2001: The Party of My Wife’s Toy


"Yes!" she cried, "He hurt me so bad... God, I loved it, but it burns so bad... Can you kiss it, please?"

'You're out of your mind', I thought with a grin, but I still sat next to her and caressed her wide, creamy buttocks.

My slut shivered at the touch of her master, and once again I savoured the taste of my power on her.

"You got a real pounding, sweetheart," I crooned, "I don't think this hole will ever be the same... Your husband will have to know that!"

"Oh, no!" my pet cried in despair, "Please, do something... Help me!"

"Hmmm..." I mocked her, "I don't know. It's pretty nasty, you know? You're so open! It looks like a foxhole..."

"Oh, no... It was so cute!"

"It's still cute, darling... Only, it's hopelessly spoiled!"

"I beg you, my love..." the girl sobbed again, "Do something to me... Please!"

"Hmmm... Well, let's see..." I kissed the crack over the asshole, where her spine ended, "You're so sweet... Do you like this?"

I moved a hand between her legs, and my fingers sank into the thick curls of her pubic hair, moist with pleasure. In the mean time I licked the silky skin of her bum.

"Hmmm..." she moaned, "Yes, I like it... Please, be nice to me. He was so cruel..."

"Men are like that, sweetheart," I said, matter-of-factly: "You should know by now. And my man is meaner than many others... Especially when he can use a piece of sweet ass like yours!"

I bite her tender flesh, and she jumped: "Ouch! That hurts... Be nice to me, please!"

"Shut up, slut. I'll do whatever I like with you, as usual. Don't forget who is the master here. Not my husband, nor yours... Be a good pet and let me eat you the way I like the best."

I slid a finger into her slit, making her shudder.

Then I added a second, and slowly started sawing into her.

"Oohhh..." she moaned, "That's nice... I like it. Hmmm..."

I knew she did. From that position, it was pretty easy to reach her g-spot and stimulate it quite roughly, as she liked so much.

There wasn't much time: I had to do her quickly if I wanted my fun too, and I wasn't to be neglected by my own pet on her birthday.

I started fingering her fast and deep, moving my tongue along the crack of her ass cheeks, making her moan with pleasure.

I had Lella's rippled and inflamed hole a few centimetres from my nose. The idea wasn't so flattening, but in a way the idea my husband had just been fucking her there minutes earlier was thrilling.

I kissed her burning hole, making her gasp and shiver along her full body.

"Oohhh... Oohhh... Yes, I like it. I like it... Oohhh!"

I slipped a finger from my other hand into her asshole, while I kept masturbating her cunt with the other hand.

I could feel my fingers through the thin layer of flesh which separates Lella's rectum from the vagina, and the sensation was so powerful that I felt myself getting moist between my own legs.

"Oh my God!" she panted, feeling my fingers sinking so deep inside her body: "Oh my God... Oh my God... I'm coming... I'm coming... Oohhh!"

The slut came. I felt her pussy twitch and spasm, and my fingers got wet of her own pleasure.

When she fell from her high, I pulled out my fingers and sipped the juice which coated them.

"You taste so good," I informed her: "You are my sweet, juicy little pet..."

"Hmmm... So nice..." she confirmed, sinking and shrinking at the end of her climax: "That's exactly what I desired for my birthday!"

"I knew that, sweetheart," I told her, "But it's not over, you know?"

I stood over and grabbed a handful of her dyed hair, while with my other hand I started opening my trousers.

For the first time since I came into her bedroom, I saw my lover's eyes: they were wide open for the surprise.

I pulled my pants down as much as it needed, and then I pulled hard my pet's head into my cunt.

"Eat me now!" I hissed flatly, "It's my turn to come... I want to feel your tongue!"

My little sex slave didn't need a second order. I felt her tongue dart over my pussy, searching for my clit amongst the curls of my pubic mound, and my moist outer lips opened up at the warm contact.

"Hmmm..." I moaned contentedly, finally getting my own pleasure.

Lella's tongue moved along my wet slit, opening my inner lips and probing into my vaginal channel.

My fingers sank into my cousin-in-law's hair, forcing her deeper into me, and suddenly I felt her tongue reaching my most sensitive spot.

"Aahhh!" I cried, as the unfaithful wife started sucking my clitoris, determined to make me come hard and fast, before her cuckolded husband could realize what was happening in his own bedroom, "Yes! Yes, lick me... Lick meee!"

I held her head tight between by thighs, pushing her face into my cunt and forcing her to eat me deep and steadily. I felt Lella's hands go for my own buttocks and held them tight, as her tongue was digging into me and her mouth sucked my love button, dragging me towards ecstasy...

"Aahhh... Aahhh... Aahhh..." I yelled, jerking in orgasm over her mouth: "Aaghhh!!!"

The perfume of my own release reached my nostrils, as my juice poured over my lover's upturned face.

I arched, pushing my cunt into her mouth and spasming over my long-awaited climax, as she ate me like a wanton bitch on heat.

I struggled through my orgasm, trying not to fall from my high heels, holding at her head as she kept on licking me out, until I suddenly was back on planet Earth, all shacking and thoroughly satiated by the violence of my sudden release.

"Oh God, this was powerful!" I gasped, breathless: "You're the best licker I've ever tried, I swear!"

"Hmmm..." my lesbian partner smiled, cleaning her mouth with the back of her hand: "Better than your husband?"

"You bet!" I agreed, "No comparison with that at all... He tries to stimulate me, you rather feast on me!"

Lella slowly rose on her feet, and stood in front of me, good ten centimetres below me, all scuffled in her hair, her face drenched with my pussy juices.

I grabbed her and kissed purposefully her wet, open mouth to savour the taste of my own pleasure.

For a second or two, our tongues intertwined and danced into our coupled mouths, as I felt her hands behind my neck while mine grabbed her asscheeks through the material of her crimpled skirt... Then I pushed her away.

"Go to the bathroom and try to compose yourself," I ordered: "You are a mess. I will redo the bed... Go!"

My pet rushed to the restroom as she was instructed, as I tried to clean up the room and to straighten up the bed over which Lella had got corn holed minutes earlier.

I reached her in the bathroom to check myself in front of the mirror; I straightened my hair, patted my lover on her ass and walked away with a grin on my face, to reach the men in the living room.

"Liked the view?" my dirty-minded husband grinned at me, hinting I was looking at the pics on the computer but thinking of the sight of Lella's upturned ass I got when I first entered the bedroom.

"Breathtaking," I admitted with a smirk, going beside him and giving him a kiss on his cheek: "I really loved it!"

"I thought so. I know what you like..."

Unaware of the whole thing, Michele nodded, his eyes still on the screen of his laptop: "Incredible, right? That digital camera takes fantastic photos... I'm looking forward to see them with that new program of yours... Is it still on?"

"No, I'm afraid Lella switched it off. She's in the bathroom now."

We looked at Michele surfing around on Internet, showing us his favourite providers and sites, until Lella finally reached us, after refreshing her make up and combing back her hair.

She didn't look fucked at all, I must say she did a good job on herself in such a short time.

She came to her husband and gave him a quick kiss on his lips before sitting next to him... I hoped she brushed her teeth.

I looked at my watch: eleven sharp. Too early to call the night...

"What about a drink?" I asked, just as if I was the host.

"That is right, Lella," Michele nodded: "It would be nice with a Limoncello, don't you think so?"

"Good idea," Lella was fast to agree, "I'll prepare it in the kitchen..."

"I'll help you." I stated, glancing at Roberto to have him understand that under no circumstance Michele was to come to the kitchen.

I joined my cousin-in-law into her kitchen and found her already busy with ice and glasses.

She smiled at me, and I lost no time to be on her.

I held her tight to me and printed a purposeful kiss on her mouth, just to restate once more my power.

I felt her body tense at our first contact, then she relaxed and reeled into my kiss. Her lips parted and my tongue invaded her mouth, dancing with hers within the crown of her teeth.

I moved my hands over her body, caressing her sides, her hips, her asscheeks...

Her hands came up around my shoulders, caressing my short hair and my bare neck, and our breasts rubbed into each other's, making me shiver for the strength of the feeling on my nipples.

As our wet kiss went on, I moved my left hand up to play with her tits, while the right one slipped under the hem of her skirt and started moving between her thighs.

"Hmmm..." she groaned into my mouth as my right hand reached her moist knickers and started caressing her pussy through the thin, soaked tissue.

With the left I opened her blouse and uncovered her right breast until I could play with her nipple. Then I slightly bite her tongue.

Lella jerked, more in surprise than pain, and I used her movement to slip the other hand into her panties.

Her mound was wet. Her labia opened up the very second I touched them, and my fingers slipped inside her sex almost by their own will.

"Oohhh!" my little sex slave panted, "Yes, please... Touch me. Touch me more... I like it so much! So much..."

I was pretty busy by then: I was French-kissing her, playing with her tits and nipple with one hand and finger-fucking her pussy with the other.

I hate when she is so passive, and just enjoys my attentions to her... I twisted her nipple, making her gasp, this time more in pain than surprise.


"SSgt... Do you want Michele to hear you?"

"Oh God, No!"

"So, do something... Use your tongue and lick me!"

I let go of her and laid with my back against the counter top, unfastening my blouse and exposing my breasts.

I wore no bra under my silky purple blouse.

"Suck my nipples..." I ordered.

Lella's eyes brightened, and she bowed her head on my chest as she had been told.

At first, I felt just her breath on my erected nipple, and that made me shiver with anticipation already. Then her lips touched my sensitive skin, and I got goose pimples for the strength of the feeling. Finally, her wet tongue probed my dark areola, and the sensation was like the nipple was taking off like a rocket to the moon!

"Oohhh..." I moaned softly, enjoying the feeling of my lover sucking my chest pointers, and my head fell behind my shoulders as I lost full control for a second.

I allowed my pet to be in charge for at least a full minute, during which she feasted on my tits, licking, sucking and rubbing me like I rarely allowed her before... After all, it was her birthday, right?

When I thought she was taking too much pleasure in being in control, I slipped again my right hand between her legs, retaking hold of her pussy, and at the same moment I pressed her head into my breast with the other.

"Suck me, slut!" I hissed sharply: "Suck me harder... We don't have the whole night!"

I hit her clit with my finger the same instant in which she hit my nipple with her tongue. We both moaned with pleasure.

Then our lovemaking became kind of a whirlwind: we had no time, and I wanted her to take off quickly as she suckled my tits, so I started sawing into her wet slit as fast as I could.

Lella muffled a cry into my breast and jerked violently as she came: "Uh! Uuhhh... Uuunngghhhh!!!"

Sort of a mini-climax, nothing earth-shattering, but a tasty one I believe... She bite my nipple, exacting a short cry from my now dry mouth, and I knew I had her where I wanted, as usual.

"Hey, what are you doing out there in the kitchen?" Michele shouted from the living room, "Do you need help? We are thirsty!"

"Okay!" I called back, since Lella's mouth was still busy with my tits: "We are coming... Now!"

...And I was thirsty too!

I helped Lella straightening back and we quickly cleaned our mouths from the smeared lipstick, then we poured the yellow liquor in the glasses.

As our hostess moved a step to the door with the tray and the glasses in her hands, I blocked her holding her by the waist.

"Hold on a second more, sweetheart," I hissed, "There is one more thing..."

I quickly went on my knees behind her and lifted once more her skirt. Then I grabbed her knickers and pulled them down with one single stroke.

"Auch!" she yelled, "What are you doing?"

"I am taking a souvenir of the evening, darling..." I smiled wickedly: "Just like my husband did years ago. He showed his to me days ago, and I was jealous!"


My story with Lella didn't last long after that evening.

Actually, that was the last time Roberto and I did her toghether, and the last time my husband got a piece of her ass. As far as I know, that was the end of his little incestuous relationship with his cousin, what he calls his reconnaissance into the taboo zone.

The whole thing had a positive outcome though.

Lella and I got toghether another couple of times, and in the cosiness of the aftermath, when we talked in bed before getting dressed again, she confessed that her sexual life with Michele was slowly improving at last. Apparently what I told her in the beginning, that expanding her experiences and her own sexual self-confidence would in the end have a positive backlash on her marriage, proved right.

The girl just started to take more and more initiatives, and in particular she learned not to accept a 'no' as an answer... In the end, even Michele discovered that oral sex is not just something degrading that only prostitutes do to clients, but is also an act of intimacy and love between spouses.

He accepted that nudity is part of marital intimacy, and fantasy in bed helps fighting stress and consolidating love.

I don't think he ever came as far as to accept the idea of anal sex, but sure enough he became overall a more active partner in bed for his hottie in disguise.

To make a long story short, the third time we met after her naughty birthday, Lella announced me she was pregnant at last with their first child.

She was beaming, and the very second she told me I knew our affair was over... And I didn't give a damn...

I was just happy for her, and knew Roberto was going to be as happy as me. I was also proud to discover I was the very first to know: not even Michele had been told before me.

My lover smiled and said she owed that to me... We kissed there in the bar where we stood. A deep, lesbian kiss right in front of the other customers, and we didn't care of the looks we got.

We both knew it was our very last.

I had lost my sex toy, my little pet, and I didn't mind at all. It had just been fun as long as it lasted.

Initially it had just been a way to keep her away from my husband; then it became kind of a power game for me, and I found it exciting having Roberto fully aware of my affair with his cousin... But it had never been more than that.

I had no regrets.

I congratulated her, we hugged and I kissed her again... On her cheeks.

Then, we had a coffee, and left.

I never gave her knickers back, though.

I am not as kinky as Roberto can be, but I still keep my small fetish in a drawer, as a memory of my little slave down in Rome...

Astrid's Note.

This is the last placement of the cycle dedicated to Roberto's deviate cousin. We got quite a number of mails encouraging us to extend it, so we decided to expand the account of our unconventional affair(s?) with her. As a result, and differently from the previous ones, the story you just red is just pure fiction. The naughty party at Lella's place had been only a weird fantasy of Roberto's, developed after our threesome at his birthday.

Reality has been less exciting: Lella did get pregnant, and immediately after that Roberto got a foreign assignment, so we simply drifted away from each other.

Today, Lella and Michele are a moderately happy (and church-going) couple with two healthy and normal children; Michele never discovered a thing about his wife previous naughty habits, and Lella herself did quiet down her own sexual urges after delivering her two kids, just as I had been thinking she would.

We are still seeing each other, just as the normal relatives we are. We have been lucky in the end: our family never got affected by our forbidden games, and in the end nobody suffered from them.

Of course we are well aware that it could have gone quite differently. But, in a world of failing or unhappy couples and sexually frustrated individuals, Roberto and I are also aware to be a quite happy exception: we strongly believe we are a lucky couple, so we still accept to take risks… Sometimes.

More about that will follow.

In the meantime, don't forget the main reason we are sharing our experiences is to improve our English. So, please, give us backups!!!

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