1997: My Cousin's Nasty Wedding


She placed her empty glass on the desk and came again close to me.

Again, I felt grabbed by the rear of my neck, and saw her mouth closing on mine.

"Take me now" she told me with an imperious, still sultry voice: "I want you..."

Our mouths melted in a wet, deep kiss.

I felt her hands on the back of my shoulders, and mine went on the rear of her curvy ass.

She moaned into my mouth, rubbing her belly against my waist. It was then that I realised I was sporting a full erection through my good trousers.

There was no way back: we were going to do it, and there would be no way to erase what was going to happen in that very special night...

Somehow, we must have fallen on the bed, because I realised we were rolling on it, tightly clenched at each other in a never-ending luscious kiss.

Breathless, we separated our lips and I saw she was smiling. Her hand was on my crotch, fondling my raging erection through the trousers, and her smile widened up as her fingers felt the length of my cock.

"Hmmm..." she purred, "Thicker than I remembered..."

The buttons opened up one after the other, and soon Lella had my shaft in her small hand, and she was pumping.

Oh no, she hadn't forgotten anything, the little vixen, no matter what she claim! Even if she was sincere and she had been having no sex all those years, she must have rehearsed all our dirty games in her mind while doing herself solo, because she had lost nothing of her fabulous touch.

We kissed again, and this time I proceeded at slipping the dress string down her bare shoulder. Her breast was still contained within the sheer satin tissue of the dress, but just barely... I could see the edge of the nipple's areola, next to the thick numb bulging through the material.

I probed with my tongue her delicate skin over there, and I felt her shiver.

He hand accelerated its movement on my cock, and her head moved down.

I felt her breath on my dick before feeling her tongue on the cockhead. I gasped in surprised pleasure.

Gosh it had been such a long time since I felt a mouth on my cock!

I enjoyed for a moment, then I felt I had to take action, or my wanton cousin was going to finish me up all too soon.

I got rid of the tie, than of the jacket and shirt as Lella proceeded giving me head.

Naked from my waist up, I turned on my clandestine lover and grabbed her by the hips, manoeuvring her on the bed to put her in position.

I moved my hands over her silk-coated legs, raising her dress along up to the waist, until my hands found the band on top of the stockings and the naked skin of her upper thighs.

It was warm and smooth.

She moaned in pleasure.

I followed the suspenders until I reached her guipure, and the thin elastic of her knickers.

I wasn't surprised to find they were on top of the suspenders and not underneath as they were supposed to be: Lella had been true when she said she had been planning that night for a long time...

Her ridiculously small panties came down her stockinged legs without effort and fell on the floor beside the bed, where they laid forgotten the rest of the night.

I went back to business, and this time, wondering above her garters, my hands reached the first curls of Lella's trimmed pussy hair.

I enjoyed my cousin's moaning as I explored her soft bush, searching for the treasures hidden within it.

First I found her excited clit, and the contact made her gasp and shudder; then I spotted the moistness below it, and her labia slowly opened up for me, allowing my finger to slip inside her warm intimacy.

"Oohhh, yes..." she hissed, lost in her own lust.

I slowly entered her, reeling in her explicit enjoyment as she got more and more moist, until I felt droplets of love juice run along my fingers.

Nothing is more exciting for a man than the feeling of his woman's own excitement at the touch of his hands.

I was exploding, but I was also much, much more experienced than the last time I had taken her. I was going to exploit the evening and her body to the very maximum.

I finger-fucked her until I felt her twitching and moaning, ready for the final jump, and stopped.

I went back to play with the immediate surroundings of her slit, and in the mean time I laid with my face between her thighs, enjoying the feeling of her stockings caressing my freshly shaven cheeks.

I inhaled the fragrant scent of her womanhood, I breathed over her open labia causing her to shudder, and then I darted my tongue over her steaming hot cunt flesh.

"Aahhh!" she yelled, feeling my tongue washing her vaginal lips: "Oh my God, yes! Yes, eat me. Lick me... Oh! Oohhh... Hmmm..."

Her fingers found my head and pressed it hard between her thighs, pushing my mouth into her gushing pussy.

I started sucking her hard, licking into her open cunt and sipping at her pearly juice, which tasted wonderful.

My nose sank into her bush and unwillingly stroke her clit, making her jerk and gasp in surprise.

I licked up, teasing her erected, sensitive nod, and then I went back into her, tongue fucking her as deep as I could.

"Aaghhh!" the girl screamed loud, as her thighs closed down on my head, pushing my face into her cunt so hard I thought I would draught in her juices: "Aahhh... Oh God, I'm coming... I'm coming... It's so good... So good... Oohhh... Oohhh..."

She was cumming. Better, she was flooding my face with her pussy juices, almost as abundant as a male ejaculation.

The poor girl had really been in bad needing of it.

I sucked and ate at her as long as her orgasm lasted, swallowing all of her sweet, pearly fluids, while she trashed about, crying and convulsing out of control.

When her climax finally subsided, she fell down on her back, panting and gasping for hair.

I exploited the moment to get rid of my shoes and of the last of my clothes, and then I went back on her mouth, to kiss her.

She felt her own taste on my lips and smiled, Hugging me tight.

"It was beautiful," she whispered in my ears, caressing me: "Much better than I remembered... Oh I'm so happy we did it!"

I pulled her dress down, uncovered her tits.

They were much bigger than I remembered: rounded and fleshy, like an adult woman's.

Strange to think of it: my little cousin, the girlie of my teens, was a woman now. A beautiful lady in her thirties... My incestuous, clandestine lover.

I suckled her nipple. It was different too: larger, darker, less hard and long than I remembered. I was biting an adult female body.

"Wait a moment," she said.

Lella rose on her feet and slipped completely out of her expensive evening dress.

She stood in front of me, proudly naked but for her stockings, heels and lingerie, letting my eyes admire her. A wicked smile curled her mouth, as she reeled in my overt admiration of her sexy body.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked with her sultry voice, massaging her breasts.

I sighed: "Oh gosh, I do... You know all too well I do! Come here now, little seducer, and I'll give you the fuck of your life."

"Hmmm, I do hope so. I've been dreaming of it for so long..."

She moved back on the bed with a feline movement, rubbing herself against my naked body and purring like a kitten as she manoeuvred her face down, until she reached back my semi-hard cock, and swallowed it right away.

"Oomhhh..." I moaned, feeling sucked up to a new, standing erection.

My supposed-to-be naive lover was preparing my prick to get fucked.

As I said, I wasn't to be dominated by my cousin. Not after the experienced I matured in the last years.

When she let go of me, I just rolled her over to the centre of the bed and opened her legs wide.

She laid on her back smiling, ready to be taken. I admired her soft breasts flat on her chest, her curvy body, her long, stockinged legs, her hairy, wet and open cunt...

And then, I just aimed my cock at her gaping slit and drove all of myself to target.

"Aawww..." she cried out, as I felt myself spearheading into her moist flesh, sinking into her hot pussy and nailing her warm, naked body into our bed.

I enjoyed the intimacy of our full-body contact, felt our flesh meet and merge into our forbidden coupling, and staid a moment like that, letting my cock re-accustom to Lella's pussy, and her pussy itself absorbing the long-coveted intrusion.

She closed her naked arms around my shoulders and her silk-coated legs around my waist, and clenched at me like that, enjoying herself our rediscovered intimacy.

Then, I slowly started fucking her.

"Hmmm..." she started moaning happily, "Oh, yes... Yes, I like it... It's so good... Oh! Oohhh..."

Her arms and legs never stopped caressing my body as I slowly screwed her gyrating my hips all the time, trying to sink into her pussy from all possible angles and to touch and stimulate every inch of her cunt walls.

My accomplishment wasn't measurable only in terms of her moans, but also by the amount of fluids that her steaming hole was producing: I could feel it on my naked thighs, and it was arousing.

When I realised her pussy muscles were reacting stronger and her breath had drastically accelerated, I changed both position and rhythm: I raised her legs over my arms, forcing her body to bend under my thrusts, and accelerated the fuck, solicitating her clit and the bottom regions of her vagina at the same time.

"Yes!" she yelled, "Like this, fuck me like this... Deeper... Deeper... Hmmm... Hmmm... Yes, I'm coming... I'm coming... Oouaaahhhh... Aahhh... AAAHHHH!!!"

I felt her orgasm surging, bursting out and finally washing through her shacking body, as Lella tossed and trashed about under my merciless banging.

I was prepared, and the sudden, uncontrolled contractions of her pussy muscles didn't trick me into following her: I did learn something in the last years...

I slew down my fucking tempo as she slowly came back to earth from her peak, until I felt her collapsing under my last, calm thrusts into her belly.

I kissed her on the soft skin of the neck, taking care this time not to mark her... It would be embarrassing for the bride, to sport bite marks at her wedding!

"Liked it?" I whispered in her ear after the soft kissing.

"Every bit as great as I dreamed of it..." she panted. "My God, I could get addicted to this! My husband has better to be very good."

"Glad you appreciated, little cousin... Since we are far from finished!"

She groaned as I exited her and turned her on the side, spooning her.

I grabbed her breasts and kneaded them, twisting her nipples while my stiff cock rubbed her hairy mound.

Instinctively, she rose the upper leg to allow me the penetration: "Oohhh... Yes, take me again," she cried: "I want more... More!"

I let go of one tit to help my cock to find her drenched slit, and in one move I was back inside her.

"Hmmm... Yes, do me. Do me hard..."

Again, I started slowly; only, this time I was hitting harder. I knew in that position I was reaching less deep than earlier, so the effect had to be reached by working her G-spot from a different angle and with more energy than before.

The novelty pleasantly surprised my perverted cousin, who started again moaning and twitching under my hammering, and I took advantage of the opportunity to play with her soft, rounded breasts while fucking her cunt.

Then, she realized she could play with her clit: her hand was wandering around over her own belly, and suddenly her fingers reached the curls of her bush and found her erected nod.

"Hnnngg!" she stuttered, shaking and tossing under the double stimulation of my cock on her G-spot and her fingers on her clit.

Her body was fresh from the previous orgasm, and still badly in needing: all her nerves were still vibrating and the vibrations soon accelerated to a loud mini-climax that shook her whole frame.

"Aawww-w-w-w..." she gasped, taken aback by the new sensation, totally unexpected and still less powerful than a proper orgasm... Less powerful, but quite longer, since the first high was followed by a few more ones of the same intensity, like a series of long waves hitting ashore with less violence but with the same strength of a single, high one.

Her pussy was literally chewing my cock, and the feeling was delighting.

It had been so long for me too, since I had enjoyed a decent screw!

I reached again for both her nipples at the same time, twisting them hard, and Lella screamed out and trashed like hit by an electroshock.

"Aaghhh!" she cried, and I knew this wasn't an orgasm but rather just an excess of stimulation. I knew it, but I needed to stop her low-frequency cumming before she could trigger my own onslaught.

I slipped out of her before she could protest, and tossed her over again, on her belly. Lella laid there, apparently exhausted, and I just pushed two pillows under her stomach to help her raising on all fours.

It was due time to take her doggy style...

She understood immediately, and forced herself back on her elbows and knees, offering me her best and most rounded curves.

I admired her shapely ass, perfectly framed by the guepière, the suspenders and the band of her high-class stockings: it looked like a real jewel, and I was going to steal it right now.

I positioned my manhood at her wet entrance and slide in effortlessly with a slow, single drive, grabbing her hips and pushing in up to the hilt.

"Oohhh... Oh my God! You're so deep in... I feel it at my cervix!"

Pretty possible. I felt something harder at the very bottom of her love channel, and it could have been the mouth of her womb...

I slowly pulled out, positioned myself as balanced as possible, held her hips tightly, and slammed back in with all I was worth.

"AARGGGHHHH!!!" Lella screamed out as I stabbed her into her most intimate depths.

I actually hurt myself a bit while forcing her cervix open, but the sensation was incredible: the warmth and moisture of her uterine regions were so intense that even the strength of her muscles seemed to soften somewhat.

I was on cloud nine, while my cousin was just yelling like if giving birth... Only hers wasn't pain but pure ecstasy.

I reached one hand for her hanging and swaying breast, grabbing it and squeezing hard, pulling another scream out of her burning lungs.

With the other hand I caressed her muscled thigh, still sexily clad in silk, then I went up over her thinly sweating back and shoulders, until I got hold of her long, brown hair.

Then I pulled her tight, like a mare to break, and I slammed my cock all the way in at the same time, hitting her cervix again while tweaking and pulling cruelly her swollen nipple.

"AAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!" the poor girl cried out exploding in a maelstrom of pain and pleasure.

Her jerking convulsions and the violence of her climax washed me over the edge, and I suddenly let go of my own load, powerfully and painfully.

My ears rang as my balls detonated, shooting jets of sperm through my throbbing cock and into Lella's spasming belly.

I felt like my semen was being sucked directly from my brain, so excruciating was the pain I felt, as spurt afters spurts flooded my cousin's steaming vagina.

Luckily, pain lasted just a second, while pleasure mounted and mounted, as I was emptying myself all the way into the orgasming woman under me.

Lella's arms gave up under the violence of the onslaught, and she fell on the pillows, as our combined orgasms merged into a heap of convulsing human flesh, jerking limbs, sweating skin and screaming bodies.

I fell myself on top of her, but her pussy muscles were chewing so strongly on me that we didn't separate, and I kept on spreading my load inside her, until I was finished and she slowly stopped shacking.

We relaxed in the afterglow, still tightly intertwined. I kissed the back of her neck, pulling over her hair and licking delicately the delicate skin in the crack under the skull.

"Oohhh..." she sighed weakly.

"Ufff!" I panted, exhausted.

"That was awesome..." she groaned, "I felt like you were killing me. And I wanted to die!"

"And now?" I managed to tease.

"Now, I'm dead!" she giggled.

I rolled on my side, slipping out of her sloppy pussy. Her well-fucked slit gaped open, allowing a film of cum to trickle out of her.

I marvelled at seeing so little of it, knowing how much I just placed into her, then I remembered how deep inside I was when I emptied my load, and I felt worried.

Lella red my concern and shushed me with a smile: "Don't worry... I told you I have been thinking out this quite well. I'm most definitely not fertile these days... Promised!"

"Uh," I groaned: "Good."

She hugged me and kissed me on the lips: "How sweet you are to worry... My sweet, sweet cousin. My lover... My man."

I groaned again, watching into that bride-to-be big brown eyes, and feeling so guilty for what we just did to her marriage and to her future family and life.

Again, she red through my thoughts.

"Do not feel bad, cousin," she smiled sweetly: "Don't, because I feel so good... I know it is odd, but I feel perfectly comfortable with this. Believe me. I love Michele, and I am so happy to marry him. At the same time, I feel I belong to you, and I always will. It will be our little dirty secret, and - I assure you - I will be very happy with my beloved husband... And what we did now will help me a lot to start my life with him. No regrets, no hidden desires... And more self-confidence to face him in bed and start our intimate life together. Can you understand?"

I couldn't, but I nodded yes. It would do no good to argue... Besides, Lella was an adult woman, and made her choices. I didn't exploit a weakness of hers, I just followed her own, determined plan.

I did care for her, there would always be a soft spot for her inside me. But I knew I wasn't in love with her. And I assumed she wasn't in love with me either. We just lust on each other, as we always did.

The forbidden fruit... And she wanted a last bite of it, before pronouncing her wedding wows. Fine with me. It had been good for me, too. It did help me.

Somehow, it did.

I kissed her, and she answered my kiss, passionately.

I realised she hadn't got enough. She moaned inside our open-mouthed kissing, and started rubbing again her body against mine.

Then I felt her hand grabbing my spent cock. After a few strokes, she realized it was to no avail, and just went down on me.

I groaned as I felt her mouth on my shaft, and then the tickling sensation of her throat sucking me off.

She caressed my swollen, hard testicles, which were working hard, draining energy from the rest of my body in order to quickly produce more semen...

I knew she was winning when her lips rose to the base of the cockhead and her other hand grabbed the root of the shaft, while the first one kept on caressing my nuts.

Lella blew me back to a full erection in not more than ten minutes of hard mouth-job, and then she jumped astride me and impaled herself with a long moan of ecstasy.

"Oohhh, yesss!" she hissed, as my cock sank into her sloppy pussy: "There is still plenty of you that I want... Give it to me. Give it to me, please..."

I was to oblige the bride, of course.

She started moving slowly, feeling my cock all inside her distended cunt, all moist and soft from the previous hammering.

I moved my hands all along her gorgeous body: caressing her thighs first, then her sides, her full buttocks, her flat stomach, and finally I got hold of her soft breasts.

"Hmmm..." she moaned, "Yes, play with my breasts... I like it. They are so sensitive, now..."

It was a very relaxing position for both of us, and we both just came quite violently; we were in for a long ride, and we both knew it. It was neither high nor long waves, this time: it was like a fresh, crispy breeze over crystal-clear waters.

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