2000: My Wife's Surprise Party


"Hmmm..." I groaned, "Yesss! Yes, that's it little girl... Lick me. Lick me as I thought you... I like it... I like it... Hmmm..."

My lesbian lover tongue-fucked me, relaxing my slit until I opened up completely and started getting more and more wet. Meanwhile, I was slowly playing my clit, while caressing her head with the other hand, my own head relaxed over the pillow.

The combination of my running fluids and of her own saliva was making Lella's face pretty much wet, and Roberto was clearly enjoying the view of our nasty performance.

I was still quite far from my high, but I was enjoying Lella's mouth job quite a lot: the girl had been an attentive disciple as I thought her how to please my pussy, and I must admit she was quite better at that than my husband. I red usually women are better at giving head to other women, but I started getting good evidence of that, also considering Roberto claimed to be quite good himself at that... And I had no other experience like that with other men, since Nordic guys are not as much into it as southern Europeans.

I let Lella play with me for quite a while, but in the end I felt like I had to restate my dominant position, so I pulled hard her hair, lifting her face from my pussy. She was quite a mess, all dripping and wet on her chin and cheeks: I loved it.

I rose to face her, and stamped a wet kiss on her juicy mouth, tasting my own body on Lella's lips.

"Good job, sweetheart," I smiled, "But now, let's change position."

I pushed Lella down and squatted over her head, facing my husband with a wide grin over my face. I clenched my lover's head between my legs and slowly started fucking her face, enjoying the feeling of her trashing and gasping for air under me...

Soon I felt her tongue slipping again inside me, as my toy resumed her mouth job, and I let go of a long moan of delight: "Aahhh... Yes! Oh, Yes! Yesss...Oh, like that! I like it... I like it... Aahhh..."

I pushed my cunt harder over her face, until she almost chocked, and then I suddenly leaned over her convulsing body, reaching with my head between her nylon-coated legs and pushing my mouth on her black-haired pussy.

Lella moaned loudly under me as my tongue opened her slit and sipped her honey.

My lover produced far more juice than me, fully betraying her slutty nature. I can't say I came to love the taste of her cunt, but surely I got used to eat her, and she didn't taste that bad... I mean, I still enjoy men far better, but girls are quite fun too.

I went for her clit, causing her to convulse violently under the abuse, but I knew well she enjoyed that game far less than me, so I quickly reverted back to eating her cunt. But my clever pet got the point and moved her own tongue up to please my clitoris.

"Oohhh..." I groaned happily, "At long last! Lick it! Lick it, you idiot... Oohhh yeah! Yeah! Yeaaaaahhhhhh...!"

I sixty-nined her for at least twenty minutes, sucking her cunt and eating her come, until she managed to push me over the edge with her tongue.

I felt it coming, suddenly powerful and overwhelming, and my whole body shook and convulsed as Lella's tongue tweaked my suddenly overexcited clitoris.

I raised my face from her cunt and hissed a long "Uuhhh!!!" as I orgasmed on her face.

I went totally blank, as I felt on the crest of the wave of my own orgasm and the power of it washed through my body and my brain...

...And then I fell down, breathless, back on Earth.

As I reopened my eyes, my husband stood in front of me naked and with a full erection in front of my face, a wide grin on his happy face.

I breathed hard, and just gobbled his cockhead into my mouth, closing my cold lips on her root of his shaft.

Roberto played with my short hair as I blew him to his hardest and Lella slowly resumed licking me.

So strange, to shift from a pussy to a cock! Their taste is so different, and still so close to each other... Sour-sweet the one, more salty the other. A fantastic mix! It may sound obvious, but they do go toghether!

I tried again Lella's pussy, and then again I swallowed Roberto's cock.


I kept on feasting on my two partners' sexes, enjoying every sip and bite. If only I could sip some sparkling wine, to accompany the combined taste! I took a mental note to keep a glass of bubble next to me the next time...

Lella's cunt was open and ready for a cock, and I felt like it was no time to be selfish, not after the climax the girl just gave to me after such a long and good mouth job.

I gave Roberto's cock a last, wet blow, and then I manoeuvred it into Lella's cunt with a determined move.

My husband groaned with satisfaction, as his cock slowly entered his cousin, and she yelled with joy from under me: "Hmmm... Oh my God, yes! Yes! Yesss..."

Just under my nose, my loving husband's cock ploughed into my lesbian lover's cunt and disappeared inside her belly.

I shivered in excitement, as two opposite jealousy waves washed over me, and vanished away at the same moment. It was me, the one who made it happen; I consumed their unholy conjunction... And enjoyed it. I had nothing to be jealous for.

I saw their pubic hair mixing into a heap of curls of the same colour, enhancing the feeling the two lovers were strictly related.

I darted my tongue in, trying to lick the very junction of their bodies and to follow Roberto's cock into Lella's pussy. Suddenly, the tastes of my male and female lovers melted into a single, combined flavour of raw sex.

I heard a muffled growl of pleasure, and I realized it came from my own throat as well as from my partners'.

We were fucking each other, the three of us... There is no other way to say it. It was a threesome, at its maximum extent.

Slowly, Roberto started fucking Lella's cunt. Her legs opened up to allow his thrusts to better hit home, and he lifted her knees to position himself in the best way to hammer her properly.

I gave a last sip at the junction of their bodies, licking Lella's clitoris and Roberto's shaft in one single, long drive, and then I rose back on my knees, still holding my cousin-in-law's head between my legs.

My husband's face was now right in front of me, all red for the effort to nail his cousin. We smiled at each other, and we French-kissed open mouth.

Our tongues intertwined and played between our open lips, as we both fucked our sex-toy: Roberto doing her cunt as I did her face.

"I love my birthday present," he whispered between our teeth.

"Hmmm..." I smiled back, "I'm glad you appreciate it... Because I'm really enjoying it myself!"

Flat under our combined hammering, Lella couldn't say anything; she just moaned her appreciation.

"Only," I breathed slowly, "Don't come inside her... She's trying to get pregnant, and I don't want you to be the father."

He nodded his agreement, and I knew I could trust him on that. She would probably love to knock her down, but not at the price of my rage.

And, if he had to knock down a gal, I had to be the one. Over.

I reached for the junction of their bodies again, and my fingers found Lella's clit.

I stroke it hard, and she thrashed and tossed under my cunt at the brutal abuse.

She wasn't to last long: with the other hand, I started playing hard on her tits while Roberto went down on her with all he was worth, slamming her hungry belly like a jackhammer.

"Aahhh! Aahhh! Aahhh! AAAHHHHH!!!" The girl screamed out her devastating orgasm, convulsing under our merciless screw.

I felt her climax shacking her body in waves, as Roberto kept on fucking her relentlessly, until her spasms subsided and she lay in shambles, like lifeless.

Still, Roberto kept on fucking her at a high-pitch tempo, and I realised he was going to come all too soon.

Suddenly he felt it coming, and tossed himself out of his cousin's belly, aiming at her flat stomach and at my navel.

No idea to waste all that male seed, so I dived on him, just in time to get his first shot of sperm over my face and into my open mouth.

I gobbled his spasming cockhead into my jaws, and the following shots all ended up into my mouth, filling it with hot sperm.

I didn't swallow. I sucked hard, until I was sure my husband's balls were empty for the moment, and then I raised my head and tossed around, leaning over my lesbian lover.

Her face was all red and sweaty for the tremendous exertion, her eyes shone in amazement and pleasure, and her lips opened in a wide smile as she met my sight.

I disclosed my lips, and all my husband's come fell into Lella's open mouth.

The girl coughed, tossed and blinked, caught by surprise by my sudden move, but the long rope of thick sperm leaked almost completely into her jaws, the rest of it splashing over her nose and cheeks.

All messed up in her face, Lella gagged, coughed and finally swallowed, then she shook her head and bursted into laughing.

"So... Nasty!" she smiled at me joyfully, licking her lips clean of her cousin's sperm.

I leaned down on her and kissed her dirty mouth clean, until our tongues embraced inside her lips and our breasts splashed into each other in a mess of satisfied female meat.

As I was kissing my lover, I saw with my eye side Roberto cleaning his sticky thing over Lella's nylon-coated thigh, and then lying on his back next to me to rest while watching at us.

We made love to each other's mouth until we felt clean of male seed, and we kept on sipping our mixed saliva, rubbing our hot, naked bodies against one another until the excitement started fading away, leaving space to a satisfied fatigue.

When I finally lifted my head, I looked into her happy eyes and smiled.

"Do you think he is finished?" I asked.

Lella shook her head smiling, "I don't think so."

"So, help me pulling him back up... It's still his birthday, isn't it?"

We rolled over to Roberto, one of us on each side, and just went for his spent cock.

Without even looking into his face, I got hold of his cock and sucked it into my mouth.

It tasted strongly of Lella. Gosh it was strange! A cock that tasted like a pussy! I was really having a gourmet sex session...

I sucked it clean of my lover's juice, and I soon felt the shaft twitching back to life.

Once again, no reason to be selfish: I let go of the cock and I offered it to Lella, still stroking it with my hand.

Without holding it, my cousin-in-law got it in her mouth until her lips reached my fist, and started blowing.

As Lella was giving head to my husband, I kept on jerking him and meanwhile I leaned with my face between his hairy thighs until I could dart my tongue over his hard-working testicles.

Roberto growled contentedly.

I licked and sucked his balls while pumping his cock hard into Lella's blowing mouth... What a birthday, my love! He couldn't complain, could he?

I could feel under my lips and tongue Roberto's swollen nuts working hard to produce new stuff for the two of us... And I was looking forward to get it all!

I went back with my mouth to my husband's cock and contested it to my lover in a tongue duel up and down his hardening shaft.

Our two darting pink appendices worked along the hard dick until they met at the very head of it and intertwined in a joyful sapphic wet kiss, before going back down to the real business.

We repeated the game quite a few times, alternating hot lesbian kisses and long, determined mouth jobs over the cock we both were craving for, until it was all nice and hard for us to fuck.

"My turn!" I claimed, striding my man and impaling myself on him.

"Oowww..." I moaned, feeling the cock sliding all inside my starving cunt: "Yesss… Fuck me now! Show me you still prefer your wife to your slutty cousin."

I felt his hands grabbing my hips firmly, and soon he started bucking into me from underneath at the same rhythm I was pumping myself up and down on him.

His cock was sinking into my pussy with double strength due to our combined and opposite thrusts, and in a matter of seconds I felt it slamming hard into my cervix.

"Aawww!" I yelled in pleasure, "Oh my God, yes! Fuck me. Fuck me harder! I like it... I like it... Aahhh... Aahhh!"

Lella wasn't going to sit down... Not on the chair at least.

After looking at the two of us taking off with our fucking tempo, our common lover jumped on, strode Roberto's head and sat on his face, rubbing her sloppy pussy on his upturned face.

As my husband started mouthing her, she was moaning and caressing her breasts right in front of my face.

Without slowing my rhythm, I leaned forward and reached for her nipple with my mouth. I felt it, hard and swollen between my lips, and started sucking it hard.

"Aahhh!" Lella cried out: "Yes! Yesss... Lick me! Suck me! Use my body... Make me come! Make me come again... Oohhh... Oohhh... Oowww!!!"

Lella is a comer. I know it all too well, so I wasn't surprised as she jerked in orgasm on Roberto's mouth as I was biting hungrily at her long nipple. She jerked and jumped over his face, screaming out obscenities that a good church-going girl shouldn't even know, and then she fell down and laid on her back, breathing heavily.

I was so excited by the lewd show: I was so hot, I suddenly felt I was coming too, and it took me as a surprise.

I jerked my head behind and screamed, as Roberto's hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed them hard: "Ah! Ah! Ah! Aaghhh!!!"

I felt my pussy muscles contracting and spasming, chewing my man's cock with a strength I know to be impossible for a male to resist... So I wasn't surprised when Roberto rolled me over in the middle of my orgasm, bottomed me flat on my back, raised my naked legs until my booted calves rested on his shoulders, and nailed me down into the mattress with a breathtaking burst of thrusts which left me breathless.

"Now it comes..." He panted, "Now... Now... Nooooowwwww!"

He slammed himself into my belly, and blasted his come straight into my own, still ongoing orgasm.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..." I hissed breathless, feeling hot jets of come washing my spasming pussy walls as my mind blacked out.

My husband prevented me from fading away into oblivion in the aftermath of my prolonged climax by falling on top of me, exhausted and spent.

I gasped and jerked under his weight, and then I laughed and kissed him wet on his face, trying to pull some more life out of his spent body.

To no avail.

After a short break to gain back my breath, I slipped from under him and reached for my female lover.

She looked as finished as the male one. But hey, she was my sex pet to use and order, so I just summoned her back to life, grabbed her hair and pushed her face into my freshly used pussy.

It was time for Lella to taste her first creampie.

I assumed she would like it: she was the oral sex freak, so she was supposed to love eating her male lover's come leaking out of her female one's pussy...

I proved right.

I felt Lella's tongue probing into my sloppy open cunt and reach the sperm I was filled with; immediately she started licking and sucking like a hungry kitten.

"Aahhh..." I panted, feeling my abused pussy getting over stimulated so roughly: "My God Lella, you're killing me! It's too strong... Too strong... Aaugghhhhhh!!!"

I thought it was impossible, but I came again. It was almost painful this time, but I did. I exploded into Lella's mouth, gushing a mixture of Roberto's come and my own juices straight on her face, drenching and chocking her so hard that I feared she would sink.

She didn't die. She coughed, and she resumed eating me and all what was coming out of me, licking me clean of all the sperm Roberto had filled me with.

"I am dead," I panted. "Go and see if you manage to raise him up another time... I need to rest a second."

The little nymph raised her cute face at me, smiled happily between my naked thighs, and off she went.

I closed my eyes for a second, trying to gain back full control of my used body.

I heard next to me muffled sounds, the unmistakable noise of a purposeful blowjob and the painful moans from my exhausted husband.

My God, however incredible it was, the evening wasn't over yet.

I had one last present for my husband, and even if we were both far too tired, I was going to give it to him.

I reopened my eyes and rose on my elbows, looking at the other two.

Lella's bottom was showing in all its glory, highlighted by her black stockings, suspenders and garter. Her head was bobbing up and down between Roberto's muscled thighs, as she was blowing him with determined strength.

I smiled at my husband expression, both horrified and delighted at what his deviate cousin was doing to him... And I smiled even more devilish at the sight of Lella's exposed ass.

I reached for my drawer in the bedside helper, and got hold of my Vaseline dispenser.

I went on my knees behind my crouched and blowing sex toy, and leaned forward to kiss her rounded, full asscheeks.

Lella waved her butt joyfully, not expecting what was going to happen to her.

I licked down the crack of her buttocks to the crispy rim of her asshole, and let go of a glob of saliva over it.

Lella shivered at the new, unexpected sensation. Never before I did something like that to her... I have never been interested into somebody else's ass. The attentions my man gives to mine is far enough for me. That is, until that very moment.

I poured a liberal amount of Vaseline on my hand, and placed it on the girl's upturned ass, rubbing it on her sphincter and into it.

Lella jerked, suddenly alarmed by my activities behind her.

Roberto realized what I was up to, and grabbed her head forcing his cock deep into her throat.

The girl chocked on it, gagged by the intrusion of his cockhead, which was now stretching her throat. Forced into this stronger-than expected mouth job, Lella went on with it and deepthroated her cousin without giving more thinking of what I was doing to her.

I slid a finger into her asshole, forcing some Vaseline into it, and at the same time poured more of it on top, greasing the whole area and rubbing the lube around and into her nasty hole.

I looked over, and could see my husband's cock was back into full shape; weather this was due to his cousin's oral ministrations or to the view of my activities behind her, I couldn't say... Probably both.

I smiled: "Well, my love. Here is my final birthday present for you: a cute, warm and ready virgin ass for you to break and thrash as you please!"

Somehow, Lella managed to let go of Roberto's cock and screamed in horror, "No! No way I'll do it... I don't want to!"

I smiled cruelly: "Calm down, sweetheart, you don't want to spoil the party, do you? You've better relax now, or it will hurt you much worse. And I speak out of experience, believe me..."

I dumped a third layer of lube and fingered it into the sphincter rim, rubbing the rest all around to soften up the tender flesh about to be violated.

"Come on, my love," I called on my husband: "She's hot and ready for you!"

As fresh as just arrived, Roberto jumped on his feet and came around his moaning cousin, to position himself for the onslaught.

Just as I expected, Lella was making no resistance. She was sobbing her fear, but her submission by now was so complete, that she was ready to surrender her last virginity.

I grabbed Roberto's thick cock and sucked it into my mouth, coating with a layer of mouth juice, then I rubbed more lube on all of it, with special regard to its flat cockhead.

I kissed him full on his mouth: "Happy birthday, my love. She is yours, now: split her in two!"

Then I positioned his cock myself at Lella's rear entry, and pushed it hard into her gaping asshole.

Roberto held her tight by her wide hips, and drove in slowly and steadily.

"Aaghhh!" Lella squealed: "My God, it hurts! It hurts badly... You will rip me apart!"

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