer came in a series of soft images. She saw herself experiencing incredible, unimaginable pleasure. A question grew in her mind.

IT explained to her the energies created by a female human during the release of passion would provide their crafts with more than enough power to make the journey back home.

Unfortunately, they would have to leave the wrecked ship and victims behind. Katherine quickly agreed to help, but made it clear she would have to file a report on the crash site. IT seemed to understand her mix of duty, wanting to help, and to indulge the sudden tingling between her thighs.

IT raised an arm/tentacle. There was a soft glow that spread, and enveloped both of them. The glow focused sharply into an impossibly geometric series of rings, and quicker than thought, she was aboard their ship.

She understood now why the stars had seemed obscured. The craft was massive, and had taken up about a quarter mile of sky. There was a gentle powerful hum to it, barely audible.

IT's voice came to her. 'Whenever you're ready.'

She swallowed hard, and closed her eyes. 'Yes'

Just as quickly, they were in another area of the ship. It was dark, except for a gently flickering circle of light in the center. A small platform rose soundlessly.

Katherine walked into the circle of light. Her skin, where it was exposed began to tingle. She sensed It, and the others. She was alone, yet they were all around her.

Almost by themselves, her fingers began undoing the buttons on her blouse. As more of her flesh was revealed, the tingles grew, along with a rising tide of desire. She wanted more.

Her hands fairly tore at her clothes, her skirt fell in a heap, she stepped out of it. Her breath deepened as more of the light played along her skin. It felt like tiny teasing tongues.

She unclapsed her bra, and let it slide off her smooth, firm breasts. A small 'oh' escaped her when the flickers touched her sensitive, almost painfully erect nipples. Her knees trembled slightly.

As her bra fell, her palms ran across her swollen peaks. She pinched and tweaked them to an even higher state of arousal.

The light closed around her slightly, the sensations increased to an almost unbearable pitch. Her breathing became ragged, she moaned loudly. The crotch of her silk panties was soaked.

She felt almost outside of her own body as her hands glided across her womanly curves, moving downward. Her fingers slid under the waistband, finding the first tufts of her pretty strawberry thatch. The sodden panties fell to the floor. The lights closed again.

She put out a hand to steady herself as a small climax washed through her. Her hips twitched slightly and she pressed her palm into her wetness. It passed gradually, she climbed onto the platform.

To her surprise, it was some sort of liquid metal. It formed to her curves and contours. In an instant, it warmed to her body temperature. She gave a combination of sigh and giggle, and lay back.

The light played over her constantly, almost instantly, she was on the verge of a second climax. She didn't want to come quite yet, she wanted it to build. To her amazment, the sensations decreased.

She realized that she could control it with her mind.

'More' she thought. Again she was panting and moaning at the edge. She held herself at the brink.

She could sense the others, somehow sharing in her pleasure. They were feeling what she was. 'Now' she thought. Her cries of ecstasy filled the space as she took them with her. It was powerful, ripping through in wave after wave. She kept it going as long as she could stand it.

As she floated back, she became aware of the others thanking and telling her more of what the lights and platform could do for and to her. She knew the stronger her release, the more energy they could harvest.

As she thought it, she felt a firmness sliding into her. The liquid metal of the platform had formed part of itself into a penis shaped object. It began a delicious motion, slowly moving in and out of her eager softness.

Her legs spread wide as she drew her heels up to her finely rounded bottom. She pushed against the hardness, and slowly moved her hips.

She gave a low 'mmmmmmmm' that mixed with the wet sucking sounds coming from between her legs. A mere thought, and it grew larger, filling her. The lights danced over her.

She exploded in a fury of pleasure, her hips pumped the hardness in & out her herself. More of the platform rose between her thighs, forming a torso-like shape. She wrapped her legs around it, pulling the hardness deeper into herself.

For a moment, her eyes widened as it began matching her rhythm. Her heels dug into the back of it, and pulled. The platform responded by expanding the hardness inside her and pumping harder. And harder. She matched it stroke for stroke as a series of animal sounds ripped from her throat.

One hand found a breast as the other rubbed hard into her begging clit. Her back arched, she threw herself into a climax that was building, but keeping just out of reach.

Katherine fucked hard, harder than she ever had. Between her pants, moans, and other sounds, she bit down on her lower lip. She wanted to come so badly, but it teased just out of reach, making her work even harder. Her body was bathed in a thin sheen of perspiration which intensified the tingles of the flickers.

She gave a loud groan as the first spasms took her. Her hips locked, waiting for release. The hardness in her pounded her softness. Her hands dropped and her nails sunk into the platform.

The hardness expanded, filling her almost to the point of pain. Her insides stretched, she bore down even harder. She twitched on it as the second spasms blasted her. She felt the contractions of her orgasm around the hardness, which kept pumping, spurring her on to a final crest of incredible release that just kept going and going.

The sound of her own gasping for breath filled her ears. She sensed a change in the ship, it seemed more 'alive' was the best her mind could describe it. Small droplets of sweat covered her now. There were tiny sparks wherever the flickers danced over them. Each was exquisite. Her body still twitched after the last climax.

The others were telling her they still needed a bit more. Katherine was eager to comply. They asked if they could control the platform. There was much more it could do, but told her it would push her beyond anything she could imagine. Her mind replayed the images of herself It had first shown her, experiencing incredible pleasures. She agreed instantly.

The platform rolled like a wave, and she found herself on her hands and knees, straddling the torso. The hardness was still inside her. It began to move in a slow circle. Her hips followed it's motion, she had no choice. She felt a small area at the base of the shaft rise and push on her swollen pearl. She gave a soft sigh, and pressed into it.

It continued for a short while, treating her to a delicious slow fucking. She had several small orgasms in a row, one starting as soon as the last finished. There was a low thrum from the platform as the area pushing on her clit began to vibrate gently. As the new sensations filled her, she went limp with pleasure, only able to hold on.

The vibrations began a pattern of rising and falling. Each rise coaxed her to the edge of an orgasm, and each fall teased her back. Her hips moved with the motion still going on inside of her.

She moaned loudly, shot upright, and leaned back as far as she could. Her hands found her ankles, she arched her back. The light closed and swirled over her jiggling breasts, pulling the nipples into tiny crinkles of pleasure. A stream of light danced downward over her stomach. It found her clit, and intensified.

She gave a long loud moan, and collapsed forward again. The light focused on her bottom, circling the puckered ring like a tongue. Something deep and primal let go in her, she grunted with each pass of the light. At the same time, the hardness in her grew, and started to move in and out of her again. It's slow circles continued.

The hum from the platform increased as the vibrations grew stronger, and faster. The light playing on her anus sparked occasionally, causing her hips to jerk forward onto the vibrating nub. Katherine's body shook.

Her body tensed and released as a torrent of orgasms both mental and physical flowed through and out of her. It was the most incredible thing she had ever felt, but knew that on a scale of 1 to 10, the platform was only at about a 2.

The vibrations rose and held. Katherine's mouth fell open as a strong, slow climax rolled over her. She saw an image of herself as it took her. For an moment, she was outside of her body, watching herself. She was beautiful.

Her body felt a gentle pushing into her ass. Her mind rejoined it. The platform had formed a second, smaller hardness. It slid into her bottom with a gentle pop.

The platform began rolling in waves, moving her deeper onto the shafts within her. One moved in as the other moved out. She could feel them, seperated only by the inner walls of her twitching femininity. The vibrations repeated their pattern of rising and falling, but now stronger.

Katherine's nails bit into the platform as she was teased again and again to the brink, only to have it snatched away. She panted in ragged gasps. Her body tensed with each rise.

The vibrations increased, and then rose to a new pitch. Her head shot back, she fucked the twin shafts hard. As she was about to explode, the vibrations intensifed.

Her body froze, except for the involuntary twitching as she was pushed to a new, higher crest. Every muscle in her tensed, her head shot back, her hips jerked forward again and again.

The vibrations rose yet again. The shafts pummelled her front and back. The lights closed and a shower of sparks enveloped her body. She screamed, and was outside of herself again.

This time, she saw herself as if in a kaleidoscope made of mirrors. Each reflection was it's own reality, all of them were of her at this moment, screaming at the brink of unbearable ecstacy. She saw herself from every angle, dripping sweat, being fucked and fucked and fucked as the vibrations climbed yet again.

She felt her body grind her clit harder into the relentless vibrations. The images mutliplied a hundred, a thousand and then too many to comprehend. There was an explosion of light.

Katherine snapped back into her body. She felt it freeze, lock and then start to explode. The first wave of her orgasms rocked her to the core of her being. They slowed only to make way for the second, and then the third.

Her body moved on it's own, impaling herself on the shafts, and then shoving her screaming nub back into the vibrations, triggering another wave.

She could sense the ship was fully 'awake' now. That the others were letting her go on as long as she wanted, to thank her.

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