2008 Ch. 02


[This is chapter Two of at least ten chapters. Somewhere in those chapters you will find betrayal, a bit of honesty, Dom/sub relationship, oral sex, anal sex, coitus, a three-some, a four-some, yoga, the death of one of the characters, new beginnings, and a possible surprise or two. I tell you all that so you can decide now if any of those things would be a deal breaker for you. As always I encourage feedback and votes.]

* * * *

At 4:30 Kaye and a cop arrived. I met them in the driveway. Kaye also brought two pretty strong guys and a truck with her. The cop said, "We're here to get Mrs. Peterson's things."

I hit the button on the garage opener in my pocket and said, "It's all right there. Take every box."

Kaye didn't say anything to me while her boys loaded boxes in a truck they brought. When they were done I closed the garage. Then she spoke, to the cop, "Can I walk through the house to make sure I got everything that's mine?" He nodded.

I opened the back door and held it open for Kaye. All five of us did the tour. She found one eyeliner pencil in the bathroom. I ushered them out and the men left in the truck. The cop stood near Kaye and Kaye asked what I was planning to do.

"Why are you asking? You don't care."

"I do care. I may not love you like a puppy, but I still care."

"How long have you been doing other men?"

"Not other men, just Mark. One other man." She looked down and added, "Six months."

"I hope he's everything you wanted in a man. I sure as hell wasn't. Now, leave and never come back."

She got a smug look on her face and held out a piece of paper to me. It was the invitation. "Maybe you can use this on someone else... someday."

I took it and pulled the signed one out of my shirt pocket and said, "Done. Replacing you didn't take long. That little trip will be our first date. I made sure she saw it was signed but not with enough time to read the signature. Her face showed shock and surprise.

The cop said, "Lady, I need to get back to work. Get in your car, please, and leave."

An hour later my phone rang and the ID said it was Kaye. I answered.

"Pete, I fucked up big time! He kept saying when I got a divorce he would marry me! He won't even let me move in! I have no where to go!"

"Call Dr. Laura Schlessinger, she's on the radio. She likes listening to pathetic people who screw up their lives. I don't, especially when they attempt to screw mine up, too."

"Can't I come home? Please?"

"You don't live here. Why would I let you come back here? You wanted him more than me. At one time I was the man you wanted, the man you said you loved and wanted to share your life with. You moved on and I'm doing the same thing."

"You have your new whore there right now!"

"That makes you the old whore, if there's a new one. There is no one in the house except me. Not an old whore, a new whore or any living soul. And, for the record I haven't put my cock in anyone but you since a year before we got married."

"Please let me come home!" The words came through the tears. I almost wanted to give in. Almost. I remembered the story Beth gave me. I remembered the pictures of Kaye the lawyer had sent me.

"Meet me at the Jack in the Box on fifth. We'll talk."

I called Phil and asked him to come to the Box and stay in his car. If anything started in the Box he was to call the police. I printed an agreement on my computer and took it with me.

I was nursing a diet Coke when she walked in. She was still in her work clothes and looked like it had been a hard day, a very hard day. She sat down and I asked, "Want anything?"

"Diet Coke, please." I slid mine between us. She took a big drink and said, "Thanks."

"That's the first thank you in weeks. Now, are you sure you want to come back?"

"Yes! I fucked up and I'm sorry."

"There are conditions for your return."


"Give me your purse." She did. I went through it and removed batteries from her PDA, her cell phone and even her flashlight. I handed it all back. I got the list from the bench beside me.

"Tomorrow you will arrange for your checks to be automatically deposited in my account." I read.

"I will."

"You will cook dinner every night and have it on the table by 6:30."

After a slight hesitation she said, "Ok."

"You will obey me, without hesitation no matter how strange you think my request might be."


"Yes. From now on I run the show. When I want to go out to eat, I'll pick the restaurant and you'll act happy that I invited you along. When I want to go to the movie or anywhere you won't be a pain in my ass, you'll go where I want to go, when I want to go."

She thought for a long time on that and said, "Ok."

"We will go through all your clothes and everything I don't like will go in the trash. You will never buy new clothes I don't like. If you go shopping and buy something I don't like, it goes back. Agreed?"

"What if someone gives me something?" She was thinking about the red blouse her sister gave her.

"If I don't like it, it either goes back or in the trash. Oh, and you may wear panties only when you're on your period, never wear pants without permission and agree to be braless most of your non-working hours. You will always sleep nude except when you're on your period and never turn me down if I want sex. Never."

"Even if I'm bleeding?"

"Even if I want your ass and even if you're bleeding."

"That's disgusting!"

"You will voice you opinion when I ask for it and not volunteer it, ever."

"I have to do all of these things?"

"Yes, and you know I have evidence from an investigation of your adultery. You will name every man you've had sex with since we got married. That includes hand jobs and every man who had his cock inside your mouth, ass or pussy."

"I can't. I can't do all that. I'd be totally humiliated!"

"Ok, then we're done.

"That's too much."

"I don't remember saying let's sit together and negotiate an agreement. This is the agreement. Take it or leave it."

"Does your new woman agree to all this?"

"We're not here to discuss anyone except you. You have five minutes to make up your mind." I looked at my watch. She looked at the list and she cried.

At three minutes she said, "Ok."

I said, "Sign it." I handed her a pen. She signed.

From a pocket I got a copy of what she signed and handed it to her. She took it and looked it over again.

"Put it in your purse." I said.

She looked up but didn't move. I said, "Any request I have to give more than once will include a punishment. Any agreement you break will also include a punishment to remind you to keep your agreements. This is the only time I will not punish you. Put it in your purse."

She put it away. I said, "Walk over to that trashcan and rid yourself of your panties."

She quickly stood and asked, "Can I remove them in the bathroom?"

"Walk over to the trash can and throw them in. The instruction is clear." She walked over and reached up under her skirt and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and picked them up and tossed them into the trash.

She came back to the table.

"Where are all your boxes?"

"I rented a storage place. I'd have gone there tonight but it's locked down after eight."

"You have clothes for tomorrow?"

"Yes. I packed a suitcase."

"Get in your car and follow me." I got up and went to my truck. I watched her get in her car and I saw Phil follow us. I drove to a Motel 6 and checked her in. I paid for three nights. At the door to her room I gave her the key.

"You can stay here for the next three nights. When you get up in the morning you will call me and the first words you will say are, "I promise to be good." When you dress tomorrow do not wear panties. At lunchtime you will call me. I will have instructions for you. No one comes into this room except you. Understand?"


I got in my truck and went home. I talked to Phil as I drove.

"You paid for a motel room for her?" He asked.

"Three nights. I'm a fool but I can't just kick her to the curb. She has three days to get her act together. Want to help?"

"How, exactly?"

"She'll be in her room by seven tomorrow night. Pay her a visit. Tell her you want to help her reconcile with me. Don't go in her room unless she specifically invites you in."

"I'm a test, aren't I?"


"Ok, see you in the morning."

I got home and in bed just before midnight. The phone rang at 6:30. It was Kaye. "I promise to be good."

"Did you sleep well?"

"Not really. Safe, but not well."

"Who was the first man you cheated with after we were married?"


"Does he have a last name?"

"Yes, but he's married."

"When was it?"


"Write a list today. Include full names, when you had sex with them and what you did together. Oh, and their phone numbers."

She was crying. I added, "Be on time to work." I hung up.

Two minutes later the phone rang again. I answered and Beth said, "Good Morning Master."

"Do you have a lot of silver or light gray clothes?"

"You know I do."

"This is a silver or gray day. Just before you meet us in the lunchroom go in the ladies room and masturbate to orgasm. Find a way to give me a taste of your fingers during lunch."

"Oh, I like this. Thank you."

I dressed, locked the house and went to work. My boss came by and asked what was going on. I told him the short version. He felt better once he knew what was up.

At lunch I got a call from Kaye. She said, "You asked me to call."

"I also asked you to complete a list for me and arrange for your checks to be deposited in my account. Have you done both?"


"Email the list to me at my work email and my home email addresses. Then you can have lunch. Have a salad and iced tea. Call me when you are back in the motel." I hung up.

Beth came to the lunch table and sat near me. She picked a cherry tomato from her salad and offered it to me. I sucked it and her fingers into my mouth for two seconds. I tasted her for the first time. I liked the taste and the sneaky way she arranged to give me the taste.

During lunch Beth offered other tomatoes to other people and always with her left hand. Late in the meal she asked if I wanted the last tomato. I said, "Sure." Her right hand picked it up and stuck it in my mouth. Her fingers were freshly wet!

No one was even paying attention. Bob was explaining something about what had happened on CSI the night before.

Back in my office I printed the list and looked it over. Almost seven years and twenty-one people. Twenty men and one woman had sex with her. I could probably count on her doing it again and again unless I changed the game.

I called her at her desk. I said, "Pick five names from the list. Call their wives and tell them what you did, when and convince them you're telling the truth. If they want your name, give it." Email me the results of the calls, who you called and their reaction by eight tonight. Eat at Denny's and no dessert. Oh, and as soon as you are in your room be nude until you dress for work tomorrow morning."

"Yes, Pete." She was crying.

I called Beth and as soon as she picked up the phone I said, "Thank you for the spicy tomatoes."

"You may have them every day if you'd like."

"Kaye is in a motel room calling the wives of the men she fucked and telling them the story. She cheated with twenty-one people while we were married!"

"You deserve better."

"Are you better?"

"Oh yes! I will not cheat. I'll fuck anyone you tell me to, or no one but you, for as long as our date lasts."

"When does it end?"

"It started by our agreeing that it ended when I got home again after the weekend."

"We can change that, can't we?"

"Ask me. Name a date when it ends, I'll agree to that date."

"Why are you so willing?"

"I've wanted you as my Master for the six years I've been working for PSS. This is only news to you."

"November tenth, 2066."

"I'll write it on the wall."

"No. Not on the wall. You're moving soon."

"Ok, I'll start packing. Will we have Phil, Bob and Alison help me move?"

"Could happen. Keeping us a secret is impossible. Did you masturbate after we talked last night?"

"No. I'll only cum when you tell me to."

"When we hang up cum for me."

"Are we hanging up now?"

"Soon. How long has it been since you were in a sexual relationship?"

"Four years. He died and I was given my freedom. I have had sex with two men and a woman between him and right now. The last man was two years ago. I have been tested and I'm clean."

I had been tested as a part of my annual physical only a month ago. I was clean, too.

"Can you have children?"



"Are you nude?"


"Cum for me. I can hardly wait until tomorrow afternoon." I hung up. I went to bed.

The alarm woke me and I got up. I wasn't used to the house being so quiet so I turned on the radio as I got ready for work. I was interested in the weather report and then in a story about a man who came home late last night and his wife shot him with both barrels of his shotgun. She was reported to have said that his mistress had called her and convinced her it really was her husband she had been doing.

Kaye didn't call. On my way to work Phil called. I said, "Good morning."

"Can we still be friends?" He asked.

"Did you fuck her?"

"No, but I thought about it. She opened the door nude and crying. I moved to hold her and she wouldn't let me in or let me hold her. She said she promised you."

"Yes, we're still friends. Thanks. She passed the test. Your wife would be glad you passed, too."

I got to work and saw my boss in the parking lot. He said, "I didn't expect to see you until Tuesday."

"Before everything blew up I planned a little getaway weekend. I'm still going."

While we talked Alison, Bob, Phil and Beth joined us. They stood a few feet away, close enough to listen but not too intrusive. The boss reminded me I could take off any time, then he went inside the building.

Alison looked at Beth and Beth came and stood beside me. "I don't want you to be alone. Especially now. I was going to go visit my sister, but I can change my plans. Can I go with you?"

I looked at her standing in front of me offering herself to me in front of our friends. I said, "No man in his right mind would say no. Give me your address and go home and pack. I'll pick you up in two hours!" She wrote her address on the back of her business card, handed me the card and went directly back to her car.

I went inside and talked to my secretary. Too late. She already had the story. I used my office phone and dialed Kaye's office. She answered.

I said, "Can you take the rest of today off and come in about noon on Monday?"

"Yes, Pete."

"Do it. Go back to the motel and pack. Bring everything from the motel and meet me at my home. Be there no later than eleven o'clock." I paused and then added, "If there is anything red in your suitcase leave it in the motel room. You will never wear it again."

"Yes, Pete!" I hung up. I called Beth's cell.

"You said, in the story, that a master could have one sub train another."

"Kaye is coming with us?" She sounded excited at the prospect.

"Yes. For much of the weekend you will be training her and I will be learning. We will arrive at your home a little after eleven. How heavy is the toy suitcase?"

"Together we can handle it. When you arrive, send her to the door and you stay in the car. You like Sun Chips and diet Coke, right?"


"I have an ice chest with snacks, if you would like."


"Master, when we get in the car we will sit behind you. Neither of us is ready to sit beside you, yet. Act as if this is your idea, please. We will talk on the drive and much of her thought processes will be attacked."

"Good idea." We ended the call and I left the office. I exchanged my truck for a four-door sedan at Alamo and went home. At 10:40 Kaye parked beside the sedan. I came out of the house and locked the door. I opened the trunk of the sedan and waited while Kaye moved her suitcase. Once it was beside mine in the trunk she started towards the front passenger door. "Sit in the back, please."

She gave me a hard look, but sat in the back seat.

Instead of turning north from our house, which would have taken us to the freeway I went south. She waited longer than I expected before she asked, "May I ask where we're going?"


A few more seconds and she asked, "Where are we going?"

"Remember when you gave me back the invitation saying I should use it someday with someone else? We're picking up someone else."

I glanced in the mirror and saw everything but steam coming out of her ears. In less than a minute she calmly asked, "You're going to fuck her in front of me, aren't you?"

"It's a possibility. A very likely possibility." Another glance and I saw tears on her cheeks. When I pulled into Beth's driveway I hit the button to unlock the trunk.

"Please go help Beth with her luggage. When she opens the door you say, "Good morning, sister. May I help you carry things?"

Kaye got out and slowly walked to the door. She knocked and Beth opened the door. A minute later Kaye came back to the car with a suitcase, tossed it in back and went back into the house. They came back out hefting a bigger suitcase between them. Once it was in Beth ran back and locked her house. She said, "Get in the back seat, please."

As Kaye got in on the passenger side Beth came to the driver's door and I rolled the window down. "We are ready Master. May I have a kiss before we go?"

I unbuckled and got out of the car. Beth molded herself to me and melted my socks and singed the grass near our feet. The kiss ended and I said, "Thank you." I opened the door for her. Once she was in, I got in and restarted the car.

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Get real. This is the hottest thing I've read in a long time. Payback is a bitch.
She's lucky he didn't use a shotgun on her.

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