tagLoving Wives$20 Million Ch. 06

$20 Million Ch. 06


Today is Sunday. Carrie’s been gone since Friday morning. I’m sure she’s having more fun with Jake and Johnny than I’m having with Chuck.

Ethan, Nadine, and Trent left on Friday as well, for a holiday. Like they need a holiday from not doing anything? Everybody’s due back tonight.

I have a surprise planned. It couldn’t come at a better time.

Chuck has become cruel. He’s been getting worse lately with everyone.

A few days before she left he even smacked Carrie across the face. We were in the rec room and he was quite drunk and decided he wanted a blowjob. She said she was too tired. So he just lost it. He started throwing things and yelling, and when she went to calm him she got smacked for it. I ran up to do something about it but he just ducked low and tackled me. With the wind knocked out of me I was helpless. He told Carrie to go to the bedroom and wait for him there or things would get worse. With a hesitation, she left me alone with him. He grabbed me by the throat and told me that if I didn’t take care of his hard-on, she would suffer for it.

Knowing I had only one choice, I reached for his belt and undid it. Then, pulling down his pants, I saw that he did indeed have a hard-on to be taken care of. As it was freed from the confines of his jeans, it sprang up and hit me hard in the chin. His mighty cock looked even larger and more menacing under these circumstances.

He immediately and roughly started fucking my throat with it. Obviously I gagged, but, after having serviced these giant organs for weeks now, I was becoming accustomed to it. Soon I felt the tickle of his pubic hairs on the tip of my nose signaling 12 inches of thick dick had passed my lips. I wanted this blowjob to end quickly so I started to rub his balls with one hand and finger his ass with the other.

He fucked my face for ten minutes before I felt his giant sack tighten and his shaft swell to an even more amazing thickness. Then, he grabbed my hair, pulled me tight to him, and unloaded down my throat. I swallowed every drop until at last he slid it out.

One problem. It wasn’t getting smaller.

“Get some of that lube, Bitch, I’m not done with you yet.”

All I could think of is, ‘why did this guy have to be such a fuck machine?’

So used to being the ‘bitch’ I just complied with what he said.

Handing the lube to him, I undid and removed my own pants, and then he bent me over the arm of the sofa.

He was working the lube on to his serpent with one hand and poured some more on my hole. He then shoved one, two, and then three fingers up my ass to prepare it for the invasion. Next, I felt the massive mushroom head of his manhood seeking entry deep in to my body. It found it in one quick movement as, in an instant, I had a foot of rigid meat in my innermost parts.

I soon forgot why I was mad at Chuck. I think I almost forgot my name, too. I would be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love getting my ass pounded by this perfect specimen of a man. His flawless body, his gorgeous face, his rock-hard ass, and his awe-inspiring penis made him everything I never knew that I had wanted all my life.

But I am not a fool. I knew that he didn’t care about me and that I was just a fuck slave to satisfy his needs. But did I mind? Not right now, not while he’s fucking me.

He was relentless for about twenty minutes, until at last he started dumping load after load of his cum in me. I felt his cock begin to shrink, almost down to my full size. He withdrew and, after a hard smack on my ass cheek, said, “I guess Carrie gets to rest up after all. Good night, Bitch.”

I slid forward on to the sofa, exhausted, and watched as he bent over and picked up his clothes. Damn, what a fine ass! His now soft dick, shriveled down to about eight inches, swayed back and forth as he walked out of the room. Doubtlessly, heading to my old bedroom to sleep beside my wife.

Suddenly, free of the trance of seeing Chuck’s naked body, I remembered what had occurred. Tomorrow, I would have to make some phone calls.

This weekend has been tiring to say the least.

Since everyone left, Chuck has been even more aggressive. All weekend he’s walked around nude and, without having Carrie around, I’ve had to service him non-stop. Twice I resisted, only finding my efforts seemed to excite him more. My ass paid dearly for it both times. He loves being in control of me and constantly has me cooking for him or serving him drinks. That is, when he’s not having me suck his dick or bending over for yet another fucking. I’ve lost track of the times.

I’m growing to hate the fact that I’ve given up my masculinity, but I don’t seem to have any control over that now. If I even look at him wrong, he’ll punch me in the stomach and nearly knock me out.

I was in the middle of giving him a full body massage when the family all got home. Chuck’s muscles were glistening with the edible body oil as he lay on his stomach. His massive sausage and huge sack were pointed down between his spread legs. I would often lean forward and lick my way from the top of his crack, stick my tongue in his hole, then carry on down between his balls, to the end of his beautiful cock and back up again. I had just completed this maneuver for about the twentieth time when I looked up to see my wife watching us. Beside her Ethan, Nadine, and Trent were chuckling to themselves and I heard Ethan say, “he’s sure got his bitch well trained.”

Then they all disrobed and started on each other. Carrie dropped to her knees and took turns sucking Ethan and Trent’s growing cocks in to her mouth. Nadine lay down with her pussy facing the boys and began to ravage her mother’s wet cunt.

Chuck rolled over on to his back and grabbed me by the back of my head. He loved proving to everyone that he was the “boss” and showed it as often as possible. As I was sucking his swollen member, I glanced over and noticed that Ethan was no longer with the others. An instant later I felt a squirt of the oil running over my asshole and prepared myself to be taken. He was gentle at first, but was soon fucking me hard, deep, and fast.

Carrie and her kids were having fun. She had leaned over in to a 69 with Nadine and Trent was fucking Carrie from behind. His lean, fit body was moving with a quick rhythm that Carrie seemed to be enjoying. Meanwhile, Nadine licked his balls and anus, and occasionally nibbled on her mom’s clit. After about ten minutes, Trent slid out of Carrie’s snatch and in to his sister’s mouth. She sucked him for all she was worth until he called to Ethan to throw him the oil.

Once received, he lubed up his long, thin, upturned cock as well as Carrie’s tight asshole and then proceeded to fuck her slowly and gently. Carrie wouldn’t let anyone but her baby boy fuck her that way. Not even me. Nadine turned her full attention to tonguing Carrie’s dripping box.

Chuck and Ethan continued fucking me from both ends, and, about forty-five minutes after this had all begun, everyone started cumming. First, Trent pulled out his dick and started spraying all over Carrie’s cunt and Nadine’s face. Nadine cleaned up the cum off of her mother, and then Carrie spun around and sucked Trent’s prick clean before licking up the rest from Nadine’s face.

Chuck was next as he poured shot after shot deep down my throat and in to my belly. Ethan was last but not least as he unloaded an amazing twelve spurts up my ass. Everyone had cum – except me.

I still had a raging erection, but, as I looked for someone to fuck, they all just got up and jumped in to the hot tub.

Feeling dejected, I just stroked myself off and shot my load in to a nearby towel. Then, to make matters worse, they all demanded that I grab them a drink. I pulled on my shorts and started heading to the bar. Fuck, had I ever become a wimp. What ever happened to being the man of my own house?

I was just nearing the bar as I heard the doorbell ring. I knew with the noise from the music my “family” had just turned on they wouldn’t hear it. They would have told me to get it anyway.

Suddenly, it dawned on me who it would be at the door. My surprise for the others was here at last. I could feel the testosterone building in me again.

I started to shake as I opened the door. I would have the upper hand once again.

“Hello,” the deep voice rumbled, “you must be Mr. Williams.”

“I sure am. You must be Kenny. Good to finally meet you in person. Come on in and follow me.”

I led him to the rec room and offered him a drink. He declined and said “never while on the job. Assuming I am on the job, that is.”

“Yes, I’d love for you to start right away. Your main job here will be security, but first I have some people here who have out-stayed their welcome.”

As he stood there, I appraised my new employee. He was an awesome example of a man. He was black and, while he didn’t quite have the looks of Jake, was very handsome. He was wearing a tight fitting black t-shirt and baggy blue jeans. His muscles rippled as he moved and I found myself staring too long at him. I even felt my prick start to harden. He just looked back at me as though he was used to people gawking and gave me a quick grin. From his resume I knew he was 6’10”, 325 lbs. (not an ounce of which was fat), and extremely knowledgeable in multiple fighting techniques. Thankfully, he was on my side.

Time to introduce him to the group. I couldn’t fight back my grin as I lead him to the hot tub room.

I told Kenny to wait outside the room for a second. As I walked in the door Chuck looked over at me and said, “Where are the fucking drinks, Bitch?”

“Get your own fucking drinks! I’m not serving anyone anymore. Oh, by the way, you kids better start packing, you’ll be leaving soon.”

He sat there in shock for a long moment and then he and Ethan climbed out of the tub and started towards me. I glanced down and could almost see their monster cocks growing harder with the anticipation of kicking my ass. My heart beat faster as they neared. Not in fear, though, but excitement.

Just as they got to me, Kenny stepped in the room. They both stopped dead in their tracks, wide-eyed at the appearance of this incredibly powerful man standing beside me. He grabbed both of them by their large pricks and quietly said, “you heard the man. Get your shit together and get ready to leave.”

Carrie came running up and grabbed me by the arm. “What’s going on, Rick? What the hell are you doing?”

“It’s time for the kids to go, Honey. I’m not going to be a servant in my own house anymore. Chuck, Ethan, Nadine, and Trent are all going to be moving out. I bought a four-bedroom house for them in the city and they can stay there free for as long as they like. Kenny is here to make sure that what I say goes from now on. I want you to know that you have a choice: either stay here with me and be happy, or go live with the kids and we’ll split up the money.”

“Rick, you know I love you. I’ll never leave you. Things just got out of hand, that’s all. I’m sorry…will you forgive me?”

“Of course, I’m just happy things will get back to normal.” Actually, I have to admit, I was going to miss most of the sex that had been happening with these young, hard-bodied, kids. I loved fucking Nadine, sucking or being fucked by Trent, and I would even miss some things about Ethan and Chuck; namely, just watching them strut around or when I was playing with their jumbo man-meat.

By this time, Kenny had let go of the boys, Trent and Nadine had joined them, and they were all in the process of picking their clothes up off the floor. For the first time since this started, I glanced at Kenny and my eyes noticed a massive bulge running down his leg. It looked like a woman’s arm in his pants. Apparently, he very excited by the possibility of the brothers putting up a fight. Either that, or, he was enjoying the nude bodies surrounding him. He was definitely paying Carrie some attention, and she noticed. I had a feeling she was already lining up a replacement for Chuck’s sausage.

An hour later, the kids had all their stuff loaded in the SUV that I had also bought for them. Kenny and I watched from inside as Carrie went out to send them off.

First, she gave Nadine a big hug and a passionate kiss. Then, the same for Ethan, but she added a long, firm squeeze of his tight butt. Trent was next; she was a little more motherly with him, but basically the same. Finally, with the other three in the truck, waiting for him to drive, she got to Chuck. He leaned forward and shoved his tongue in to her mouth. A moment later her hand grabbed his huge trouser snake and started rubbing.

I knew it would be hard on her to have him go. They had fucked countless times in the last month and she would miss that. I almost felt bad for her. Almost.

She was still stroking him and had moved the other hand to cup his perfect ass. His hands had moved up under her shirt and were squeezing her beautiful tits.

Kenny had kept quiet up until now but finally broke the silence. “Doesn’t it bother you to watch your wife doing that?”

“You know Kenny,” I replied, “I love my wife so much that, if she wants to fuck a huge dick, which I don’t have, I won’t get in her way. But this whole situation just got out of control. I became a slave in my own house, got kicked out of my own bedroom, and rarely fucked my wife. That’s why I called you.”

I could tell that Carrie was getting lost in the moment with Chuck. She had undone his pants and was jerking him off with both hands. She backed away from his kiss and knelt down, right there in the driveway, to suck the giant head of his member.

Kenny was watching intently and the whole scene was having an effect on his organ. He started, I think subconsciously, to rub his own shaft through his pants. Without taking my eyes off of his stroking hand, I said, “no need to hide that. No one else does around here.”

As he continued watching my wife give expert head, he undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. You would think that after seeing Ethan and Chuck’s massive pricks so much, I wouldn’t have been shocked by what appeared beside me.

Speaking of Chuck’s massive prick, it was now buried in Carrie’s cunt. He had lifted up her skirt, was holding her up, and she had wrapped her slender legs around his waist.

Kenny was in a class all on his own. As I watched him double-fisting his black anaconda, I guessed that his must have been at least fifteen inches long and a fair bit thicker than Ethan’s. My mouth started watering as this incredible man jerked his beautiful manhood less than a foot from me. I’m not sure why I chose this moment to say this but I just muttered, “Fuck, you are HUGE!”

He glanced over at me and smiled, “do you think your wife might like this in her hot snatch?”

Just as he said that, Chuck pulled Carrie right down and started pumping another of his extra large loads of hot cum deep inside her. They kissed for a while in that position before Chuck set her down gently. He then pulled up his pants, turned away, got in the truck, and drove off.

“I would bet anything that she would, Kenny. Why don’t you ask her when she comes in?”

Carrie limped her way to the door and slowly opened it. She had a sad, but satisfied look in her eyes. A second didn’t go by, though, before her line of vision locked in on the fresh meat.

“Kenny was just wondering if you’d like to fuck him sometime. I figured you would but didn’t want to answer for you.”

She finally snapped out of her shock and just nodded. “Did my husband tell you that he LOVES to drink men’s cum? Either out of my pussy or right from the source.”

“Well,” the deep voice replied, “I’m not bi-sexual, so, I guess he’ll have to get it from your pussy.”

“Follow me to the guest room, Kenny,” Carrie purred. “Let’s get you all set up.”

Kenny just slipped his jeans off of his feet. He then removed his shirt and socks, leaving both Carrie and I panting over his naked body. He was so chiseled that I wondered if his body could be real. He picked up his clothes and his suitcase and followed my wife to his new suite. I just tagged along behind, staring at his sensational ass. As he walked, his muscles rippled and flexed and I knew that if he wanted to, he could throw me around like a rag-doll. Right now that didn’t sound too bad.

In his room, Carrie took his things and placed them neatly on the floor. She told him to lie down on the bed and relax for a minute. She ran in to his bathroom and quickly returned with massage oil. With a coy look on her face she asked, “where can I start? Front or back?”

He answered, “You pick. You’re the boss.” With that she squirted oil all over his massive chest and began to work it in.

As she leaned forward her luscious tits were separated by his giant appendage and she started to rock back and forth to caress his cock. I had been standing behind her up to this point, taking it all in, but I could hold back no longer. My eyes were locked on to her freshly fucked pussy and the thick jizm oozing out of it. This might be the last time I tasted Chuck’s cum, so I was going to take advantage.

I gently eased up behind her and started by cleaning the small river running down her inner thighs. She barely seemed to notice as she was almost completely pre-occupied by Kenny’s flawless body. Chuck had indeed left a huge deposit of semen in Carrie’s cooze but I made sure I drank it all. It was my last act of submission for the man that had been sleeping with my wife every night.

When I was done, I told them both that I would leave them alone to get to know each other. I told Carrie that I was looking forward to sharing a bed with her again. She told me I could stay, but I explained that I was exhausted from the weekend and that I doubted they would miss me. I took one last look at Kenny’s body and huge cock and headed to my room.

It was about three hours later when Carrie flopped on to our bed. I had purposely avoided jerking off just to see if I could share a load with my beautiful wife. “Well?” I asked, as though she had just tried on some new shoes.

“All I can say is WOW! Oh yeah, and THANK YOU!”

“He was that good?”

“Better. He really knows how to use his equipment.”

I stroked my dick and said, “tell me more.”

“After you left I just kept massaging his chest while he tit-fucked me. His humongous black serpent just kept growing even bigger. I thought I would tease him a little so I lowered my head to his waist and started kissing my way back up. His cock was just throbbing as I ran my lips and tongue up those perfect abs of his. By the time I got to the end of his salami, I was at his chest. That thing is HUGE.”

I was really pumping my cock fast now, just imagining being able to do these things to that ebony god. The way my wife was telling the story made me very thankful that I chose to replace Chuck and Ethan with Kenny. He wouldn’t abuse me, and yet my lovely wife would still get the pleasure. I could suddenly smell his musky odor on her. My mouth started to water.

“Then he grabbed me, pulled my up to look in his deep brown eyes, and kissed me. The passion was almost too much. His kiss was so soft and sweet, and yet I knew that he was in total control. His lips just covered mine and swallowed them whole. Then, gently, he slid his tongue in to my mouth. I’m telling you; it’s probably longer and thicker that some penises out there. I felt like I was giving head.”

The more she talked the harder I got. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer and had to taste his juices.

“We kissed like that for a few minutes. By then, my pussy was dripping wet and I wanted that steel pipe of his in me. But first I wanted to taste it, so I ran my tongue down his throat, across that massive chest, and suddenly there it was.

“As I took a hold of it, I felt like I had just grabbed a fire hose. I could feel his pulse through the massive veins that fed it to its monster size. It was like a separate being, with a mind of its own. The head was about the size of a mandarin orange. The pre-cum oozing out of it and down his chocolate shaft was about as much as you normally cum in a session, so I started by licking all of it up. It tasted like honey.”

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