tagIllustrated1950s: Lick and Fuck Best Friends

1950s: Lick and Fuck Best Friends


Summary: Innocent virgin is seduced into a lesbian lifestyle.

Note 1: Thanks to Rebecca, the famous artist whose artwork inspired and was used for this new series. Especially her series 'Housewives at Play', 'Teens at Play' and 'Hot Moms'. Thank you for access to your entire book catalogue as well as your website for this massive series.

Note 2: This is the fourth chapter of a multi-chapter story about one woman's journey of sexual submission and lesbian exploration through the decades and through generations of family members.

In part 1, 1950s: 1st Time With a Girl, our 2015 protagonist Kimmy is given a gift of a scrapbook from her recently deceased great-grandmother, Rebecca. When Kimmy opens the scrapbook, she is shocked to find that the scrapbook is a journal of her beloved great-grandmother's sexual adventures...with drawings. Kimmy reads in awe of Rebecca's first time with a woman. Once done reading, Kimmy pleasures herself while reliving her most recent seduction of her nerdy science partner Zelda.

In part 2, 1950s: Housewives' Lesbian Society, our protagonist reads the next chapter in her great-grandmother's scrapbook. Rebecca is caught masturbating while babysitting and ends up having a sexual encounter with a MILF. Rebecca also learns of a secret lesbian society that is years old and she is offered the opportunity to be the newest submissive housewife pet. To earn the privilege to be the housewife pet for her senior year, she must meet the head mistress and service her. Lastly, Kimmy, so horny from the idea of a housewife sex club, envisioned dominating one of her neighbours.

In part 3: 1950s: Housewives' Pet Training, our protagonist learns about her great-grandmother's training to be a pet to a community of housewife lesbians. Rebecca is forced to suck cock for the first time, witnesses a massive housewife lesbian orgy, gets fisted and spanked before being ordered to seduce her best friend. Lastly, Kimmy gets herself off after a long night by imagining all the different MILF's she would like to seduce.

Note 3: Thanks to Robert, Sophia, Dave, Tex Beethoven and Wayne for editing.

Note 4: Normal text writing is present day; Bold is Kimmy flashing back to one of her own sexual encounters or fantasizing about one; italics is the scrapbook stories of our hero Rebecca.

Note 5: Also, please note that although I've tried to make the main characters as close as possible to look the same, the photos are taken from a massive collection from Rebecca's website. Thus, there will often be subtle differences (freckles, breast size, etc). That said, I don't believe it should hinder the enjoyment of the story.

Note 6: Of course, all characters in the story are 18 years of age or older.

1950s: Lick and Fuck Best Friends

I resisted the temptation to read more of great-grandmother's story for a couple of days, knowing I had to finish an essay for English and work on a couple of new routines for our cheerleading competition.

Yet, it was only a matter of time before I could no longer resist.

I grabbed a Coke and my vibrator, and continued the most riveting story I'd ever read... a lot more interesting than 'Hamlet', or 'Lord of the Flies' or 'Animal Farm'. Actually, if all books were this riveting, I bet a lot more young people today would read.

This is Eleanor.

Isn't she beautiful? So sweet looking, like me. Yet, also like me, she was just dying to explore her sexuality once the opportunity was given.

Mrs. Madison had ordered me to seduce her.

And even after all I had done, this was the hardest thing yet. So far, I had just obeyed people, and obedience came easily and naturally to me.

But to go on the offensive and try to seduce someone... to convince them to do something (even if that something was pretty nice) to do something that without my influence they would probably never even contemplate... that was a completely different matter. I couldn't even fathom how to broach the subject.

I didn't want to wreck our friendship. We had been Best Friends for years and had shared many experiences and challenges together. The archetypal tears and laughter had become cherished memories for us both. We were very close. To lose that bond would break my heart.

She had always given me enormous respect and trust over the years. I didn't want her to decide I was sick and twisted and untrustworthy.

That said, I started my first seduction knowing two things:
1. I had to go slow.

2. My bevy of Mistresses wouldn't allow me to have another orgasm until I accomplished my task (which made the 'I had to go slow' part rather inconvenient).

Mrs. Madison had given me some logical advice. I was to entice her through casual conversations and purposely plant seeds of thought that would entice Eleanor into slowly beginning to consider the notion that there were more options available than just traditional boy/girl relationships. That was simple enough... in theory.

I had been a doodler since grade one. By my senior year I was a pretty good artist (dearest Kimmy, I hope you agree), and often used my drawings to entertain Eleanor when class was boring. I would make fun of our teachers, or mock some of our fellow classmates. It was the one side of my personality that was not squeaky clean (well, it was until I dove whole-heartedly into the whole submissive lesbian rug-munching thing).

I wrote Eleanor a note during Mrs. Wallace's class: 'Want to see my latest drawing?'

Eleanor wrote back: Of course!

I warned: It's a little risqué.

Eleanor responded:???

I admitted: It's a partial nude.

Eleanor repeated:???

I continued: Of Lana.

Eleanor responded: NO WAY!!!!!

I responded: With Becky in the background.

Eleanor responded: Show me!!!

I teased, wanting to start my sly seduction by making her demand to see it: You sure???

Eleanor responded: YES!!!

So, I smiled at her, and then gave her a folded drawing that was naughty and provocative, but not an actual nude drawing.

I watched, excited and nervous as Eleanor secretively unfolded the picture.

I watched as her eyes went big.

I watched as her cheeks went red.

I watched as she looked up at me with shock.

Then, I shrugged and returned to vaguely listening to Mrs. Wallace drone on about neutrons.

Once class was done, Eleanor whispered to me in the hallway, "What made you do that?"

I lied, "I don't know. I just started drawing and thought to myself, 'let's do something a little less boring.'

"Well, that was certainly less boring!" Eleanor whispered back, her eyes very wide and shaking her head. She then added, "Is something going on? You've been acting a bit different lately."

"How so?" I asked, even though I knew she was right; I had been.

"I don't know," she said, before adding, "Well, for one thing you just drew porn."

"Porn?" I laughed. "You want to see porn, I'll draw you real porn. What kind do you like?"

"That's not what I said," she returned quickly, shaking her head. She was alarmed by my bold accusation as I had known she would be. For now, anyway. 'Little seeds, planting seeds, germinating seeds, growing seeds, lezzie seeds', I chanted in my head, making a little tune of it.

"I'm sick of being seen as boring," I admitted out loud, which was true.

"You're not boring," she said.

"I know that and you know that, but I want the rest of the school to know that too," I said, even as I pondered how to keep this conversation going.

"That you draw porn?" she asked.

"Maybe," I smiled wickedly, as others joined us and we switched to another topic.

A couple days later, while at a charity fundraiser meeting at lunch led by our school president Lori Salmon I decided to continue my artistic seduction. Lori was discussing all the different ways to raise money for a family who had lost their home in a fire. She discussed the usual ones: bake sales, auctions, a kids' carnival, and other banal ideas.

This had me thinking and I quickly drew a sketch with our school president selling cola. Wanting to make it edgy for Eleanor, this time I included a pussy tease.

Once done, I slyly leaned forward and whispered to Eleanor, who was in front of me, "Do you want to see my newest idea for fundraising?"

"Sure," she nodded. "But you could just show it to everyone."

I chortled, "Trust me, some here may not approve."

She turned around with a guarded look and said, "Let me see."

I handed her the drawing and watched as her mouth literally gaped open.

"Oh my God," she gasped, not able to tear her eyes away from my drawing.

Lori asked, "Anything you want to share, Eleanor?" Her tone, as usual, was bitchy.

Eleanor stammered, "N-n-no."

I interjected, "It's just that these ideas are always the same old fundraisers."

"And you have a better idea?" she asked, her tone implying I didn't.

"Sure," I nodded, before adding, "although it's a bit more risqué than our usually cookie cutter events."

"This I've got to hear," Lori said, clearly already looking forward to crushing my idea.

"A kissing booth," I said, the idea just popping into my head, since pussy munching and cock sucking seemed a bit too out there, although I considered to myself that if packaged right, they could make a lot of money.

"A what?" Lori asked.

"Charge a quarter a kiss," I shrugged. "Have each cheerleader or other girls in a booth for fifteen minute intervals kissing for charity. Of course, we could do this as an addition to the carnival."

"You're serious?" she asked.

"Betty and Veronica did it in the comics," I said, not sure if that was true, but they were quite popular at the time.

Chandra, a cheerleader, nodded, "I remember that." After a pause, she added, "It's a sexy idea and I bet I could get all the cheerleaders to do it."

"I bet they would be veeery happy to," Lori said with complete disdain.

"Stop being a prude," I said, which made everyone look at me. No one ever dared to question Lori, since she was very accomplished at squelching people flat, but paradoxically all the sexual submission I had undertaken recently had somehow honed me into a more confident person.

"Excuse me?!" Lori asked, glaring at me.

"For heaven's sake Lori, it's 1954, and a girl can kiss a boy and have it be just a kiss," I pointed out, before adding, "I don't see why you could oppose the idea; I've seen you go in the closet for 'seven minutes in heaven' games."

"This is not the place," she snapped, her face burning red with anger or embarrassment, maybe both.

I kept charging ahead, though. "It's pretty simple, the boys usually don't participate in our events. They will participate in a kissing booth."

"Actually," Chandra added, "Why not have a second booth where some of the football players are giving out kisses?"

"I'd line up to kiss Walker," the usually shy Penelope quipped.

"All the girls would," Chandra added.

"Enough, this is getting ridiculous," Lori said, trying to regain control of her meeting.

"I say we do it," Chandra said.

"I second it," I quickly added.

"There wasn't a motion on the floor," Lori argued.

Finally, Mrs. Parks, who was our student council advisor and who had been smiling the entire time, intervened. "Lori, there is a motion on the floor; kindly moderate it as such."

"You can't be serious?" Lori argued, shocked that the teacher was allowing the motion to even exist, let alone be taken seriously. I couldn't help but smile, knowing why she was allowing it.

Mrs. Parks pressed her point, standing up for more emphasis, "This is how democracy works, Lori."

"I don't think...." Lori began.

"This is not a debate, Lori," Mrs. Parks interrupted. "Chandra may not have worded it formally, but she clearly made a motion. Deal with it as such or I will have the vice-president chair the rest of this meeting."

Ten minutes later, after not much debate, my motion was passed.... Well, my idea, anyway.

Lori had glared at me the entire time, but I knew that if I was clever, this would be the start of a flame that would eventually grow into a wildfire in my upcoming campaign to seduce others... redefining myself was definitely the first step in the process.

Adding fuel to her hatred, I winked at her.

After school, Mrs. Parks took me aside. "That was awfully brave."

"I feel like a new woman," I admitted, before adding, "and I may be a submissive in the society, but I want to be a leader in the school."

"It was a great way to plant seeds for all your coming seductions," she added.

"I thought so too," I nodded.

"I think you deserve a reward," she smiled.

"I'm very grateful Mistress, but I have to go babysit," I whispered in her ear.

"Well, stop by my house tomorrow morning at eight," Mrs. Parks ordered.

"I love your breakfasts," I smiled.

"I know you do," she smiled back.

The next morning, Mrs. Parks rewarded me for my adventurous behaviour by presenting me with the best morning snack in the world... her pussy.

She had me get naked, which surprised me.

She surprised me a second time, by pushing me against the wall, dropping to her knees and burying her face between my legs and getting me off. I had thought I wouldn't be eligible for an orgasm until I had seduced my best friend Eleanor, but Mrs. Parks was one of my Mistresses and could do whatever she wished with me. And I was most definitely not going to complain!

I then enthusiastically returned the favour, as she rolled me onto my back, lowered herself onto my face and provided me with the best breakfast possible. We left damp spots all over her clean tablecloth, but she graciously told me not to worry about it.

A couple days later, Eleanor was over at my house and I had purposely left out a pornographic lesbian book that had been given to me by Mrs. Madison. It was placed to look as if I had wanted to hide it, but part of it was actually in clear view.

Eleanor was still in awe of all that had happened at the meeting and asked, "Are you going to be in the kissing booth?"

I I thought to myself that maybe we needed a third booth for girls to kiss girls. But I answered, "I'm not sure the boys would pay their money for me."

"Oh, they really would, Rebecca. I've heard guys saying recently that you're hot." Eleanor said.

"Oh? Good to know. Are you going to be in the booth?" I asked, even though I knew she had never had a boyfriend, nor had she ever even kissed a boy.

"God, no," she demurred, blushing. "I couldn't.

"Yeah, I think you're right," I nodded, "your first kiss needs to be special." As I said it, I realized then and there that I was determined to be the first to kiss both her pairs of lips. I was going to be her first everything.

"Plus, ninety-nine percent of the boys in our school are disgusting," Eleanor sighed.

I laughed, "True, true. There are no James Deans here."

"Isn't that the truth," she nodded. "Plus, you have the only really good guy in the school."

"He can be exhausting," I pointed out. This wasn't something I'd remotely believed before I first tasted pussy, but he was no longer all I wanted.

"Yes, you have it so tough, you poor thing," she sarcastically quipped.

I would love to tell her the truth, but this was way too early. So instead I said, "So what are you wearing to homecoming?"

"I have no idea," she said. "How about you?"

"I was thinking my new poodle skirt," I said.

"The shorter one?" she asked.

"Of course," I nodded. "It's my senior year, so I'm going to live for the moment."

"Is that your new philosophy?" Eleanor asked, as she sat on the bed, the pornographic book peeking out from underneath my pillow.

"Yes," I confirmed. I should note I wasn't an outcast or anything. I knew most people at school, and most people knew me. I just wasn't a leader or a cheerleader. I was on the Student Council only because I was head of the debate team. "No more sitting in partial shadows. I want to be noticed. I want to be heard. At some point I even want to be followed."

"Don't forget about shy little me," she joked.

I laughed, hinting at my true intentions slightly, "Trust me, Eleanor, you're going to be a big part of the new me. I want you close by my side for the entire, exciting ride. We're only seniors once."

"I'm in," she said, then noticed the book hiding only partly under my pillow. "What's this?" she asked, reaching for it.

I first feigned embarrassment. "Oh, oh, it's nothing," as I went to grab it just before she did. Of course, I was purposely too slow.

"Oh my," she said, as she stared at the cover, clearly trying to process what she had just found.

"Um, yeah, I found that in my dad's room," I lied.

"Have you read it?" she asked, still staring at the cover.

"The cover story, yes," I nodded.

"Is it really about lesbians?"


I could see her processing. I could see her red cheeks. I could see her curiosity being fanned into the beginnings of a flame.

I asked, "Would you like to take it home to read?"

"What? No!" she quickly said.

"It's okay," I continued, borrowing an argument Mrs. Parks had earlier used on me. "It's okay, Eleanor. It's 1954; we've come a long way since women couldn't vote."

"Um, I guess," she said, unsure.

Seeing her wavering, I elaborated, "The flappers in the 1920s fought for the right for women to be sexual beings instead of being shoehorned into tight corsets and wired into big dresses with bustles. The Second World War women fought to be perceived as equals in the war effort and in society and," I paused with a playful smile, "I am fighting for the right for Eleanor and I to read pornography."

"So we fought Hitler for the right to read lesbian pornography?" Eleanor asked back, laughing softly while now opening the book.

"Of course," I continued. "It wasn't really about stopping a madman, it was about fighting for the rights of women to lick pussy."

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